Mini Kemper stage, can you make it?

  • Youngster :)

    56 now ;), but even a decade ago, I ceased to feel "manly" carrying big equipment up and down the stairs :). Prior to going Kemper, I got rid of my passive PA that had 2 Cerwin Vega folded horns and 15" 3-way tops with an amp rack with a 3 way cross-over and a bunch of amps. Down-sized that first for JBL PRX618XLF subs and DSR112 tops with an X32 Rack for a mixer.

    It took another couple of years before I gave up my tube amp rig for the KPA; however, that too was primarily an effort to downsize the load-in and load-out vs an attempt to get better tone.

  • I started off using a Mesa 4x12 with merged profiles in fear of the radical change to profiling. Within a year it had morphed into direct to PA and in ears.

    Not only has my sound improved, but my back might last a few years longer.