Outboard Effects Don't Sound Right

  • I have tried hooking up my Line 6 POD HD 500 to my Kemper to compare my old effects while crafting and tweaking new effect settings in the Kemper for future use without the Line 6.

    I have tried hooking it up through the effects loop and then into the main input of the Kemper. Both installations seem to sound about the same. The effects sound distorted from my Line 6 or way turbo charged.

    I turned down the output of the Line 6 but it did not help.

    The Line 6 effects don’t sound good using with the Kemper. Does anyone know what I might be missing, thanks?

  • Although I agree with GForce, one question... Did you turn off the HD500 Amp Modeling? if running into the front of the Kemper make sure the models are turned off on the HD500. If I understand you correctly, you are just trying to dial in the effects from the POD. For this you wouldn't want the POD simulating any AMP / CAB combination into KPA.

  • Its clearly a setting in the HD500 but no idea what.

    You obviously need to set it up to run as a multifx unit, without adding any gain...

    In this mode I don;t see any reason why the Kemper would not handle it....so its not really a KPA question but a HD500 question I think.