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    -holding down tap to engage beat-scanner does engage if done too soon after selecting a new slot in browser mode. you have to wait at OVER 3 seconds before engaging it

    I can live with most of the issues (listed above) apart from this one which appears to be in tandem with the sluggish response of the expression pedal during the first few seconds following a slot change in performance mode. (Details here BUG: expression pedal not responding after slot change )

    Sad to say my experience of v7 is that i should have stuck to my v6 consideration of “if its working dont mess with it”

    what i have just discovered is the Kemper appears to get "locked up" with its edit buffer.

    pressing the undo button several times seems to get the unit back into a functioning state, though sometimes you have to jump to performance mode and back to browse. The undo button isnt always lit but repeat pressing can eventually display "morhping undone" and then we are back to normal. This seems to have some parallel with my other post earlier today where the undo history/buffer was in question. note my reverb stomp is locked as i use the same reverb in browse mode. Something is obviously not right here.

    In my opinion and over the past few days of running os 7.3.2, I don't know what data the "history-buffer" is hanging on to but its got some unpleasant strange side-effects.

    as the title says, i am curious of the range of the clipboard and undo history. (also another issue shown i video below)

    I can copy and paste between performance and browser but this appears to impact the undo history when jumping between the two modes.

    What is the limit to the number of operations that can be undone or redone. i'm guessing there must be some memory limitations here, as in any system that offers an undo/redo function.

    also noticed that if i paste copy, say a flanger then into X then paste into D pressing undo removes both X and D stomps. This appear to undo 2 steps rather than 1. (EDIT: note too, that rig manager was not connected during any of these issues)

    see video:


    What brought all this is that I had a scenario today where TWICE some copying between MOD to X in browse mode crashed the KPA. the screen locked up and all buttons controls rendered useless.

    had to pull the power to reboot. this happened twice in 5 minutes when copying a flanger to a chorus (or the other way round.

    I cant reproduce these faults but this has further rocked by confidence in os 7.3.2.

    The text is from Addendum manual chapter "What's new in 7.0" and that Factory Presets function is missing in current OS versions, because of memory limitations. Such functions in System Settings were always all or nothing. Now with Rig Manager you can chose which factory Rigs and presets you want to import and replace.

    Thank you for your reply.

    So, referring to the effects only here, is it still worth my while wiping all "old" presets (except my 2 or 3 own ones or back them up) and installing the v7 presets?

    And, what are the advantages in doing this?

    No such problem here under 7.3.2.

    Wah Pedal with WahPedal to Volume and WahPedal to Pitch controls wah and pitch pedal effects plus - if no wah and pedal pitch effects are active - Volume Pedal.

    Check your Pedal Link Settings in the System Menu.

    Thanks for the heads up. the "wah pedal-->pitch" had become unchecked as part of the upgrade.

    Thought it a little weird. it's been ages since i had to dive in and find this little parameter. Apologies for a false alarm


    Having expression pedal connected to remote i notice a lag and poor response after changing slot.

    more noticeable when choosing a new slot, as if there's other stuff getting processed and the expression pedal (wah) is held up in a buffer/queue.

    maybe someone else can try this and let me know their findings

    This only seems to happen when using KPA locally and RM is connected. (performance mode)

    if i enable a stomp/effect (via the remote- havent tested on front panel yet) and re-choose that slot or choose another slot, the effects remain engaged as if they have been locked.

    Normally this reverts the slot to its "saved settings"

    Disconnected from RM and this seems to clear it.

    I 've found that using the transpose stomp in the delay slot results in the transposed pitch AND the dry sound also.

    unlikely i will be using it this way but as there is no mix between pitch/dry.

    Can anyone confirm this too?

    From the user manual


    How to update all effect presets?

    To take maximum advantage of the new integrated effect selection page, you should exchange all legacy factory presets for the new, updated set.

    Thankfully, the latest Rig Manager revision supports PROFILER OS 7.0 by introducing the ability to administer presets! So, please connect your PROFILER to Rig Manager, select your PROFILER under "All Presets" in the left column, and delete all presets except the ones you have created and intend to keep. Wait until Rig Manager and PROFILER have synchronized, and all selected presets will now be deleted.

    At this point, you could choose to use Rig Manager to import the entire set of new presets, or select elements of it, from the Preset Pack Factory Presets 7.0. There is, however, an even a simpler method if you want to import the

    complete set: Press the SYSTEM button of your PROFILER and select "Factory Presets" in System Settings. The complete set of updated presets will be now be imported automatically.

    I take it from this, there are performance advantages to having a "clear out"?

    However, i can not find "factory presets" in the "system" button of my KPA so not ready to do this yet.

    Can anyone who has done this please share their experience from a user point of view, just so i know my attempt will worthwhile. thanks

    Sorry if I sound like a right old moaner today but i like to find the cracks in my own armour...

    Unless you go to an older firmware installing a backup doesn't downgrade the OS. It only puts your files back in place and has been reported to fix some errors.

    Thanks for the info. i'm aware of that and have older firmware versions in my archive.

    I'd still like to address the initial issues in the first thread of this conversation. They're not "show-stoppers" although the beat-scanner lag could do with sorting out: