Button Light Customization?

  • Hey everyone,

    Long time rack Kemper user here, just bought the stage as a second unit. I've been wondering, I rarely use the TAP tempo button or function and I think it is very intuitive that Kemper makes the looper and the tap buttons assignable for other functions.

    My question is however, when you use the TAP button to control a pedal or effect block as I am currently doing, is there a way to designate the LED to come on when the pedal has been pressed?

    The reason I ask is that the LED's help me to keep tabs on what has been activated and what needs to be turned off. If I turn on a particular effect with the TAP but forget that I had it on going into the next song....well you get the picture.

    Does anyone know if there is a way to get the TAP LED to come on when engaged for another function instead of simply blinking for the TAP function itself?

    I apologize if this has already been answered but I did a search and came up with nothing!

  • So far the LEDs of reassigned TAP, TUNER, and LOOPER buttons stick to their original functions.

    I'm not sure if this is something that a software update could make available, but it would be awesome if it ever happened! One of my favorite things about the Kemper is its versatility and foresight on customization. This would definitely be another notch in their gun-belt, if corresponding LED's could be color coded or even just lit up when functioning on the ancillary switches such as the TAP and Looper, especially for people who use the toaster and rack with remote foot switches. I own both the rack and the stage and while it has been suggested one can look at the Stage and see the lights of corresponding stops and effects, those buttons are not shown on the foot controller for the rack and toaster, but on any unit in my opinion it would be a nice little extra touch for personalization.

    Thanks for the info!

  • Just look at the lights of the stomp and fx buttons. They will give you a hint what is on.

    I get what you are saying and worst case one could do that, but I am thinking not just about the stage. I own the Kemper rack with foot controller and the only way to distinguish on the foot controller is through the LED's, so in that respect it would really be convenient to have for functionality on both units, in my opinion.