Ability to “fast save” performance

  • I’d really love the ability to quickly save a performance.

    Pressing “store” 3 times and waiting for the acknowledgment message to disappear from screen is a pain - it takes too long.

    Use case;

    I’m at rehearsal, finish the song, and VERY quickly need to make an on the fly adjustment - usually to Rig Volume - because I want to tweak the volume of the rigs for that track. Potentially for multiple rigs in the same performance.

    Because you lose changes when switching between rigs when Rig Manager isn’t connected, that means I have to adjust each rig individually and press Store 3 times for each one.
    Try and do that when the rehearsal has continued on and we’re already into the next track. This happens often - I’m doing theatre shows.. the music keeps going regardless if I’m ready or not. So I’m frantically trying to make those quick adjustments, save, and keep an eye on my chart so I know where I’m at.

    So how about a special way to fast store? Press and hold another button while then pressing store - to immediately store the current performance in its current position. (Would have to be another button nearby.. close enough to do both presses with the same hand- that’s a must. Requiring two hands would be awful, I’ll easily drop a guitar!! )

    this would really help me out..