Global Performance Volume Control

  • I have an Idea that may help with Performance mode. Profiles all have their own volume more or less, and in performance mode it's hard adjusting each performance slot if you are using different profiles to match each other for a seamless transition. My idea is a global Volume preset. A Volume Equalizer. You can set all your performance profiles to a certain level at their base and then add boosts and other effect volumes from there. Just a thought!

  • As Ingolf implies there is a massive difference between perceived loudness and measured volume. Try comparing the reading on a simple channel meter on a DAW and the Loudness Plugin to see this at work. But even a loudness algorithm isn’t nearly as accurate as you ears.

    I don't see this as a contradiction. You can have an evened out "objective and measured" overall loudness and if the one or the other rig still appears subjectively louder after evening out, you can still adjust it to taste or to subjectivity again. The question is if there is a way to program such an intelligent thing and in what kind of impact modes it can or should work - an algorithm (or whatever this thing is called) that can effectively listen and even out differences in loudness. If it is - why not do it? It would help a lot for musicians who set up 30 performances for a 30 song set list with 3-5 slots each. Question is not if this makes sense - it does - but if it is worth a supposedly hell of programming work to accomplish. For me it would be a great tool.

    Better have it and not need it, than need it and not have it! - Michael Angelo Batio

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  • I agree with the concept and the fact that it would be a great tool. I know that some rigs vary in level by a massive amount. One particular well known acoustic profile pack which I bought and love needs the levels of every profile manually reduced by about 18db to get them to play well with other profiles which is a pain in the ass. My concern with the practicality of it is just that the factory content is supposed to be level matched already; and that is rigs that Kemper have control over. I don’t know about your experience, but mine has been that there are significant differences in perceived loudness between some of the rigs that are pre loaded and supposedly level matched. I can image this taking on a whole other level of unpredictability when you introduce Rig Exchange and commercial vendors into the mix.

    Maybe I’m wrong, in which case I would be happy to see his as a feature. However, if it was doable (particularly given that there are already claims of level matching within the software) I think Kemper would already be providing this.