Delay Wisdom Needed!

  • Hello Folks,

    I'm fairly new here and I'd like opinions on what delays to use with my current setup and future setup.

    I'm running a KPA (non powered) with a QSC RMX 850 stereo SS power amp into my 2X12 V30 Friedman cab. Eventually I'm going to get two Kemper Kone Kabs and run stuff in stereo.

    But for now I'm running mono into the 2x12.

    I play 80s type metal (Dokken, Lynch, Yngwie, Racer X, Ratt) --- not saying I'm a good player.. just that is the type of music I like to play!! I usually like about 460 MS delay with just a few subtle repeats.

    Anyway, For my current mono to real guitar cab experience. What delays do you recommend. I'm also not sure how to ensure that my delays are mono versus stereo (is there an easy way to ensure they are mono).

    Thanks folks and I appreciate your future responses!


  • All the delays can work in mono so it isn’t the delay type that will determine mono/stereo. To ensue everything works in mono just go into the output menu and set the appropriate output to Master Mono.

    Another alternative if you want the basic sound in stereo or want some rigs to have stereo delays but others to have mono is to use the Stereo function in the delay itself. Set to 100% you get full panning Left to Right (above 100% creates an illusion of an even wider field) but set to 0% you get the effect in mono.

    As for delay choice those old mono delays are possible with the Single Delay fx type.