Copying from Rig Manger to Profiler why does it change folders?

  • So I'm new, and I'm doing what everyone does. Browse rigs. When I find one I like I drag it to the profiler, so far so good.

    But now the list of rigs moves the selected rig to the bottom of the list of rigs. So I lose my place where I was browsing.

    Luckily I figured out if I click to another folder, and then Rig Exchange folder I go back. But its kind of a drag click wait click wait, OK now back to browsing.

    What am I doing wrong?

  • Sorry, I do not understand. Copies into the Profiler are not stored into folders. Folders exist only on the computer where RigManager stores and reads them.

    When you select a rig from the Rig Exchange and drag it to any folder, you find yourself at the bottom of the page of the Rig Exchange somehow. You have to roll back to the top of the page in order to continue auditioning rigs. I don't understand how some of this stuff still havent fixed yet.

  • I have the same problem. Can you rephrase that please what exactly do you mean?

    Hover the mouse over a folder but instead of clicking as normal, right click on the mouse. This will bring up a list which contains the option “open in new window”. Select this. You now have two instances of rig manager open. Drag from one to the other.

  • when you find a rig you like in the RE dont drag it to the profiler,drag it to the local hard drive or make a folder and name it as Favorite Rigs

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