Favourite Profiles?! Yeah, got one!

  • Hi everybody, nice to meet you on this board

    how about a new thread about our faves?
    1stofall: thanx so much for all the sharing that´s taking place here. incredible and a joy.

    But — just for the fun of it — here are my current TOP 3 of your delicious sensational profiles!

    1.) Glenn Allen — Budda SD 30 (check this one out ASAP!) Glenn Allen, where are you, do you want a beer?
    2.) Bugera 333xl — by Jefonyx (thank you, 2)
    3.) bogner ecta blue by MillA ( i rerecorded bombtrack with it, a killer!)
    4.) all of u

    I look forward to hear from you. Please comment and enjoy.

    sincerely, Geraldo

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  • Reznor's Orangutan
    Marshall Golub mod
    Peter Fischer's ODS
    Egnater Tourmaster from Mamasmusicstore
    1964 Super reverb from Reznor
    Deluxe from Kilian
    Xits X-10 from Feck
    Fryette D60 from Milla
    Shiva clean and Dr.Z Maz 38 from Feck
    Plexi from Troynova
    Anderton's Cornford Mk50
    Morgan AC20 from Pacheco

    :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: Thanks to everybody!

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  • ¡Good thread!

    Here is my favourite list:
    Morgan AC20 from Pacheco with lollar blackface and bareknuckles p90s
    Naylor SD60 bite with barecknuckles p90s, lollar blackface and 57 classic+
    Fischer's ODS with barenuckles p90s and gibson 57 classic+
    Shiva and Dr.Z Maz 38 from Feck with lollar blackface and bareknuckles p90s
    Anderton's Cornford Mk50 with 57 classic+
    Pure blues (Matchless) from the factory profiles with lollar blackface and bareknuckles p90s


  • There's so many great profiles floating around! The ones I'm using most right now are:

    Pittbull from Kilian
    e530 CH2 Hi+Contour from GOlson ;)
    Decatone Lead nc from EOIN LANDY, paired with one of TillS cabs... can't remember which one though, atm...

  • Got my KPA yesterday and I'm very happy with it so far ^^ .

    I'm a huge fan of "Gregor Hilden", or "Gregsguitars" on youtube, so when i found the profile of an old fender Vibroverb in the Rig Exchange I got really excited!

    I also liked the stock profiles "69" and "Pure blues" a lot..