L/R Main Out delayed seperately

  • Hey guys!

    Since a few years I have one single issue that I couldn't solve on my own to date, I hope somebedy in here can help me out:

    Is there any possibility to send only ONE side of the Main Out 7-9 milliseconds delayed? It would make a great difference to send a L/R signal to our FOH with that simple widening effect, but I couldn't find this option in any settings so far. Any ideas?

    Cheers and thanks in advance,


  • There is a delay widener available that you can put after the stack (in one of the stereo slots). If the PA destinations have any mono fills, just get the engineer to check mono compatibility is passable by folding down during sound check. Alternatively, you may have more success with the two other widening effects available. Check out page 167 of the manual for more. The wideners are under the 'EQ' section, which isn't immediately obvious.

  • Thanks, that solution comes at least close to what I need.

    Unfortunately it is another stomp with way too vague parameters. Why is it so difficult to constantly use units such as dB, ms, etc... "Intensity 2.1" is simply no absolute parameter at all :/

  • I agree that I prefer to work in samples, ms and dB, but then I suppose not everyone does.

    On the subject of delay for widening purposes though, I find just delaying a leg isn’t ideal. The Haas effect means that the earlier signal is prioritised and the stereo image subjectively shifts, so you then either try and compensate by level or by filtering off lower frequencies from the earlier signal to try and take the energy out of it. This also helps reduce the loss of low end due to phase cancellation for anyone listening in mono (front fills, repeaters, recording or livestream in mono etc.).
    If I’m ‘manually’ widening sources when mixing, I’ll create mid+sides channels so that the centre signal can be the earliest signal and provide mono compatibility. And on a digital mixer, you can dea exclusively in Hz, ms, samples and dBFS 🙂

  • I'm with you when we take it technically precisely, yet I'm working as an FOH engineer myself and used the simple delay of one side of the guitar stereo channel for years with clients that are playing live with Fractals and in a venue, you won't get difficulties with the Hass effect keeping the delay clearly under 10ms, as people are standing on hundreds of individual positions all over the room, so it works very well and it is enough to send the non-delayed side mono to a center fill at bigger places.
    Anyway, thanks for the feedback, I can definitely work with that Widening EQ option ;)