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    Can’t seem to find any videos or anything in the manual explaining both. Setting up either one is easy enough to do but whenever I switch to a wah or volume it seems to be global, I can’t seem to use both at the same time. If anyone has any suggestions or tips on how to set it up it would be appreciated.

    I’ve ALWAYS had a latency when switching rigs using a midi foot controller. I’ve even written about it here when i first got the kemper 6 or 7 years ago. Coming from a jmp1 preamp, changes on the kemper seemed really late. I measured it to around 170ms. Slower when going from one performance to another, than within one performance.

    However i’ve just learned to live with it and nowadays i don’t really think about it. Back before loopswitchers and rack units, switching from a clean sound to lead with delay, chorus and boost, took like one second, so really 170ms is not that big an issue for me.

    Perhaps it’s better with the kemper control than midi.

    yeah it kinda seems like I’ll have to learn to live with it as well.

    Hey everyone,

    Anybody here have any experience measuring latency from Ableton or Studio One? Kemper support is asking me to do this and I have no idea where to start. This basically started because I’m hearing latency when switching patches in a performance. I’ve read of lot of comments on here and it seems that some people experience it and others don’t. I just want to be 100% certain that there’s nothing wrong with my unit. I already have gotten a replacement for the “clock setup error”


    Oooh, that's the first I hear of that! Maybe that's my issue. It's basically a part in a song where I was switching from a complete clean rig to an overdriven rig. I almost had to click the button before the change to that each rig would load quick enough. So maybe it is the crossfade setting. I will check that out tonight!

    The main reason I sold my Fractal Audio FM3 and got a Stage was because of the pretty unacceptable lag between switching scenes and channels, which are supposed to be instant according to Fractal. I wonder if something is up with your Stage specifically because I am also extremely picky about switching lag, and I have never noticed any lag on a Stage. I don't think the clock sync error has anything to do with switching at all. It just means you have to enter the date every time you power the thing up (which is also super annoying, I also had that issue and got a replacement from Kemper).

    I already did get a replacement for the clock error so I agree that's it's not that.

    yeah, the consensus seems to be that there is no lag. I’m going to hook up the profiler to my DAW and do some testing. If I’m hearing lag still I’m going to send the recordings to Kemper support as they have requested.

    I’m always using the stage in performance mode while I’m live.

    I’ll mess around some more with the OD’s, maybe I haven’t found the right one or haven’t dialed in the right sound that I like. And I’m guessing the noise gate is the issue with the notes getting cut off.

    Thanks! :)

    I use mine in P&W. Lots of patch changes in each song. Also lots of jumping from pads to clean to hairy to lead tones. Large televised worship setting. Lag would not be tolerated by me our the sound engineer. No issues here. Over a year in. Used 2-3 times every single week. Sorry you’re having issues. Hopefully they get it resolved. The Stage is the single best piece of gear I have purchased in 32 years of playing live.

    thanks, I’ll be doing some investigating before my next shows this weekend.

    never noticed any lag switching rigs on the same performance.

    Really? Initially I had a problem with my first Kemper stage. It had the "clock setup error" which Kemper replaced the unit. I did a backup/restore and I noticed that it didn't fully restore everything. ie: my external pedal settings for my expression pedal needed to be redone. I'm wondering if maybe something didn't go right with the restore?

    I don't get any lag that way and not sure that I even do switching performances. And I am very sensitive to gaps live. If a unit did that, it wouldn't last long for me.

    Really? I'm definitely hearing a lag from one performance to another. It's very minimal but noticeable enough when using it live. I'm using the rig volume when trying to balance everything as someone had noted on here before.

    Hello everyone,

    So I've had my Kemper stage now for a few weeks and have about 8 shows in with it. I love the portability with this unit but there's a few things that are bothering me about it. I'm struggling to get a consistent volume level from my performances. I tried to balance everything out as well as I could but always notice differences in volume when switching to a different rig. I'm also noticing a slight lag when I do switch to a different performances while playing a song. If I go from say a clean tone (on one performance) to a overdriven tone (to another performance). Maybe I just need to carefully think through my performances and instead of switching to another performance and use the morph or use some of the extra pedals to turn an overdrive off/on while on that clean performance. I'm also finding that the overdrives are just ok. I was noticing while soloing this past weekend that some of my notes would get cut off while trying to sustain a note. Maybe it's the noise gate kicking in? How does everyone else get by? Maybe it's just better to find a good overdriven rig and NOT use the overdrives. Would love to hear what everyone else out there is using. Last thing, what's everyone's thoughts on the Kemper's tuner? I've been using it but I'm thinking that it's not 100% accurate. I would like to point out though that my bandmates all love the tones I'm getting, maybe I'm just so use to playing real amps it's taking me a bit to adjust?