[Public Beta] PROFILER OS

  • I compared Kemper drive with some of my hardware ODs . maxon od808 , Mxr GT -od,horizon drive

    in all cases i noticed one major thing ,,,if the mids lows can be dialed pretty the same..

    lows always different .... Kemper drive cut much more lowend ...instead of real pedals...

    to precise tweaking - KD -need low cut (or something similar ) - button

  • ckemper and all others:

    I made a demo video ... not so much focussed on measurements but demoing a real world example with a recent recording. So please have a nice set of headphones or good speakers and (hopefully) enjoy.

    The rig is attached in this post.


    very nice demonstration of the issue.

    There is a new beta version. Rig Manager offered to update as soon as I opened it.

    Would you please try it and see if you still have the same problem? I tried your profile when I had already updated to the last beta and volume pot seems to keep working passed 2.3 value.

    I don't really know if it is solved with the new beta or if it is a device related bug only affecting your unit. Or maybe it is just that the changes after value 2.3 make the guitar get lost in your mix instead of what should be desired that is coming forward in the mix.

  • And drive knob react in weird way ...in some situation

    i did a test , real horizon against KD .with drive max and min ...

    with drive on minimum - they sound pretty close ..with max settings - KD sounds like bad digital clipping ....

  • ckemper and all others:

    I made a demo video ... not so much focussed on measurements but demoing a real world example with a recent recording. So please have a nice set of headphones or good speakers and (hopefully) enjoy.

    The rig is attached in this post.

    This is not how it should be.

    This seems to be an issue with the amp volume (even after the profile).

    The amp distortion stays, while the volume drops.

    It might not be about the KD especially, you might able to reproduce this with any of the overdrive/distortion pedals.

    Try the Green Scream for a proof.

    I could not reproduce this behaviour here. If you like, then please send that rig to [email protected], for a check.

  • ckemper

    Real pedals not have this annoying hi end ....in all cases ....and this hi end are not - main difference ,,,lowend is fuller on real maxon ...

    and KD compresses signal more ....

    this is my guitar into splitter,after that -one path going to kpa ,second to pedal and after what both -to RME adi8qs

    I specially recorded this examples without amp and cab ,, to hear a clear difference ....

    In case with Horizon pedal - difference is huge.....DRIVE knob on real thing reacts completely different ....

    This is a screenshot with KPA signal flow .. all is disabled besides KD


  • I cannot predict how your splitter solution will influence the result.

    But check the following:

    Check the Green Scream, that we have since years. It has the same high end. Keep the Tone at middle position for GS and KD.

    Put your analog pedals in front of the Profiler, to use the same signal path,

    Check if your Profilers equalizers EQs are set to neutral.

  • Hi. I have the same experience as Lightbox, been that way for years actually, on boosters/dist/fuzz. If I strum gently there is an increase of volume, hit the string hard and the sound gets compressed. That is going trough monitor out/guitar cab. I never play via main out, into monitors. Hope this info can be of any help.

  • I had a chance to try it last night and also found that when using a clean Rig the drives all reduce volume. If the amp has a little breakup (say gain above 2.5) the pedal volume behaves as expected but for cleaner amps playing quietly is louder than playing hard and turning up the pedal volume doesn’t behave like an amp.

    With my clean sense set at -5 clean and distorted rigs are all balanced well without pedals engaged but they still don’t behave properly with pedals engaged. I tried varying the clean sense but the with it set higher amps don’t balance properly and drive pedals still have the same issue.

  • ckemper and all others:

    I made a demo video ...

    Haven't tried the new drives yet so can't comment on those, but the real "pedal + KPA" -phenomenon touched on the vid sounds familiar.

    I got inspired by Gary Moore's Live Blues sound and found myself trying to get something similar with KPA (SLO100 + EMV12L + Marshall Guvnor Mk1 slamming the Soldano, rather hard). After got a Mk1 clone and tried some several edge-of-breakup/crunching soldano & marshall profiles just to notice the "Slamming KPA profile with actual pedal" part didn't work quite like expected as the signal level "wall" came too early on.

    Was hoping that if the external pedals can't recreate the effect through KPA that one day there would be some internal pedals that could achieve the effect. Anyway, hopefully all this gets sorted out and we get to stretch also the dynamics limits beyond real world as we've used to within the AMP section.

  • We have the new beta

    KEMPER PROFILER OS Public Beta for all models.zip

    Have the Presets for the drives been updated too? That is, do I need to install the Presets over the ones from the previous beta? The time stamp for the presets is 2020-10-16. The previous ones were 2020-10-14.



  • And there we have it, confirmed by the audience that actual playing was of ill consequence, the punters paid close scrutiny to comparisons to a Klon and real Klon and then to the Kemper Drive. Many guitar players threw down their guitars in disgust While audiences walked out of venues in their droves.. Until a light out of a box became apparent. A frequency graph. Alas, a way to hear through your eyes ;-)

  • Hi,


    /* ********************************************************************************

    It's all okay now. I rebooted the Kemper and tried again via RigManager and the update installed just fine.


    I just tried to update



    Using Rig Manager. I have tried twice and both times gotten the message.

    An error occurred while updating PROFILER. Please try again

    or contact [email protected] for assistance.

    Should I restore to OS 7.5x and try again or just contact support.



  • interesting video Martin. That is very similar to my experience with volume knob (from 7 mins onwards) when using a clean profile. It would be interesting to hear whether you get the same behaviour when increasing the loop volume for the Klon rather then the Klon output volume. Perhaps that would help isolate whether the issue comes from the Kemper Drive (and other drive pedals) or the Amp section etc.

  • Hey ckemper ,

    I really appreciate you sticking around to weigh in on all these comments. It's been an honor to hear you speak directly on these topics. It continues to blow my mind all the engineering know-how that goes into every KPA module.

    If I may, though, it sounds to me like you're quick to defend the Kemper Drive and issues with the Profiler's headroom rather than heeding suggestions from your most die-hard committed fans. This thread is full of real-world R&D. There may be things that can be improved upon yet in OS8. Just my $0.02.

    I would agree that the Kemper Drive needs bass added in most cases to feel right. See my demo video several pages back. 3-5dB @ 191Hz goes a long way for me. I've also personally never found an analog OD I liked the sound of going into the Kemper's input — and I've tried endless varieties. Maybe a video directly covering Clean Sens and pedal integration could help.

    Thanks for all the continued support after all these years! Team Kemper for life.