Whats wrong with RM and Performances?

  • I'm only a casual Kemper user, but I know that these problems go back through quite a number of non beta releases. Which stable version number would you suggest we use in the interim to avoid these problems?

    what you’re describing has nothing to do with beta release.

    I’ve been making noise about this random type of behaviour for ages and no one seems to care.

    In my opinion RM is so unreliable in this regard I can’t use it to make what I’d call “major” changes to performances. Ie building/creating performances, copy/paste, moving slots around renaming etc.

    Smaller non structural changes seem okay.. parameter adjustments etc, but anything else is just total danger. And like you, my thinking is it’s entirely due to sync issues. It “appears” to sync but actually does NOT fully sync.

  • But RM 3.2.28 is PUBLIC BETA, so you shoud be aware of possible problems when using it. Why don't you wait for stable version?

    Unfortunately, from my point of view, there is no question of whether it is a beta or stable version - it feels like since there has been a major update with the introduction of direct access to all rig parameters / performance parameters and bidirectional communication via RM <-> Profiler (all changes are on both the RM and the Profiler possible) a lot of problems that didn't exist before. I loved the RM, now I'm afraid to work with the RM on my live performances ... - In practice, many years ago as a Kemper FAN I signed up as a BETA tester to help shape and avoid possible bugs before the to find and communicate the final release. For the fans who only use the final releases - please consider that a lot of people have already made and shared their experience with the betas ;-). Kind regards Micha

  • I’m having the same problems. Contacted support and they asked for a crash log . It doesn’t generate one so I can’t send it and the helpful person at kemper said “well I can’t help you then”.

    I’m close to giving up with it and going to something else, it’s so unreliable and time wasting, definitely will not be recommending this to anyone else ☹️

  • It does work much better. That was a maddening bug.

    Now the question is....what bugs did the update introduce. No matter how rigorous testing is....there's always something that creeps in.

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  • I'll close this thread, there are too many different things discussed here at the same time. Also, most of the issues have been addressed in updates already.

    Everything significant related to Performances has been fixed in recent Rig Manager / Profiler OS updates (Rig Manager 3.2.30 / Profiler OS 8.2.2).

    Feel free to open a new thread if required.

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    Closed the thread.