Going Deaf

  • I have only ONE gripe about the Kemper:

    I'm going DEAF.

    I love it so much, and I keep jacking up the volume! I measured the decibels and it's easy to play in the 100 range.

    When I turned down an EVH patch to sub 85 levels (where you don't get hearing damage supposedly) the master volume was on 2.7!!

    That's NO fun!

    Seriously though, Kemper should put a notation in the manual to warn people. Maybe have a way to show decibels so you can get feedback on what's safe or not.

  • If you're using headphones try the Will Chen idea of 100% wet rev'b signal. Find the thread to get all the setting details.
    I'm now doing that and it's way easier on the ears and sounds like the amp is a few feet away , in whatever size room you chose.
    The new firmware has supposedly adressed some of this with the "space in headphones" but I'm not sure what that means or how to use it.