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    If its just about Spidf then it doesnt matter if its an Interface für 200 or 1000 Euro cause its digital?

    :) Well (for me anyhow) it's not "just" about SPDIF but that was a big concern as I like recording direct with the Kemper and SPDIF delivers a nice clean level each and every time no matter what amp I switch to. I found that by using the main outs and trying to get a balanced DI between different rigs was near impossible, was always having to tweak the clean sens or what ever setting to get them to match., big headache.

    A majority of the interfaces did not have SPDIF and having a few nice pre's are quite important lol.
    Anyways, I am really happy with the RME so far and having the ARC controller for a few days I now have a nice control room setup and can switch speakers and route sound pretty easily.

    digging it!

    Yeah bro lots of choices. Reaper is pretty stinking good and getting better. I stick with pro tools because the majority of industry revolves around it... If you can't beat em, join em I guess....🙈🙊🙉

    I am doing everything I can right now to future proof my recording rig. I am dumping Pro Tools. I am tired of the annual subscription price. I have pulled down a few DAW applications on both my Mac and Windows machines. I just bought a new Windows 11 machine on black Friday last year. I think my Macbook Pro has reached the end of the new operating systems being able to be applied to it. I am on Big Sur and it isn't giving me the option to install Monteray so I think it is done. I probably won't be willing to spend the money for a new Mac, especially since I just bought the new Windows machine. I will just need to purchase a good size monitor for it so I have a big screen to work on. That is the only piece that I don't have that I can't switch over to right now for hardware.

    What DAWs are you looking at? I'm a glutton for punishment so I stay with pro tools. Ha I went for the perpetual licences and just hope in the years time they get solid for win 11... I can stay in place for years if it's a working system.

    It took me a minute to figure that software out but after a little playing around with it I figured it out. Once you get it, you will love what it does.

    Did you get the free ARC USB with yours? I hooked mine up but haven't had a chance to play with it yet. I will definitely be getting some time on it soon. I am going through this DAW replacement stuff. I am almost there. I have some programs to mess with so I know I will be playing with it to figure out which DAW I am going to use as my main one.

    Yeah, I'm in the same boat. Haven't had time to hook up the ARC. Still trying to get newest pro tools to work with win 11...

    I'm ahead of the curve with a new win 11 pc and waiting and praying the software vendors catch up to new OS... It never ends lol

    I hooked my new RME interface up and played with it a lot over the weekend. I am very happy with how this thing works. I installed the drivers and applications for it before I connected it. As soon as I connected it and turned it on, the software automatically found it and started up.

    I played around with the internal effects and routing in it. This was definitely the right choice. I connected my Kemper with the SPDIF connection and it worked flawlessly and sounded exactly the same as it does when I push it through the PA cabinet here in my room. This is going to work nicely.

    This interface was a good bit more expensive than what I had intended on buying but I have no regrets at this point. I can see me getting a pretty good number of years of use out of this unit. I will be able to move this over to Windows at any time if I decide to do that as well, which may be a real possibility if my Mac ever starts to become outdated enough to now work well for this purpose. I just bought a new Windows machine that is very well quipped so it could be the next recording rig if needed.

    AWESOME!!! My RME will be here in a week hopefully. Wasted time buying the Sound Device unit so lost precious time as it goes back to whence it came.

    You're most welcome :-)

    Yeah, it's a pretty cool feature. One little downside of the way it had to be implemented is the fact that there's only one USB-port for both, ARC USB and DURec. And if you mount it in a rack, it's certainly a bit impractical to access the USB drive. With my UFX+ or with the UFX II you get 2 ports ... ARC USB in the back and DURec on the front panel.

    But I'm sure you'll manage this little issue ... maybe with a USB extension cable so you don't have to go behind your rack to switch between USB drive and ARC USB. :-)

    Yes indeed, after returning the purchase of sound device interface I placed my order for RME today, a $500 upgrade that I am very happy about. Can't wait, it'll be about a week before it gets here. I'm starting up a ZOOM online guitar lesson experience for beginning players and really interested to see how RME mixer software can help me route the audio from the PC through the zoom session.

    Wow, that's awesome!

    I used to sell car parts for minimum wage and people would expect me to be able to troubleshoot and tell them how to fix their cars. All you can hope is Sweetwater is better then the rest and actually pay to train these people. But they probably do not have 12 interfaces at home and years of personal experience with them. One thing about Sweetwater is the sales people are usually there for a long time. That may indicate they are paying them well because they are training them and want them to stay???

    Agreed, so far the 3 guys that I have encountered at Sweetwater were extra helpful and smart but then again so is everybody here at Kemper Land and many have years of gear experience (as playing and recording pros). I'm so grateful to be told to put a "STOP" on the Sound Device box and get the RME. after a few hours of watching product videos on RME I am psyched to be able to have their technology.

    The guy I talked to did try to send me back around to my rep. He said they kind of have their own "store" so to speak. That tells me that they have some freedoms that they can choose to use or not. The guy I talked to did knock some off of the price. I ended up ordering the RME unit. It was down to a few hundred dollars difference and they have a deal going where you get a USP control pad for free that is normally $179. It seemed like one of those situations where it is better to spend just a little bit more and get a better unit.

    Yes, exactly... The usb control seems nice, watched a few videos on it last night and it is very useful. I also like the audio routing with their mixing app. Can't wait 🙂

    Looks like I am now in the market for an interface. I fired my stuff up this weekend after everything was updated, my interface no longer works. I knew it was going to happen, I just didn't know when.

    I am considering the RME interface that was recommended. I am also now looking at one of the rack mount MOTU units (MOTU 828es) because the connections on it would work well for my use.

    I am going to have to make the dreaded call to Sweetwater to see what I can find out on these and see what they recommend. The guy I got on the phone last year when I bought my Kemper was decent to deal with and he gave me a deal on it. Maybe I will get lucky and get someone that is good to deal with and will cut me a deal.

    You may have a different experience with Sweetwater but I was doing the same thing, making calls and talking to a few different reps, but when it came to make purchase, the rep couldn't snake the deal, he had to transfer me to the guy who I got my Kemper from. I appreciated all the time and knowledge these guys imparted but they just might transfer you to the original rep you bought from. 😎 A code of honor they must follow? Lol

    If the ins and outs are not enough then look at the ease of controls and user interface of the unit itself and it's software. I've never heard one single complaint online about Motu but always hear several on Focusrite and it's software UI.

    For me, the number of ins and outs must take precedence, I can't drive a car with only 3 wheels when I need 4. But a motorbike might work for some. Then I'd look at acceleration performance (latency), and then engine power (chip conversion), and finally looks. Not so complex. ;)

    Now, if you are looking for an interface to record all the top acts in your $$$ Studio then that is a topic way beyond me.

    For me brother, I get dizzy after 3 choices... when a webpage has 30 of them I get a headache lol

    Nice, I would like to see some of your videos, I'm all about learning new things. And YES, I called Sweetwater who had to put a "re-route" on my order so the equipment has to go back to the mothership as it was apparently sent last night and I am going to get the RME once the box gets back to them. For what I am able to somewhat effort I do i want to get the very best and thank you for your helping out.

    I am growing to not fully trust Sweetwater anymore. I really dislike my rep there. He is never helpful anymore. I don't know if I don't spend enough money with them these days or what has caused the change. They have missed out on quite a few sales in the past two years because of him not being responsive or not cutting me any deals or not having things in stock. I have taken a lot of business to other places due to that. I wish I knew some place that was trustworthy to get advice from that wasn't just trying to sell me something they have extra stock of.

    I am willing to spend the money for the MOTU mk5 if I could find one in stock. I am not sure if I would go up to the $1499 that they want for the RME. Is it really that much better than the MOTU? Am I going to notice a difference? Who knows. It also looks like the RME doesn't have SPDIF in it. This is definitely a crazy confusing landscape to navigate. I feel the OP on this one, I am kind of in the same spot. I currently run my stuff on a MAC but I just bought a Windows machine that would do well with this too. I want something that can run on either machine.

    Hey brother, yes it is confusing and I am starting to get a headache from it all. Actually the RME does have SPDIF but you need a breakout cable from the AES/EBU port, that part does not but me much, as long as it is a good connection.

    I don't have $1000 which is the problem, lol "buy now pay later" - thank you visa... lol
    What I have learned and I maybe going about it all wrong but by reading a few threads here regarding SPDIF vs Line Out for direct signal, it does seem to me after running tests is that the SPDIF direct signal is always at the same constant level regardless of what amp I switch to which is a beautiful thing in of itself.

    When I switch amps using line out the direct signal changes every single time and no consistency and constant tweaking to try and get them in the ballpark of each other. Please correct me if I am wrong or if there is a better way of going about it but it seems SPDIF is the better choice of capturing direct signal for later reamping purposes.


    Great! Also watch some videos about the TotalMix FX software that controls RME devices. It's a powerhouse to say the least. :-)

    Quick question: Mac or Windows? Don't worry, doesn't matter much, just want to know. :-)

    I'm getting a new i9 win 11 desktop, I know vendors have to catch up to win 11 for a few months etc... but this rig should last me another 5-10 years.
    Trying so hard to get it right the first time with good gear that fits what I can afford and the choices are inundating to say the least, so much on the market.

    Yup, released in 2011

    The link doen't list my suggestion which is also available at Sweetwater and has coax S/PDIF among a truckload other features wayyyy beyond the scope of the aged Sound Devices thing.…-40-channel-usb-interface

    Can you imagine an audio interface with a couple of inputs but only allows to use 2 of them at a time? That's what you're about to get. Old and severely outdated technology. Sorry to say but you rather know it now, while you still can return it. This interface is incredibly limited in terms of quality and feature set. I guarantee that you'll struggle with it in no time.

    Yes, something was gnawing at me in the middle of the night, buyers remorse but I am really happy you have imparted your wisdom in the matter. The order has been cancelled and now I am watching RME Fireface UCX II videos

    Reliability, ease of use, UI software, design functionality, control layout, LED metering, sound quality, rackmount. It covers everything I would want in a high end interface. It even looks like it's worth $1000. Just the number of complaints on the Focusrite UI software is enough for me to drop it from the list. The Sound Devices Interface looks like someone's bench project thrown together without any thought on ease of use or UI.

    And I have the Motu M4 which sounds perfect and is so damn simple to use I forget it's even hooked up. Set it and forget it.

    MOTO has so many choices of interfaces for around $1000 it's confusing.
    I filtered the search to " price High to Low

    Wow, ok. An audio interface that is 10+ years old, doesn't have a zero latency DSP mixer software, didn't even come with an ASIO driver until a 3rd party company took care of this and the last firmware update has seen the light of day over 10 years ago. :D

    They must have been happy to sell this, finally. Who knows how long this has been laying in their shelf. :D

    I'm not sure I would ever talk again with these "good folks at Sweetwater", haha.

    My suggestion would have been to save just a little more and get an RME UCX II which has the best drivers (and software) by far, a lot more I/O, awesome converters and 2 really good mic preamps. This kind of audio interface blows your (current) choice away in every single regard.

    Wait, what???? 10 years old? The sales rep sent me this link which tried to narrow down the choices of interfaces with SPDIF. The $1000 range is what I was spending time on, they said this Sound Devices USBPre 2 was a better choice than the focusrite and MOTO in it's class.

    Here are the interfaces with SPDIF:…91dHB1dHMiOlsiQ29heCJdfX0