rig manager macos mojave compatibility?

  • hello:

    has there been any rig manager testing completed on macos mojave to this point? it is likely due to be released quite soon and it would be great to know if any, or particular versions, will work with the new os version.


  • i have been using 2.126 with mac pro 5 1

    had issues with 2.141 on high sierra not working ended up going with 2.126 on it

    then did clean install of mojave & have been using 2.126

    just received a follow up email today from kemper support which was useless follow up from message i sent them on june 23rd so much for the support

    anyway that's not the subject here

    hope this helps

  • monkeyman: i dont want to upgrade the system os in our recording environment until i have a good idea as to any compatibility issues across all of the applications installed. also need to understand if any require upgrades for compatibility and what those will cost.sadly, a number of our plugin suites will need to be upgraded and will cost literally hundreds. also, if there is some crucial compatibility issue its several days work to migrate, test and restore.

    thanks everybody for your updates on compatibility :)