ENGL Powerfall II video on how to improve -- Can't find profile on RE

  • Interesting video where he takes what he says is a stock kemper profile and progressively builds onto to improve to his taste. Sounds really good to me for a high gain profile. I searched RE and it doesn't show up there. Does anyone know where to find this profile or have it to post? Thanks!

  • Stock doesn't mean RE. So in the intial content of my Kemper 2 profiles with that names were included:

    • GB - Engle Powerfall II
    • TH - Engle Powerfall

    If you don't have them in your unit you might look out for the particular Rig Packs with them (Guidorist, Kemper Factory Content, Kemper Merged Profiles). Not sure in which exactly but somewhere there they should be.

    Just looking at the video it is pretty sure the GB one above. Sounds like Guido's style anyway 8)

  • Thanks a bunch deadman42! I thought when your cursor highlights the top menu item "Rig Exchange" it does a global search including all the lower sub-menus which included the rig packs. It does not. Once I highlighted the "Guidorist" sub-directory it showed up!