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    I run FW 4.0.2 and try to adjust Delay feedback CC#69 via an expression pedal connected to a Rjm MMGT 16 but with no response. I have tried to control many other CC# parameters( amp gain, delay mix, rev mix, rev time...) and everything works but not CC#69,.
    Have someone else had the same problem ?

    I have tried them all AXE Ultra, Axe FX 2, Kemper, and Helix. but it always sold them after a while and went back to regular tube amps and open guitarcabs, because I coundt not get used to that FRFR monitoring.
    it always sounded hard in the himid and boomy in the lo mid on stage. People say " you have to get used to FRFR monitoring", but I think many more people than me think FRFR sound awful on stage compared to an amp with guitar cabs.
    Now I save seen the light...and got into the wonderful world of combining Direct profiles of amps and studio profiles into merged profiles.
    I the done several Direct and Studio profiles of my Friedman Smallbox head, and used a amp switcher to A/B the sound of my Friedman Smallbox head and the Direct profile via the Kemper Power Head into the same guitarcab.
    After some tweeking I was not able to hear any difference between the original Friedman amp and the Kemper Power Head, on the Plexi or the BE channel. Wowww...
    Then i adusted the amp setting in the studioprofile so it was identical with the Direct profile, and merged the speaker.
    Now I got the best of both worlds Perfect monitoring on stage via monitor out without cab profile and use my guitar cab for monitoring, and L/R out with cabprofile send to to Front of house/PA mixer.
    This is something for all you guys that never get used to FRFR monitoring.... Direct profile into guitar cabs and Merged studio profile to FOH. :):):):):)

    The LED`s for switch 1-5 glows even when not engaged in performance mode.( In browser mode it do not glow.)
    I assume it glows to tell you that you have 5 spots in each song, but the 5 slots are shown in the display so I cant see the point.
    For me I think it frustrating to see the activated led on and the other 4 glowing. In some lighting situations, or if you turn Down the dimmer on the leds its hard to se wich swich that are engaged.
    Is it possible to get the glowing leds of ?
    I really like the Remote as a Product, small footprint and only one cable to the KPA, but some the functions seems a bit stange to me. :)

    In both Brower and Performance mode the patch/preset do not og back to original staus of a preset if a preset is set with all effect off effects off.
    If a I/A switch/effect are turned on if you press the same preset switch one more time, the effects are still on.
    Is there a setting somewhere to get back to the original patch if you press the preset button for the 2. time?
    If you use standard Midi footcontroller for presetchange and use pedal inputs on the back of the KPA set up for controlling 4 effects on/off, and turn on all effects and then presses the midcontroller patch switch for 2. time
    then you get back to the original preset without any effects. This way you can add effects and use one press of a button and get back to normal status of the preset without having to tapdance on 4 buttons like on the Remote.
    I thought the hole idea of the Remote was less tap dancing,...

    Thanks for a quick answer, but I´m still confused. I have used the KPA in browser mode and i midi foot controller.
    Now I want to use the Remote in browser mode too, do I have to rename every patch I already have to make it work ?
    I tried to rename my patch Vibroverb clean to 1Vibroverb I put this as #1 in Performanse mode, if I change from performance mode to browser mode ts I get the patch 1962 Electro.
    Could You please explain little deeper how to get it to work, I can't find any info about this in the remote manual. :)

    I just got a Remote today, but have problems assigning rig to it.I have upgraded my new Kemper Powerhead to firmware. beta 4. 0. 2
    In the System setting page 13 I tried to assign different rigs to footswitch 1-5, but my Remote have put in some rigs by default and will not assign new rigs,
    So to check the MIDI then connected my Nobel MIDI foot controller to Kemper MIDI input and assign rigs to pedal 1-5 everything works ok, and the kemper switch patches according to the midi controller switching as normal.
    I I press midi pr #1 on my Midicont the Remote moves to/lit up LED sw#1, ok, but if I hit sw#2 on my Midicont the Remote still is on switch 1.
    If I hit sw#3 on my Midicont the Remote move to sw#2
    If I hit midi sw #4 on my midi cont the Remote goes to/lit up LED sw#3.
    If I hit midi switch 5 to 10 on my Midi foot controller the Remote is still on sw#3, but the kemper switches Normal.
    Can anybody help.....

    Adjustable slow and fast speed for the rotary would be great, like on the Strymon Lex. Is miss this function from the the Lex, but the actual rotary sound is better in the Kemper.

    Its not possible to acess trem speed/rate via an exp pedal without to use use the morph function, and I want to use the morph exp pedal to adjust things like gain , volum and eq. If kemper had made it possible to acces trem speed via an exp pedal, I would be a happy man.... :)

    Seamless adjust is what I'm used have,
    but two speeds can do. But how is it possible to only use one switch to access the two speeds + on/off for the trem effect? Then I need to hit it twice, or what? if I have to hit a switch twice to get from no trem to trem at the right speed, then it too much hassle....

    I would like to be able to adjust trem speed with a foot controlled rotary pot with a big knob (connected to a exp pedal )as on a trem pedal, without to have to store patched with different trem speed on each patch. I used to have a RJM Mastermind GT, and Ron at Rjm made a workaround so it was possible to do that on a kemper, but I dont have the Mastermind GT anymore. So I hoped the new firmware 4.02 had a option to do that. I was hoping would be possible on the Kemper remote, but maybe I Have to get me a Rjm Mastermind GT... I would rather get me a Kemper Remote, so I hope someone have a solution.....

    Please help me to understand:

    In what situation will I need a parametric eq (maybe even 6 band) and use it to to make a qualified correcion to the sound of an FRFR speaker by judging the overall sound using my guitar sound as a reference?

    What speaker is it? Where does it come from? What has it been used for prior to that?

    A proper way to fine tune any active FFR speakers used with the Kemper for stage monitoring is to send pink noise into the return of the loop, bypass del/rev, and place a measuring
    mic at your listening position and use a FFT measuring system like SMAART or Systune to see the freq response of the active speaker.
    You can even get cheaper RTA measuring tools that works for your iPhone like Audio Tools….
    If the KPA had a more eq option on the monitor output, then it would be much more easy to get a better stage sound without having to add a eq device between the KPA´s monitor output and the active FFR monitor.
    This way the guitarist will get a better sound onstage, and the FOH guy get a L/R main mix without any eq….
    Then everybody´s happy….. :)