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    tube was already done and so I figured I would pre share the 9 profiles as a get in cheap thing to entice new customers .
    As per the illness , it's hard to profile a loud 100watt amp compared to a 5

    Well as you said, the tube was already done so you wouldn't know about how hard it was to profile while you were ill because it was already done...right?

    Where I come from that would be considered a "contradiction" which is just a nice way of saying it's a lie.

    Look, I don't even care one way or another about the profiles anymore. I simply asked a question looking for some information regarding products I have paid for and then gave my response to the minimal effort response that you gave.
    As a paying customer this is normal behavior when dealing with an actual real business. That you and whoever your buddy is (above) believe that it is perfectly fine to accept people's money, take forever to completely fulfill an order, disappear for days, then reappear only to promote another product entirely...says more about your lack of understanding as to how an honest business is supposed to work than anything else..

    And honestly, all of that would be fine if you just had more of a, "Look. Sorry guys. I know I'm behind with stuff. Thanks for your patience, I'm working on it as fast as I can...etc.etc..." or what I actually suspect to be closer to the truth which is you're having money troubles hence all the recent fire sales.
    Whatever the truth really is being honest is the best policy and copping a defiant, shitty, defensive attitude, while it may feel good in the moment, just makes you look like someone in over their head caught trying to cover their ass.

    Regardless of what's really going on with you I do hope you are able to get back to a good place where you don't have to make up stories and excuses and but are able to honor your commitments.


    Hmmm. One word answers have never sat well with me. They always feels like a, "Fuck You!" or "Don't bother me with this shit."
    That's fine. I understand.
    That being said I'll just ask you my original question again, unedited this time:
    Can you explain why you are releasing new profile packs instead of finishing the ones that people have bought, paid for and been promised the studio profiles for "in a few days" weeks ago?
    In anticipation of a, "I've been really sick lately." response my follow-up question is "Are some amps easier to profile from your sick bed than others?"

    Ya, not the point I was making at all to be honest.

    I'm not gonna post, "I like EMG pickups. They sound GREAT!!!!" any more than I'd post something like-
    "I like the color blue" or "I love ice cream!" :D

    Was trying to get some insights into whether others (and mainly the profile creator) had been able to perceive a more accurate tonal response from a very similar guitar to the one used in profiling.

    Regardless, was just sharing my experiences and observations.

    Yes my friend. I think you're right and even knowing this I was still taken aback by just how good the Tonehammer profiles sounded.

    Story time-
    I used to get every single pack that these guys released. I took a break for a month or two to give my wallet a break or maybe to get caught up with testing my ever growing backlog of profiles. I don't recall exactly why.. Plus I think they released a couple of amps I was less interested in.
    For reasons I cannot explain I never made it back to checking out their newer releases... Up until last week that is. These were some of my favorite profiles way back when....(2015-16 :D ) and like an old friend that I hadn't seen in a while we picked right up where we left off.

    I just got done practicing with profiles from Deadlight's Engl Fireball pack.I don't remember it ever sounding as good as it did today. I was playing one of my ESP MII's which has EMG 57/66 pickups (switched out from the original 81/81's) and it just sounded incredible.
    I know Frank & Lars use guitars with EMG's to profile with and today's experience really made me think that playing the profiles with a similar guitar setup (to the one used during profiling) creates a truer representation of the original tone. I don't know for sure. I have seen it discussed in threads but don't recall reading anything definitive in that regard but my ears tell me that it is a factor.

    Thank-you for this amazing post. I hear what youre saying and I relate.
    Like most people, my opinions change in relation to what's going on in regards to a particular topic and definitely my last few years with tube amps were more frustrating than fulfiling. Could never quite get what I was looking for tonewise and if I could come close most amps only did one or two things well. Always seemed like such a huge ordeal just getting two to three usable tones from the same amp. Add to that the majority of my guitar time is in my home studio where I could barely turn my amps up loud enough to get a decent tone or alternatively wait for the (extremely rare) times that my wife was out of the house as well as my neighbors not being home.
    Definitely a sub-optimal, if not uncommon,situation.
    I havent played live in a few years So it's been a while since Ive stood in front of a cranked tube amp and felt the floor vibrate. I do remember that feeling of course. As a guitarist it is one of life's great experiences. At studio volumes my kemper/dxr10 combo sounds better than i ever remember my amps sounding but admittedly I would have to play at live volumes to really be able to tell if there's a noticable difference (between the two). Just wrote the above to give some context for my opinions.

    The generalization is what is tasteless.

    OK! Feel free not to respond to any of my future posts. I think I have a Good idea of what you think and who you are now. I try not to waste my time on the overly sensitive and easily offended. So difficult nowdays as there are just so many of you.

    Wow, that was a tasteless comment

    Far more tasteless to quote something out of context.

    Was a response to the comments:

    "I know a lot of people all around the world who literally have nothing to eat but own a smartphone for a 1000$"


    "how many guys do we know who have no money but spend all they have for a fancy car;Or an expensive vacation"

    Which I summarized as 'poor people making bad money decisions' because they WERE two examples of poor people making bad money decisions!


    I certainly had no malicious intent with my prior response and after playing tube amps for 30+ years I have a fairly good grasp of their pros and cons.

    I'm not too sure what point you're trying to make with your "smartphones for $1000" & "starving people around the world" references other than that people make bad money decisions all the time especially most poorer people.

    Don't get me wrong I do get the whole nostalgia angle that you guys seem caught up in but for me it's more about having the best tools for creating my music more so than some, "Remember back in the day when amps had real tubes..." type of grandpa stories to tell your grand kids.

    Regardless, you seem to get some enjoyment from them so more power to you.

    Which version of the Gemini 2 do you have? I'm not sure that I need the bluetooth capabilities but the idea of a silent fan is appealing to me as I am mostly going to be using this in my studio. Trying to weigh those benefits up against the extra $400 out of pocket.

    Thanks for the help buddy!

    Great advice!

    Money is no object for me so it's not a problem dropping $3000+ on something that my Kemper has effectively made redundant.

    Add another $1000 to buy another 4x12 as well as I only currently own FRFR's.

    Guess I'm gonna be missing out on those special smells and feelings as I can't justify spending that kind of coin on something that I no longer need.