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    I’ve been thinking about this for some time now and first publicly stated it in another thread about killer features for a possible second version of the Kemper. Maybe others already requested this.

    I’ve advocated a long time for the Kemper to be able to merge several sources into 1 profile. In the beginning all I could think of was the Kemper being able to do it internally, but now I’m thinking about if CK and co could create some standalone software, that could do this instead.

    I have stated many times, that I’ve never even once recorded an amp with only one mic in my 25 years of recording. Not once. And therefore miss this opportunity as I like being able to blend mics.

    And no….a mixer between the Kemper and the cab with several mics is not good enough. That will create a profile blended of several mics of course, but you’re stuck there. You cannot blend one mic higher, if you suddenly feel like it.

    By having standalone software or RM to do it, would be so freaking awesome. What are you waiting for? ;)

    Yes. I never had issues of any kind regarding stability, connectivity and the like with my Caldigit hub.

    All you just wrote makes perfect sense :thumbup:

    This is the key as far as I understand. The other companies you are referring to provide software that is installed ON the main Computer not on a host device like the Kemper. This is because they need to take control of the computer’s audio controls. I’m not a computer techie so I can’t claim to know all the ins and outs but I’m not aware of any solution that works the way you want. I agree that it would be great so I am not having a go at you or saying you are wrong to wish for it, I just don’t think it is technically possible from the Kemper end. The firmware update and push button scenario you describe would be fantastic IF it was possible.

    If Kemper were to provide a piece of software that was loaded on the computer like the other companies do you would have the same issue that you have with these solutions.

    I’m not sure either of course, since I’m not a computer programmer or a tech wiz. But yes….these programs are installed on the computer. What do you call RM? Installed on what? Here in my studio, it’s installed on my Mac and the firmware on the Kemper. Of course. Since something IS installed on the computer, I cannot imagine it being impossible at all. I accept the premise of the audio being handled by the physical Kemper though and that it potentially could make it less easy.

    Comparing the Kemper to an x32 or quality interface is more than a little unfair. Apples and…

    By that measure, should we be annoyed that an x32 or interface can’t be used as a pro-level guitar amplifier and effects unit? Of course not. That isn’t its primary purpose. It may be possible to include that functionality…..but it would always pale next to a purpose built device.

    I have plenty of use for USB audio. It provides a simple, easy and painless way to record ideas, and put them into a DAW with zero extra gear.

    Which I’m actually not doing. No comparison between the two. Only stating the fact that the setup featuring a dedicated audio interface is what I prefer. I see no comparison and to make that claim, is a bit unfair actually.

    I have an “issue” with your logic regarding a simple, easy and painless way to record ideas. What you’re actually doing by using a Kemper in this scenario is, adding another piece in the link, which actually makes it a less simple, easy and painless solution than just plugging a guitar into the audio interface. There’s absolutely no need for the Kemper in this particular case. And what you see as painless, I view as the opposite, since having a setup that demands monitors connected to yet another device is both annoying and non-intuitive…..TO ME. Unless you’re having a setup, where you don’t use a dedicated audio interface, I can’t follow your logic on this at all.

    And by stating that the audio interface cannot be used as a pro level guitar amp is yet a statement to discuss. I don’t see this as the truth actually. Plenty of good guitar software out there to get good tones. Do I prefer the Kemper in this regard? Yes, I do. But I see a lot of good plugins out there.

    Do other units like Fractal or Helix have this functionality?

    I don’t believe so.

    I actually thought so. But I guess I was wrong about that. So all units out there recording through usb, serve as audio interfaces?

    It doesn’t change the fact, that the USB update has shown to be of no use to me in my home studio. It’s cool the way it is, if you only have your laptop and this and use it as an audio interface. No doubt. I just like a dedicated audio interface and not something like the Kemper to “disguise itself as an audio interface”. Why is that wrong? It isn’t. Why is it wrong not wanting to have two sets of monitors connected? I don’t have the space actually. I don’t fancy the sound coming from an extra set of monitors sounding fine only to sound different through the playback through the first set of monitors either. So the USB is use to me in my situation. But it’s very cool, that they keep adding new stuff, it can do. No doubt that this has been value for money.

    Bit i think that’s the point. The other solution is a work around that is too complex. The problem lies at operating system level so in order to create a solution that isn’t too complex and a work around would need apple OS or Wimdows to make it possible.

    I do not agree. If another company can do a software solution, where source routing is available, then Kemper can also do that. I’m not an engineer, but I would definitely presume it being a fairly easy task for competent people to write in the code of RM and the firmware, that pushing “this button” here enables the Kempers signal being routed somewhere else to the internal playback.

    I get what you are saying and agree that it would be fantastic if you could do it. However, i don’t think the ‘what the actual f@*k’ problem is Kemper’s fault or problem. You really need to lobbying Apple or Microsoft for a solution.

    I don’t believe so. Other companies have created software to route signals on the computer. Someone here made that clear to me, so I checked it out. So it’s already possible to do. I just don’t fancy that solution either, since it seems too complex to setup routing like this.

    I have actually made a topic about it. And yes….there are limitations, I’m not fond of. For instance that you have to plug in external monitors to actually listen to your USB Kemper signal. Wt actual f :huh: Unless you want to either download third party software solutions that can route the USB Kemper output signal to your audio interface to listen through your connected monitors or listen through the monitor playback on the track in the DAW. Two solutions I’m not interested in. I want to turn on my Kemper, turn on my computer and hear both my guitar and a potential backtrack or DAW simultaneously. Not an option here. And yes….Kemper support themselves have verified this not being possible. So how about that for an explanation ;) Monitoring is a “nightmare” as is if not wanting a separate pair of speakers. And I don’t since I want to listen trough the same speakers as my playback for several “audio engineering” purposes. But I’m happy for you, that it suits your needs. That is awesome 😎

    Actually, I am very pleased as a customer to keep the old HW and get new features via SW updates.

    I do not see ANY reason for a new device yet.

    I'm sure someone soon will revive the "but if only we could run dual profiles"....

    I do agree to a certain extent. There’s no “need” as such. It’s pretty much luxury stuff, we are talking about. There’s no “need”, but there’s definitely stuff left to be desired and improvements and stuff the Kemper cannot do, that competitors are doing due to the Kempers long lasting unit and therefore older technology and choices being made back then.

    Some people tend to ridicule people desiring new technological solutions. They just fail to see, that their own desire and wishes are not the only correct ones in the world. What is wrong with desiring dual amping? What’s wrong with NOT desiring dual amping? Nothing. So why keep ridiculing people, just because they express needs that deviate from ones own? I don’t get that. I really don’t.

    As I see it there are still many places, the Kemper is lacking behind in nowadays’ competitors solutions. Why is that so wrong to express the following:

    - A better USB connectivity. As the solution now is not of interest to me and saw me having to buy a new audio interface and use S/Pdif again. Which is fine though. But I’ve wanted the USB solution for ages and was ecstatic by the news of it arriving only to realize that it’s not meeting my demands at all.

    - Being able to merge several profiles into one. Back when doing a lot of analog amp recordings, I Never just used 1 microphone. Never. Blending 2-3 microphones just gives ME and apparently others a better result being able to mix between sources…..right until the mixing stage. So no….a solution of placing a mixer between the Kemper and the amp and use more microphones does not do the trick. You’re stuck at this sound. What the heck is wrong with finding that appealing? I cannot see it.

    - Dual amps. It’s not really my thing. Never really learned to enjoy it back in my Line6 days. But the idea is great.

    I do agree that the Liquid Profiling does seem to be a monster upgrade, but I preserve my rights to be a little less ecstatic about it. The USB upgrade failed on me. I’m not sure that this will change anything for me. But is it cool? Heck yeah. Does it put it back in the race regarding its competitors? Heck yeah. Has it ever really been loosing ground? Not really imho. The way it has been upgraded since it’s beginning, is crazy. Am I still loving it? Yes. But would I try something else someday? Indeed. Even though it’s by far the equipment, that has the most value for money to me ever since I got it 10-11 years ago, it still lacks in some areas.

    BUT….if the Kemper team somehow makes a solution to merge profiles, I would probably feel that it meets ALL my needs. If it somehow was possible to incorporate this in RM, that would be seriously crazy. Or even creating a standalone software solution that could merge profiles. That would be so sick and then I’d probably fall into the category of people ridiculing others for failing to see, that the Kemper is perfect as is ^^ Just kidding….but I would definitely argue for it’s ability to do pretty much everything. I world be content with using S/Pdif.

    I just might have made the biggest mistake ever. In the quest of a setup, that works for me, I discarded the RME Babyface Pro FS and purchased the Avid MBox Studio. The S/Pdif signal I wanted to use with my Kemper isn't reaching Logic Pro correctly though. I might have been better off buying a monitor volume controller to balance the volume from the Kemper and the DAW. But now I'm here...and trying to get this thing to work.

    Tried contacting Avid, but they send me to Logic Pro and will not help me and Apple is pretty darn difficult to reach for support unless you want to spend your day on the phone with a young local Apple support guy, that knows very little about Logic Pro and mainly help people with setting up there iPhones etc. I see nowhere a support ticket can be made.

    Problem: I run S/Pdif from the Kemper into the MBox Studio. From there I get the signal in the MBox Control, which is the software mixer that runs alongside the MBox. I see AND hear both the DI signal and the Stack signal, I send from the Kemper. So the S/Pdif signal from the Kemper reaches the MBox just fine. What happens from there is a mystery. In MBox Control the mixer portraits the S/Pdif channels as 11 and 12. So does the audio/midi settings on the Mac. In Logic Pro however something weird happens. Input 11 brings in what I believe must be the Stack signal (a distorted signal) and according to the MBox Control the DI signal is input 11, since the DI signal is coming in as LEFT. On input 12 in Logic Pro there is another distorted signal, which kinda sounds out of phase. It's the other signal plus some weird digital noise stuff on top,

    Sample rate is 44,1 in all places (Logic Pro, Kemper and MBox Studio). I tried running the MBox Studio clock source as both internal and S/Pdif. I run latest Mac OS, latest MBox updates and lates non-beta Kemper updates.

    I see why people tend to love RME, because it just works. And it did. The Babyface just didn't suit my needs. Damn, I feel silly buying this thing right now.

    I am actually considering buying the Avid Mbox Studio as it has most of what I seek. Just not the physical possibility to easy and fast change the volume of the inputs. If the Arturia Audiofuse 2 didn’t get a lot of hate from buyers, that was probably the way I would go. But I might just have to cope with adjusting volume within the software. I mean….I do that now in the RME Mix Control and what I’ve always done. I just find it less intuitive and a slow to do it that way and I was hoping to optimize this workflow. But it’s not the end of the world :)

    Hey...the only way I'm able to listen to the USB signal from the Kemper is through the monitor button on the selected track in Logic, but that demands a very low buffersize. But this way it can be done of course. But that is not a solution, I'm keen on. I've created the aggregate device in Logic and it works as intended. Kemper support has verified that the only way of listening to the Kemper is by attaching monitors directly to the Kemper and selecting "Direct monitoring" on the Kemper. I don't want that solution as I want to listen to the signals of my Kemper, my DAW, YouTube etc on the same set of monitors.

    Avid MBOX Studio checked all those boxes for me. Plus it has some minor processing in its mixer suite (para eg, soft limiter, verb, and delay) which are nice to have, but not necessary. All in all, I've been extremely happy with mine.

    I’ve been looking into the unit and it looks good, but no videos on YouTube really explain anything about using the S/Pdif. Is the S/Pdif accessible from the actual audio interface somehow? I mean….is it possible to adjust volume on the S/Pdif out and the DAW out - on the unit itself?

    How is the drivers? Any annoying stuff? How is the quality regarding buttons, dial knobs etc?

    Avid MBOX Studio checked all those boxes for me. Plus it has some minor processing in its mixer suite (para eg, soft limiter, verb, and delay) which are nice to have, but not necessary. All in all, I've been extremely happy with mine. As for SPDIF cracks, I find that the only time I have that issue is when I don't have my Clock source set properly. I tend to run my Kemper as the clock.

    That looks absolutely sick. I would definitely have that in mind for the future. I will need to dive into that. That’s for sure.

    The clock source was correctly adjusted between the Kemper and my RME Babyface Pro fs, so that wasn’t the issue. I had help from the sweetest guy here on the forum, who offered me to help solve my problems with the RME and the Kemper and he confirmed, that everything was connected properly and everything was supposed to work flawlessly. But it didn’t. Clock source, routing in the software etc. was correct. So I really just want less parts in the chain, that can go wrong. BUT….I found a solution that doesn’t demand me changing audio interface. A monitor volume controller. It’s yet another part in the chain, that can go wrong of course, but it looks promising.

    Yes the software. I never touch my interface, I handle everything through the DAW and the Motu UI.

    Yeah….I don’t like that solution. I’m spoiled, I know :) . It takes too much time to put down the guitar pick, open the audio interface software and adjust. I might have found a solution to my issue actually, that solves this. A monitor volume controller with more than one input and a direct volume knob for each input. The Audient Nero is on my list of interests. It would take 1 second to adjust volume differences with the right monitor volume controller.

    Hey there. Can I record through USB while also simultaneously using the S/Pdif out for monitoring?

    The issue: The sound of the Kemper is not possible when using USB unless you connect a second set of monitors directly to the Kemper and use Direct Monitoring.

    Possible solution to hearing both the Kemper and record through USB: A monitor volume controller (MVC) with 2 inputs. I’m looking at the Audient Nero. It has S/Pdif in and a dedicated volume trim knob to adjust S/Pdif against the main volume. That would be perfect as I hate solutions, which are more complicated than it should be. A knob to adjust overall volume from my audio interface and a knob to adjust S/Pdif from the Kemper would be perfect.

    So can the Kemper deliver a signal from the USB and S/Pdif simultaneously?

    If the Kemper can’t do this, I’m thinking about using the analog outs from the Kemper and put them through the MVC as with S/Pdif. This solution gets a bit more complicated though. Many MVC’s has issues here as it’s either impossible to adjust each input individually or it demands a process of pressing buttons and so on prior being able to adjust volume. So the S/Pdif solution would be my favorite solution. That’s for sure. But the analog adventure can be done of course.

    Some people suggests using software to adjust volume differences between the DAW and the Kemper, but that’s not intuitive to me, because it demands switching between software and that takes time. Being in Logic Pro and having to adjust volume difference between the DAW and the Kemper demands putting down the guitar pick, placing the hand on the track pad or mouse, find the audio interface software or RM and adjust the volume accordingly. I know it might be a process of 10 seconds or so, but it’s still less intuitive and slower than being able to adjust it right away.

    Thanx :)