Can any damage be caused by plugging poweramp output into Kempr main outs..... (literally 10 seconds)

  • Hi,

    In a rush to setup I did a completely stupid thing and plugged the speaker out from my Fryette Power Station II into the Kemper Main output and when turned on wondered why I wasn't getting any volume and quickly realized what I had done.....literally 6-10 seconds in total. I know it is being a bit OCD but could this potentially have caused any damage? everything seems fine.....



  • Thanks for the feedback guys..... wow what a stupid mistake and is ultimately potentially more harmful than I thought!

    It appears that both the Kemper and the power amp are working fine however who knows if something minor happened and may cause an issue down the road. something I will certainly be more cautious of, and it is just very odd as I am generally speaking extraordinarily careful with things like this LOL :)



  • Not on the same scale in terms of cost, but I plugged an 18 volt lead into a 9 volt pedal and tried to use it. It made sound, but nothing good. Probably 20 seconds. Unplugged, smelled electronics and said a prayer. Miraculously, it worked fine, and that was well over a year ago.

    No. You didn't do it any favors, but if it didn't fail right then and there you're probably just fine.

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