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    Yeah... it's the rules... if you refer to paid rigs/profiles the thread gets moved.8o

    in the penalty box, 5 minutes for icing!!!! hahha all good.. :P

    Yeah I'm digging the M Britts awesome rigs, I love the sounds that he captures.

    I also treated myself to HW tone junkie EVERYTHING PACK, I was after all those Dumble mods he has and these are probably enough sounds to last 7 lifetimes, how can anybody chase after so many tones? :):):)

    Fantastic track & prod , well done , great vocals & energy and I loved the guitar tones very much , not too saturated but really gritty. There is a great 70's vibe to it IMHO.

    I really liked the video production as well , very creative.

    Give us some more !

    Oh man, thanks Waraba. Yeah I was really loving the sound of the M Britt Friedman rigs! Clean and powerful with just a bit of drive. Will be a few moths until i get the next one out there, takes a lot of time and $$$ to do it right, lol

    That feels surreal to hear coming from you. Thank-you, but seriously you're far more talented than I'll ever be. Best of luck with the album!

    aww kudos to you, I see how inventive you are and that is brilliant. The main thing as an artist I finally figured out is you just got to keep on creating whether or not the masses get to enjoy or not, it's for ourselves first I like to believe, not selfishly but we have to be content with what we do. lol

    Hi guys, been off the boards for awhile and have been busy recording a new album, got 11 tracks "in the can" waiting to be mixed and mastered but I am so freaking proud to announce my 1st worldwide release STEPPING STONE. This was mixed by legendary Steve Sykes who has at least 20 Gold/Platinum LP’s to his credit.

    Since this is "Kemper Land" I thought to share with you a few of the tones I used for this track.
    I went out a bought the MBritt Crank n Go Pack and was just loving his Friedman rigs, experimented with a lot of re-amping and couldn't be happier with the end results.
    FREED 50 B
    FREED 50 CLN 4
    FREED 50 CLN 5R

    Also used the Kemper for my bass tone and was digging the JS - HUGE SVT B 7K bass rig.

    So anyways, I really hope you guys dig this track, lot's more coming down the pike. 8):)
    Thx, Dan

    If its just about Spidf then it doesnt matter if its an Interface für 200 or 1000 Euro cause its digital?

    :) Well (for me anyhow) it's not "just" about SPDIF but that was a big concern as I like recording direct with the Kemper and SPDIF delivers a nice clean level each and every time no matter what amp I switch to. I found that by using the main outs and trying to get a balanced DI between different rigs was near impossible, was always having to tweak the clean sens or what ever setting to get them to match., big headache.

    A majority of the interfaces did not have SPDIF and having a few nice pre's are quite important lol.
    Anyways, I am really happy with the RME so far and having the ARC controller for a few days I now have a nice control room setup and can switch speakers and route sound pretty easily.

    digging it!

    Yeah bro lots of choices. Reaper is pretty stinking good and getting better. I stick with pro tools because the majority of industry revolves around it... If you can't beat em, join em I guess....???

    I am doing everything I can right now to future proof my recording rig. I am dumping Pro Tools. I am tired of the annual subscription price. I have pulled down a few DAW applications on both my Mac and Windows machines. I just bought a new Windows 11 machine on black Friday last year. I think my Macbook Pro has reached the end of the new operating systems being able to be applied to it. I am on Big Sur and it isn't giving me the option to install Monteray so I think it is done. I probably won't be willing to spend the money for a new Mac, especially since I just bought the new Windows machine. I will just need to purchase a good size monitor for it so I have a big screen to work on. That is the only piece that I don't have that I can't switch over to right now for hardware.

    What DAWs are you looking at? I'm a glutton for punishment so I stay with pro tools. Ha I went for the perpetual licences and just hope in the years time they get solid for win 11... I can stay in place for years if it's a working system.

    It took me a minute to figure that software out but after a little playing around with it I figured it out. Once you get it, you will love what it does.

    Did you get the free ARC USB with yours? I hooked mine up but haven't had a chance to play with it yet. I will definitely be getting some time on it soon. I am going through this DAW replacement stuff. I am almost there. I have some programs to mess with so I know I will be playing with it to figure out which DAW I am going to use as my main one.

    Yeah, I'm in the same boat. Haven't had time to hook up the ARC. Still trying to get newest pro tools to work with win 11...

    I'm ahead of the curve with a new win 11 pc and waiting and praying the software vendors catch up to new OS... It never ends lol