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    Hey Everyone!

    I haven't fully committed to the Kemper, yet. But have spent hours researching the Kemper the last few weeks and am heavily considering making the jump from my Dr Z Maz 18 amp to a Kemper. I'm also thinking of ditching my pedals (partially to fund the amp/remote) and using the remote for the Kemper. I play live shows pretty often and we are likely to start touring here in the near future, I also play for the worship band at my church and practice with a band weekly. The biggest appeal to the Kemper is largely the ability to "have it all". Being able to have a profile of the Maz 18 and then a Morgan AC20/40 an old Deluxe Reverb, etc. I previously owned a Line 6 Helix and the inability to ever dial in a "great" tone was pretty discouraging for me. I owned one for over a year and always felt that it was great for a worship setting but when I'd practice alone I rarely enjoyed my sound. That would be my biggest hesitation with the Kemper, however, from everything I've seen the Kemper seems to surpass the Helix with flying colors (not that the Helix can't get some great tones, I however, was just unable to find some I loved). I also played a Kemper the other day and was blown away by the intuitiveness of the amp as I found a tone that I thought was pretty stellar within a 30-60 mins.

    I'm mostly getting my feet wet and just getting a feel for the Kemper community. Thus far, everyone seems pretty welcoming and nice! Excited to continue down this path for a while. Here is a photo from the studio the other day to help keep things interesting.

    with the KPA you have a snapshot of a miked amp / direct profile, not the real thing , as you may know.

    i didnt sell any of my amps after getting the kpa., theyre are just diferent tools.

    I would try the KPA first for a period of time before dicthing your gear

    Never used an isolation box...but doesn't such a system, by design, pretty much eliminate the unique reverberation and complex reflections of a particular "room". I mean, isn't an iso box basically a miniature anechoic chamber?

    it removes the room reflections but not the "air movement" between mike and speaker.
    in fact its a "little room".
    its not perfect , but its a lot better than an emulator , IR´s etc.
    ive build an cheap iso-box but only to remove the room ambience from the mikes , and it sounded really good, but off course
    didnt resolve the volume issue.

    please enlighten me, "congested" = compressed ?

    because thats what i noticed , when hiting a chord in a semi-clean / semi-overdrive profile , it compress a lot more than the real

    also , the KPA elminates all the room reverb , make it feel like playning in an anechoic chamber, not natural al all ,
    and no kind or reverb solves that.

    i know they are tecnical limitations , it just depend what are our needs imho.

    right now im having better resuts with real amps and a iso-box.

    asap i will be doing some tests with KPA vs real amp + iso box :thumbsup:

    Is it possible for Kempers (non-powered) to have a break in period? I just got a hold of a second unit and when comparing them on identical settings the newer one sounds just a tad more boxy than the first one. I'm wondering if it just sounds like that because it's new and hasn't been played as much as the older unit.

    yeah, bits and bytes sound better the more are played.

    play it hard for a couple of days , and report back :thumbup:

    sometimes newer techonology doesnt give "better" results, just make life easier

    KPA "replaced" the Line6 POD ( who claimed to be a perfect amp emulation ) , the KPA will be replaced by something else ( KPA II ? ).....

    there is room to improvement imho ( even in tube amps :rolleyes: )

    but vinyl is back in fashion

    an pencil is still a valid tool , doesnt chrash , doesnt need electric power etc.

    also the KPA doesnt look as sexy as a marshall stack :D

    i dont really understand the "war" real amp / emulation / profiler .

    neither is perfect , and if we can have the two , great :thumbup:

    since buying the KPA , i keept buying pedals , im not gonna wait until the developer comes with a emulation off
    something that i need / want now :D