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    Yes you can do it this way, the challenge then is how do you hear the rest of the band? That is where you can Use the aux in to bring in a monitor send from the mixing desk that contains the band! Then blend in your guitar and use the headphone output to feed the IEM. Or you can have the mixing desk blend in your guitar either way works.

    Thank you for the 3P profiles, the Plexi and BF from the early packs are still some of my go-to rigs. Just went through the AD and BD profiles and they sound great !! Keep up the great work, and can't wait to hear the Morgan stuff as well.. Stay safe.....

    Did some comparisons between Kabinet in FRFR mode to a powered Neo-CLR that I have. I'm using the BAM200 amp for the kabinet. The CLR sounds best to me on the floor monitor position and the switches set for tilt back. This gives a nice low end and mid details. The top end can be what I think of as too hi-Fi. Especially on the heavier profiles with more gain. Not bad at all and would work fine in 95% of the applications with a live band.

    The Kabinet didn't have the hi-Fi sound to it and just feels more natural. Hate to use the term in the room feel but that's how it sounds and reacts to me without a hi-fi top end. It didn't match the low end of the CLR and when I turned on bass boost for the Kabinet it was almost too much low end. So a tweak on the monitor eq on the KPA did the trick there. I seem to like the sweetening setting at around 3 or 4. Can someone explain what the sweetening parameter is doing?



    Someone suspected that this amplifier could color the sound.

    I received my BAM200 Today and spent some time with it tonight. Overall I'm very happy with this amp powering the Kabinet. I tried running the gain higher and the master lower, then also running the Master wide open with the gain lower. All of this this was with the eq section straight up on all 3 bands. I Couldn't hear any difference or coloration in the tones when moving between these approaches. Unit is very small, plenty of volume, runs 4 ohm cabinet with no problem and can't beat the price. It's a keeper for me when I want the in room experience. Can't wait for more imprints and future features where we can store the imprint at the rig level!

    I think of the Kone this way. If you play from your Kemper straight to FOH and use in ears 100% of the time, or only plug your Kemper into your interface at home and only monitor via studio monitors then the Kone isn't really going to do much for you. As the main outs to FOH are not impacted by the Kone imprints.

    If you are using the monitor out today to play through a FRFR speaker or a guitar cabinet then the Kone is probably worth looking at. The Kone can operate in a FRFR mode, or can be used to replace your guitar cab and have different imprints,for each rig (future upgrade).

    It's light, sounds great and provides a cabinet in the room feel. So it really depends on how your using and monitoring your Kemper to see if it will do much for you.

    Hope that helps.

    My Kabinet arrived today :)

    So far sounds great. There are some subtle changes especially within a speaker manufacturer. For example switching between the G12H Anniversary and the G12H Heritage give you some subtle change. But if you pull up the famous MorganAC20 patch and jump between the Celestion Blue, then to the EV12L, then to a vintage Jensen you can hear the characteristics of each speaker. Well done Kemper !! Now we'll all be looking for more imprints, ability to assign cab imprints per rig, etc. The future sounds great !!

    To me it sounds like a normal octave below harmony. Quick and easy effect on the KPA is the analog octaver which adds in the octave below note. You can try it before the amp block or after, and depending on whether you're using a fuzz pedal or just an amp for the distortion it should get you close.

    Is there something in particular you're looking for? For example the guitar solo on Owner of a Lonely Heart from Yes? That has a specific sound to it, versus something like simple octave up or down, etc. 5th above like owner of a lonely heart is popular because it's pretty universal and works in all key signatures, just like octave up/down. So if you set one note to be 5th up, and another note to be 4th below, you get the same harmonized note just an octave apart. You can get into a lot of other options if you want to use intervals that are specific to the key you're playing in to create some complex harmonies. So it really depends on what you're looking to do. Even some of the delay presets now can adjust the delayed notes to create pseudo harmonies, so lots of options.

    The main out signal going straight to FOH will have the cab sim on and that's the way it should be. If you hook up a guitar cabinet on stage and monitor that from the monitor output of the KPA, you would turn off the cab on the monitor output. Hope that makes sense.

    Good luck.

    Pretty sure he uses a couple of fender twin heads with tc chorus and echoplex for the clean sounds. There is a recent rig rundown where he shows his setup and how the echoplexs have been modded etc.

    Saw him live recently in a small club and his stage volume is down compared to previous years but he still has that violin like tone.

    The new fender Virginia guitar uses a DiMarzio pickup in the bridge with only one coil hooked up? Go figure ? It's 99% hands with Eric.

    Did you by chance launch rig manager without the KPA turned on, then connect the KPA later?

    i did that today and notice that i had to relaunch rig manger with the KPA already on. If i turned on the KPA after rig manager was launched, i couldn't get the preview to work with clicks or double clicks or any combination. After shutting down rig manager, and launching again to make sure it saw my KPA, then the preview worked as before. I'm on MAC OS