Profile name in RM. Where?

  • Where do I find the name of the profile in use in RM? I can’t seem to see the name anywhere in RM. I have to scroll through profiles to find the one with a little icon by it’s side. It would be nice to be able to just see the name of the profile in use. I have to add, that my Kemper is on tuner mode.....always. So I cannot just look at the Kemper. I can just switch the Kemper away from tuning mode. But my Kemper is placed a bit away from my work space and I find it annoying to have to switch just to switch back again. I know.....1. world problems ;). I just find it really cool to always have the tuner right there to glance at when using the tuner to tune between each recording. And sometimes I work in different projects or have been away for a few days and can get confused about which profile I hear. And if I audition new profiles back and forth and scroll away and have to get back to the next profile in line to audition. If I cannot remember which profile I stopped at I will have to kinda guess where I got to on the list and scroll to find the icon.....or of course switch the Kemper away from tuner mode. It would just be far more convenient for me to be able to see the profile name somewhere. I might have overlooked something.

  • I don´t understand your problem. In Rigmanager you have on the left a section which shows your kemper and all your profiles and the activated profile is shown marked with a green background and a headphone in front. If you switch to your local library and e.g. in a folder the activated profile is shown there like in the first explanation.

  • Yes....but you still need to scroll to find it. When scrolling through about 600 profiles or whatever it just takes time to find exactly what you are talking about. That’s what I mean. Why do I have to search for it when in the bottom of the RM, the profile name could be written?

    I ask for an easy way to see the name of the profile in use so I don’t have to search for it, if I have been scrolling around in RM. What is difficult to comprehend? When you’ve selected a profile, you never go through different folders or anything to get you away from the particular folder where it is highlighted? I ask because I find it annoying to spend time to go over the folder to find the profile in use. It would be awesome to just be able to see the name all the time. Like on the screen of the Kemper.

  • Sorry, but I still can´t see the problem. I have organized my Profiles in Folders for each profile producer. If I´m in a folder I can see the marked and active profile.

    If I´m on the Kemper (first entry in my screenshot) even if I change the profile with the browse knob the rigmanger follows and changes to the new profile and the profile is then the last entry in the right window (the profile list on the Kemper). But you can open a ticket and ask for a change in the rig manager. They could also blend in the Profile Name in the last Line of the Tuner because there is some space for it ;-)

  • Stupid me. I’ve looked all over for it and there it was all along. It’s perfect. Thanx.

    hafi19>>>> I understand that you keep things organized in folders. I do too. But I also have the folder with all the downloads from prior to RM where it’s all one big pile of profiles. And I’ve bought profile packs with hundreds of profiles as well, which is in separate folders. I really don’t see why you would prefer to scroll through a folder to find the marker if you could just see the profile in use right away. What happens if you have 10 folders with 100 profiles each and you need to find out which profile is in use and you have been messing around inside RM? Then what? You cannot remember the specific folder the profile came from. Then what? I stated in my first post, I might have overlooked something. And I have. It’s present all the time. I do think that Kemper has done this because it makes sense.

  • In any case there is still a potential for improvement in the rigmanager or in kemper itself as I said they could show the rigname in the tuner or as wheresthedug said showing the rigname in the bottom of the editor window. So you could open a ticket with improvement proposals.