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    Always been attracted to shredders and technical guys (fast moving fingers, tapping etc).

    Maybe that's why never improved my guitar playing (trying be Paul Gilbert without knowing scales, progressions etc. ;-) I learn everything by ear.

    Anyway I love this tune - as 1fastdog stated, feel is what makes you want to hear music.

    Your guitar sounds fantastic.

    Have a good day.

    Record what you play and then put it up for everyone here to listen to (along with the rig/patch) and that way we can give you good constructive criticism that's not so much stabbing around in the dark.

    I recorded some noodling, to let you hear, how it sounds, and if any of you could record on the same patch I could compare.

    The profile was stock "UWE JCM C 335" - no changes at all.

    Chain was Ibanez PGM301 Dimarzio PAF PRO (bridge position), volume at 90%, Kemper Master Output into Focusrite 6 USB interface, Reaper

    UWE JCM C 335 sample (bitrate 256) - here is uncompressed wave zipped.

    Thanks for any opinions on this folks.

    Yes, I am talking about Ibanez PGM301 (in my avatar). HSH Dimarzio pickups. Full specs here . And yes, I was trying to get anything close in terms of sound and feel to the fender twang using single coil or 2nd and 4th position. Well I am trying to get anything thats close soundwise to any of published Kemper samples. Anyhow I have seen no samples recorded on Ibanez.

    Well I just got home and will try to noodle on profile UWE JCM C 335 and upload what was recorded soon.

    Thanks everybody for your input.


    Firstly you may just be used to modellers and their sounds

    Just to clarify. I was never modeller guy, I just couldn't play tube amp since in my room I couldn't crank power tubes. I never liked sounds produced by any DSP. Boss, Zoom, etc. And the fact that one week after purchasing new gear I couldn't get nice tone, made my throw away my guitar onto the wall. From time to time I tried to get again to the gear and tried to tweak it. Nope. And because of that I am sure, I never improved my playing. I am just that of that kind. Sounds ugly, flat, lifeless - stop practicing, stop playing.

    Few minutes ago I tried to get the sound of Blackface profile (starts 00:18) but I couldn't get that "straty" sound on my single coil. Maybe my guitar is crap? Maybe these pickups are.. I don't know. Maybe the wood (basswood) is of a kind that will never give that "fenderry" twang?


    I don't know anything about your Tannoy speakers, but if they emulate an
    amp cab then you may even want to disable cabinets on the Kemper and
    let them do their job.

    These are off course not ADAM or Genelec but they got nice reviews for small home studios. Maybe there are not FRFR? Anyone can help? Maybe this changes sound? When I omit cabinet it is all fizzy.

    Summing up and repeating myself: I can hear that Kemper is breaking product in its domain. I am not trying to state that it is not that good, or that Axe-Fx is better (I never had one). Just trying to get as close as possible to what I hear from others Kempers...


    Got my Kemper last week. It looks beautiful :) so better than on youtube and web images. However when the package came I thought: "wow, is it that small...?"

    Anyway - I started this thread to get some help from you guys, more experienced with KPA. To give you snapshot what kind of player I am...have musical ear, don't have a band, don't have youtube channel with awesome songs, I'm just room player noodling around - hard to say but haven't recorded single song (maybe one) because.......... because of tone.


    I had numerous effects: LINE6 POD 2.0, Vox ToneLab, Rocktron G100, ZOOM g9.2tt, Eleven Rack, some USB interfaces (EMU, TC Electronic, Focusrite) paired with VST modelers (Guitar Rig, Amplitube, some freewares + cab loaders). But I always was missing the right tone.


    Cleans were sometimes acceptable (Eleven Rack), effects not so bad, hi-gain presets... uhhmmm... just hi-gain, crunch tones? the ugliest from all. Never ever, heard the difference between crunch amps in my case. Just small difference, but not what I see on youtube, where Kemper's AC30 crunch is lovely, Marshall Plexi crunched is the only tone I would live for, etc etc.

    To help you judge anything, this is my small rig in small room:

    [Blocked Image:

    1) Ibanez PGM301 (basswood body, DiMarzio PAF Pro bridge position, DiMarzio FS-1 single coil, DiMarzio PAF Pro neck position) - with Paul Gilbert autograph on back side of body :)
    2) Bullet cable and Monster Rock Cable
    3) Kemper Profiling Amplifier
    4) Tannoy Reveal 501 active near field monitors
    5) Last chain of this rig is me :)

    Is Kemper better than any previous devices that were sitting on my desk? YES. It is one huge step above. Like CD-Audio over tape. Like HD over VHS.

    In Kemper (firmware upgraded to fresh 1.07):

    - the gain knob reacts like gain should,
    - picking strings harder gives more bite,
    - turning volume pot on guitar cleans the dirt,
    - strumming on crunch profiles allows to hear every single string.

    So what is wrong? Maybe the factory presets are not the best - "Mr Nice Guy" was the one that make me noodling for 20 minutes. Most of them sound like in a paper box, or covered by thick blanket. Please could you send me some nice profiles and instruction how to upload it? If the best profiles with best cabs will not make much difference, I think I return KPA, however never thought this could happen, when I heard youtube and soundcloud samples.

    Thanks in advance!


    I'm Tom from Warsaw (Poland's capital), I'm 33 and playing for fun in my room. I owned LINE6 POD 2.0, Rocktron G100, ZOOM G9.2tt, Eleven Rack (now lays under the KPA on desk) till now, and many many audio interfaces with many VST. Today unpacked my KPA, went through factory rigs and found nice "Mr. Nice Guy". I'v been noodling with that around 15 minutes.

    I play Ibanez PGM301, but may be buying some Squier/Fender soon to get the best from clean/crunchy rigs I think....

    I have to get through manual to operate the menu etc.

    Anyway hope to stay here for a long time and have proved KPA was the right choise.

    With greetings from sunny Poland