General tips and tricks?

  • Hello, I have been on the fence for years and have finally ordered a Kemper. While I am waiting for the mail I have been researching all of the profiles to see what I will start with however I am trying to get a collective on tips and tricks concerning the hardware side of things as I am sure I have much to learn.

    I will be using a powered toaster into my 4x12 guitar cab and running FOH to start with I believe. Open to other options later but for now what are some things that you wish you knew when you first got your Kemper?

    So far I have seen the following:

    There is a -12db switch, use it.

    Disable cab sims

    Do an initiate globals in the system menu. Make sure Purecab is off in the output menu. Initiate globals will turn this back on (Not quite sure what this even means, is this a fancy way of saying disable cab sims?)

    I will certainly be reading the manual and experimenting but anything else I should know?

  • Sounds all good so far. Regarding the tips you already mentioned I'd just like to add one: Don't be dogmatic. Trust your ears. Take this as a starting point and start to experiment with things. There is not one single truth for all and the incredible versatility and flexibility of the Kemper allow you to get great sounds in different ways.

    Hopefully the machine arrives fast and all your theory can be transferred into lots of fun in practice :thumbup:8)