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    I have been in contact with Sergey at BJ Devices. It seems the website has been on hold Due to Russian trade laws. You can contact him directly via the info given on the website.
    I'm ordering midi cables for my tb11 now.
    That is if you're still looking

    2 to 3 weeks? A product thats been out 8 years and still being updated and evolving.... Surely you aren't serious.

    3 1/2 Years with mine. Still feels like I'm just getting started. Probably the the best gear purchase I ever made. Thats a saying a lot since its digital.

    Hi,unfortunately you cannot see slots names, at least on the latest firmware. In Performance mode TB-11P will show performance name and in the Browser - Rig name will displayed.
    What did you mean "can't see what effect is on other than an indicator" - you want to see effects names on LCD screen?

    Hi Serg.
    I should have contacted you first. It would probably have saved me some time.
    I am new to using performance mode on the Kemper, so part of it is me rethinking how I set up banks and patches.
    I have only a couple performances, 10 slots. I have named them with 1st the number, then a letter or 2 to abbreviate the amp name in each slot... just to help remind me like this (1 F 30 45 FR SO). This way I know at a glance what performance I’m on, and what amp I’m using.
    I’m new in my band and as the second guitar player I’m just focusing on learning the songs. Not many effects and mostly dry amp tones
    In the future I will begin to setup performances for specific songs as I take on more of a lead role.

    With 2 lines on the screen, it would be nice to be able to assign what is displayed ...or more flexibility in patch naming I mean. Is it possible to get slot names displayed in the future ? Even the Kemper doesn’t show the effect name on the display in performance mode, but it does color code the indicator light.

    On a positive note, with all the switches customizable on bj devices, I can control everything on the Kemper with the shift mode feature. I being a noob was able to program it fairly easily. I just wasted some time (ok,. A lot of time) on slot naming. The TB 11 has a small footprint even with the expression pedal built in. Easy to tote around. I can control way more functions with it than the much larger FCB 1010. The build quality is excellent and the switches appear to be of good quality. I really do like the built in pedal over the Kemper Remote. It keeps things simple when I need them simple. I can add expression pedals if the need ever arises..

    I recently ordered this...

    I should get it maybe Friday or early next week. Can let you know what I think after I spend some time with it.

    I may be of no help, as I am a midi noob... I have never used a Kemper remote so I don't have that experience to base anything on.

    I have programed the TB-11 to use in performance mode and what I am not liking at all is Im not seeing the rig (slot) being displayed, and I can't see what effect is on other than an indicator. So I have to just remember... Not really what I was wanting.
    I'm going back to the drawing board, and try to get it to work in Browser mode to at least be able to see what rig Im using, and then try to set up my effects in general universal order to help me remember without looking back.
    The TB-11 seems to be great midi option, but as with any midi controller, limited in some ways compared to the remote.
    I would have liked to have ordered a remote, but still unavailable... unless I buy another Kemper... whatever

    I'm sure there are things I'm missing in programing the TB-11, but thats probably why I should be using a remote instead.

    doing a few quick adjustments on the EQ is the most normal thing.....

    Any significant changes of eq starts getting me worried.....

    2 different things I think.
    Personally, I don't tweak much when I'm trying profiles in my room, but when playing out I have in the past had to roll off the highs or raise the mids.... Some glaring weakness that I didn't discern while playing alone. These profiles though, I have not had that problem

    Late to the party... I bought a house a few months ago and been very busy remodeling and getting settled in while working way too many hours.
    Just got around to getting my studio room set up, updating rig manager, and my Kemper.
    These are fantastic. Sound just fine with my LesPaul , which I think has bright humbuckers anyway, also sounds great with my Mean 90's
    I have only purchased a couple of Britts amp packs, but they set in a mix so well. I went straight for these as soon as I updated RM. I knew they would be good, but even I didn't think they all would be good.
    Thank you Michael and Kemper team!

    My guess is placing a large cushion from a couch behind the microphone would be just as effective, if not more, for audio recording. That would likely be a simple way to test for any effect on the EQ of a profile, too.

    This is what I did when profiling my Vox VTX. My reason for doing it was I did the profiling in my apartment and literally built a cushion Fort around the cabinet to suppress noise.

    Considering I don't know a lot about how to mic an amp and the fact I couldn't experiment much other than dialing in known presets, I was surprised how good the profiles came out... And easy!

    I have not upgraded yet, and don't know if I will be using the morphing feature much, but I do appreciate the Kemper team continually working to add more and more features to the product.

    I don't think Kemper did anything to overhype the morphing feature other than introducing it at Namm. The community here as a whole hyped it a lot in anticipation of the release.

    If anything, we have another tool on our tool belt of sound creation. And we already know there's more to come.

    Thank you Kemper team!

    I bought this pack back on black Friday. So many great tones! So little time. A couple I didn't see mentioned yet are the Cornell and Evil robot profiles. I'm digging them with humbuckers and p-90 type pups.

    Did a bunch more profiling today. Also, I edited the profiles I posted before, so there are 10 posted all together tonight. My spare bedroom is a mess, so I'm done for a while and putting everything away. So happy to have some tones from my VTX in my Kemper. I think they came out great. Better than expected. The profiler makes it a breeze!!