Better volume pedal control?

  • I am using a Boss FV-500H as a volume pedal and a Boss FV-500L as an expression pedal for my Kemper stage.

    My issue is I feel like I do not get the full range of the pedal with the Kemper. Say on a scale of 0-100, 0-20 has no change and 80-100 has no change. Seems like there is some ineffective range with the pedal and the Kemper.

    Is there anyway to improve the pedal calibration so I can get more control with volume swells?

    NOTE: both FV pedals are set to their maximum range on their side pot.

  • Not sure I understand, what you exactly mean.

    Is the FV-500L plugged in the analog signal chain between guitar and PROFILER? And just the FV-500L is connected to one of the PEDAL sockets of the PROFILER (or Remote) via a TRS cable?

  • Check out this thread discussing volume pedals with ckemper

    Best Volume pedal?

    It’s not the FV500’s output, it’s the way the Kemper responds to the output is different than the way the pedal sounds when used analog with audio. And there isn’t a way to change this response curve in the Kemper.

    Try setting the volume pedal range in the Kemper to -3. You won’t be able to go to compete silence but the swells will feel and sound much better.

    Or just use the FV500 in front of the Kemper like I do.

  • you can see in the calibration page that the cc is being received through the entire pedal range. It's not a hardware issue, at least not with my FV500H which is in like new condition.

  • 500H

    Calibrated and the side knob checked to be absolutely fully at 0.

    I checked the Boss 500H and EV-30 using the input on my MidiTimePiece and an app called MidiMonitor which lets you see what CC and Midi are being received. Yeah, there's a big fat dead spot in the low end and a smaller one in the high range of the pedals. Even the Yamaha FC-7 had it too. A quick search in google and I found discussions saying it could be fixed with shims physically but I love the way the 500H works as an analog pedal so I'll just keep using it in front of the Kemper.

    I might try a few other pedals and keep testing things out. Still I think adjusting the curve in the Kemper would be a nice thing to have.

  • Well, I am glad that I am not the only one having these travel issues.

    Guavadude I can't believe I didn't think of just putting the FV500 volume in FRONT of the Kemper. Duh...

    I do need my volume to go right to zero, since I use a lot of feedbacking effects. Need to kill things, and due to some stupid modifications from the previous owner, I have a tone of unnecessary dip switches on my bass guitar that impedes easy access to the volume pot. Anyways, I will just pull the volume pedal out and try it in front, but I will also check out the other forum. Perhaps there is a better and more smooth pedal out there for me.

  • Update. I remembered that the FV-500 series has a Min-Max dial on the left side. I always had this set to Max for maximum travel on the pedal. Adjusting towards the Min made the travel play better with the Kemper.

    The pedal is much smoother with swells now, after finding the 'sweet spot' using the dial.

  • We have no scientific explanation why a pedal should swell more smoothly, if it's calibrated with a limited range. We recommend to maintain the maximum range at the expression pedal and use the parameter Pedal Range availably by Rig to set the intended minimum volume in heel position.

  • I also use the volume as a manual noise gate when recording so I never use the min setting knob n the FV500H.

    When I was testing out the curve function the other day, I was trying to figure out what it actually is that makes me prefer the difference in feel and response between pedals. I realized that a pedal feels right to me and most expressive when a fairly narrow range of movement covers a wide range of volume. I occasionally will swell from fully off position but most of the time I’m working it in the sweet spot.

    For example if a pedal moves 90 degrees physically, a 20 degree range might be all I use for the expressive swells. If I have to move my foot back and forth the full 90 degrees to get that sound, it’s too wide and hard to be precise. The crybaby style pedals have too limited a throw and sweet spot to feel good as volume pedals, but that’s also why they work well as wahs.

    I think that’s why a lot of people use the FV500H. It’s sweet spot has a very natural, expressive sound in a comfortable, controllable range. The curve control helps me dial this in regardless of pedal used, but that’s what I’m always aiming for if that makes sense.

  • Honestly, I have the FV500s because I got them cheap and they worked well with pedals before I switched to Kemper. I certainly got used to them, and like that I can get a good feel of control because they are so bit. Now that I have the smoothness sorted out, the Kemper is a DREAM (not like it wasn't before, but the live performances with ambience are just so much better).

    I also use a volume pedal as a manual mute. When the pedal is so big and gives a visual indication that it is off, troubleshooting the dreaded 'no volume' when playing live is pretty simple. It is also handy for home playing, recording and profiling as well. I just slam that sucker down.