A Kemper VST from Overloud ?

  • Well I'm not the slightest worried about this. It was bound to happen anyway. I don't see the concern so many have here. You can profile all kinds of amps, ampsims, axe fx, line6 stuff etc etc. and people here cheer that. But once someone, claim, or not claim, that is the question, an ampsim can use kpr-files and sound like a kemper, so what? I've tried all of the known ampsims before and today I gave another praised ampsim a shot and...well it was okey. Yes ampsims have become better I can agree with that. But dynamic? Forget it. It's still not like, or even comes close to a real hw amp or a kemper. I will give this ampsim a shot and compar when the demo is released but will it make me sell my kemper and purchase that ampsim? I don't think so. Not a chance it will be close enough to behave like the kemper.

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    Changed the title of the thread from “Kemper VST (sort of)” to “A Kemper VST from Overloud ?”.
  • Had a look at the manual:

    "Rig Model files are obtained with Overloud proprietary
    technology R2M (Rig to Model) with which it’s possible
    to faithfully reproduce a complete rig.
    Overloud does these rig modelling in house using top
    quality tools and procedures, to allow users to play
    with the best guitar tones possible."

    So you neither can load Kemper Rigs, nor make your own profiles with this :D

  • There has been some talking about the posibility of an online service to convert profiles to the rig player, we'll see how this evolve....

    Maybe they just want to provide the sound quality and sell their own profiles.

    I have to say that the demo sounds great, it is amaizing how many great tools we have these days.

  • Overloud does these rig modelling in house using top
    quality tools and procedures,

    i.e., "using an actual Kemper."

    My completely uninformed and highly cynical speculation is that the process looks something like this:

    1. Use a Kemper to create a .kipr file (or just use someone else's)
    2. Edit the file to include additional information to identify it as their data file format so that you can't load it in a Kemper
    3. Rename the extension
    4. Use it in the vst

    By the way: if you accidentally open a file in notepad and accidentally search for the word kemper, you can find: Kemper Profile Model Rig Player.

    If my hunch on changing the data file format is correct, it would be an entertaining programming exercise to read in the file, strip out their proprietary tags and convert them back to a stock kipr file.

    I mean, you know, if any of my highly speculative assumptions are actually correct.

    So why to bother to emulate KPA without two of the most important features. Don't get it.

    Easy. Making money.

  • Their profile files look like this, it is some xml file where the relevant profile information is in the "profile" value.

    And the actual entertaining programming exercise would be, IMHO, to read a kemper profile and convert it to this format.

  • And the actual entertaining programming exercise would be, IMHO, to read a kemper profile and convert it to this format.

    Since they're trying to make money by creating a proprietary wrapper around a Kemper profile, something about poetic justice comes to mind.

  • I highly doubt they are really able to convert .kipr files using software only and batch mode. I guess they're only using their own 'profiling technic' on a real kemper using a given profile, like you would profile a profiler using 2 KPA.

    ie the parameters displayed in this files are only the ones publicly available , no indication about the hundreds of real parameters used by the core KAOS.bin firmware

    So it's no way a kipr file player, neither an emulation but just a simulator

  • Alright so I've been playing with the demo for about 30 minutes now. Does it come close to kemper? Hell no! Is it any good? Well for being an ampsim I must say I'm impressed. Certainly better than any other ampsim I've tried and there are very few that I haven't demoed. Things that all ampsims lack are dynamic, attack and that they easily mask sloppy performance. That includes this ampsim. If kemper or any other similar thing didn't exist and all there was was ampsims, I wouldn't hesitate to purchase this one.

    Think for yourself, or others will think for you wihout thinking of you

    Henry David Thoreau

  • Ok, I promised I’d stop posting for a while, but I downloaded the demo today and used it on a session. Verdict : TH-U is a really nice a guitar VST; the Rig Player is rubbish, at least at the present time.

    Let me explain. I used the demo straight off, didn’t read any manuals or watch any reviews or tutorials and I’ve never used Overloud software before. It’s really easy to get into and get around, and even though a lot of the presets are very showy and pretty unusable, tweaking is very easy and you can very quickly get very good sounds out of it. For a straight up and down modeller, it sounds really really good and is much more intuitive and straightforward than S-Gear, for example. The FX and cabinet options are really great. However, that is just the regular modelling part of it.

    The Rig Player has about 15 presets, and a good chunk of them are either based on Blackstar amps or 6505s. I hate Blackstars in the real world domain and don’t particularly like 6505s either, so there’s that disclaimer, but the “Rigs” are very lifeless and flat-sounding, some even unpleasantly phasey. As far as emulating the KPA, the only section they have “incorporated” is the Stack section; no input (clean/distortion sense), Stomps, Effects or output sections, though you can of course build complex effects chains using the modelled FX as you would with the normal modelled amps. In the limited experience I had with it today, I quickly dismissed the Rig Player as a gimmick and went back to the much better-sounding modelled amps. Whether the library will grow for free or whether you’ll be limited to DLC packs for $ remains to be seen, but as it stands, it’s nothing worth shouting about.

    Another thing I haven’t mentioned is that you are limited by your interface and DAWs latency. TH-U on my system doesn’t feel as immediate as the KPA - not even close. I’m running an i7 MacBook Pro with Logic and it just felt a bit sluggish under my fingers as I was playing, even in standalone mode and with a 32 sample buffer (on my system it goes down to 16; maybe I’ll play with that tomorrow). For reamping, obviously that doesn’t matter. For my purposes today, I recorded my parts direct and tweaked the plugin and sound after the fact.

    So that’s my first impressions. Hope they give people an insight.

    Damian speaks the truth, too. If you open the app package in textedit, there are 4 mentions of Kemper in there. I wonder what the team will make of that...?

    See you around sometime.