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    and EDIT2:

    found this guide by Arne on a win10 issue which was then solved:

    "The driver is simply not installed. You can use the Gerätemanager to install it by letting it look for drivers on your computer. Point it to the folder
    C:\Programme\Kemper Amps\Driver
    Then it should install the driver. Alternatively, just run the Rig Manager installer again and choose "Repair".

    does it applies to me as well?

    now, after some minutes of playing the kemper it has been freezing. It occur after I unlinked the pc to it after the usb error.

    now it seems to work ok.

    the usb connection really messed up things here

    Hi there...I have been having, this morning, an issue with RM and my kemper, issue I never had before.

    Everthing is ok until some minutes in which the preview mode freezes to a certain profile of the list and cannot proceed further. RM and the kemper work ok but I cannot use preview mode anymore: the only way is to restart the kemper.

    a message comes out from RM telling me that the usb link between the pc and the kemper is not good (these are not the precise words) so it cannot establish a connection. I have used two different cables, one of which is the one I have always used with absolutely no isses at all.

    So it is not a cable issue. I'm thinking about the usb drivers that I might need to reinstall. where do I find them?

    maybe it is an RM issue but I doubt since it works just fine alone and with the kpa hooked up to a certain point, some 10 minutes before the freezing.

    some specs:
    win7 with latest updates
    kpa os release
    rm it! I have found and copied the folder of the old pc. In fact, exploring it, I could find the local library with all the folder I created and thought I lost. At least they are there.

    Now I'll try to overwrite the existing RM folder with this one and see what's on. Crossing fingers again!

    The Autobackup folder is used by Rig Manager automatically. In case you upgraded Rig Manager, and there are significant changes in the database handling, Rig Manager will first create a backup automatically, so if something goes wrong, you can restore the state of the previous version.
    Though we usually do not recommend this, you can try to get the following folder from your old hard drive and copy it to the same location on the new one:

    C:\Users\#yourusername#\AppData\Local\Kemper Amps\RigManager

    Then you should have everything back in place. But remember to use the built-in backup function from time to time.

    Thanks Arne... at first I thought to do so but considered it useless. Now you give me hope...I will try to copy the folder to see what's going on. Will keep you posted on the results...crossing fingers! :thumbsup:

    Hi there guys...I had to reinstall from fresh win 7 in which I used to have RM working perfectly. I had several folder of sorted profiles but I didn't copy these outside RM.

    I have to reinstall RM in the new win 7 and would like to have the same folders. Is it possible using the old RM data? In fact the old hard drive is not formatted and still there are all the program files thus RM also with inside forlders.

    Is there a way to install RM, copy the files in the old RM folrders and have the same thing as before?

    all the best


    I know this guy personally. He's from Rome..and he's a pain in the neck of every big name guitar clinic around because he get around with strange questions bothering everyone, especially the guest guitarrist.

    He's a sort of institution of a caotic guitar player and human being, while he thinks of himself to be a guitar god.

    As far as I know some months ago he was close to die because of his fragile health...

    anyways...even if youo try you cannot play like this: it is impossible to play that bad! :)

    Hi Michael, many thx. It’s an honor for me when you saying this!
    Backingtrack is on youtube

    Search for lydian backing and a blue cover with an acoustic git arrives. Cool to practice the lydian mode. Love that vibe.


    well, Frank...I did compose that backing track. =O

    I was one of the many in guitar method of mine produced by an italian school together with BMG, back then...

    it made some dejavu when I listened it this morning...

    thanks fo bringing the remembering to me

    Hi Frank...nice playing...

    where did you find the backing track?

    And one courtesy of @ColdFrixion :

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    From update 8.

    this track is doubled I guess...sounds good