If you could only get profiles from 3 'profile makers' - whose would they be?

  • Can’t just pick 3 honestly. I have regulars, but I’m also discovering new profilers / packs.

    My regulars are:

    * Tonecrate - simply ready to go hard rock / metal tones. So much presence and punch!
    * Top Jimi - an amazing collection of Marshall amps, and much more. They really react like real amps.
    * Live Ready Sound - a unique collection of high end and otherwise unattainable amps. Ferocious profiles and ready to go!
    * Lasse Lammert - His Producers pack could be the only pack I own, and I’d be a happy man.

    * Sinmix - Are literally a staple of the Kemper. Their free pack alone is more amps than most will ever own. The packs I’ve bought will always be among my favourite.

    I could go on all day, but I’m not at home, so I can’t look at my KPA.

  • Lots of great info here. I will chime in with my opinion.

    I'm a professional guitar player in the NYC area and play with one of the top event bands on the east coast. We don't use traditional amplification and everyone runs direct into the PA system and we all monitor with IEM's, so my experience with the Kemper is primarily in a live situation playing funk, R&B , Top 40 & some rock. I haven't found anything better than Michael Britt's profiles for this application (and I've tried a few other commercial profilers that have been listed in this thread). Michael's profiles come the closest to the "real thing", sit in the mix perfectly with a full band in a live situation, and require minimal tweaking. I'm always willing to try other people's profiles but none of them have come close to Michael's for my situation (and our soundmen have also agreed).

  • So far:

    1) Marco Fanton - doesn't get many mentions round here, but his profiles seem to perfectly fit my style of playing

    2) LiveReadySound - really comprehensive packs, which are often updated, good for many styles

    3) TAF - just TONS of different amps, and great that you can dip in and buy "single" amps cheaply

    Loads more profilers I need to check out though, this list could change...