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    It's always been beyond my budget for synths, but IMHO it's a classic and is truly epic.

    Whenever I spot one (usually the TI these days) in an EDM clip (I can only speak for asian pop as I gave up on western stuff years ago), I get excited and feel so proud for CK. The Virus line is go-to for many a trance artist; I've heard it described as the ultimate trance machine.

    What we would have done without this man, I don't know. Then again, I can speculate: I'd probably be stuck in an AxeFX menu or still tweaking one of my PODs...

    Therefor I will implement a LPF and HPF into the Studio EQ.

    What a legend you are, CK! I've pushed for this myself in other threads, but didn't realise you'd already confirmed HPF / LPFs will be implemented.

    May I recommend they be made available at every point in the processing chain possible? I'm talking about at the (dry) input split to the digital DSP chain, all standard stomp slots, pre and post amp and cab modules and the usual and obviously-necessary outputs.

    These options will, for very little coding effort and minuscule CPU overhead, help propel the KPA further into the rarified air it already owns and occupies, IMHO. Tweakers and anally-retentive propellor-heads will squeal with delight!

    Thank you, oh Leader of the Gods of Kemper!

    My go-to bass patches are usually the Gallien Krueger pack labelled A through E (I like C the best) and the Microtubes B7K pack labelled 1 through 6 (I love 4). Both groups are on the exchange.

    For the life of me I can't find the Gallien Krueger rigs you referred to, Lokasenna.

    Any other search terms I could try? Thanks mate.

    EDIT: Solved. Anyone looking for these needs to add a hyphen. The string is "Gallien-Krueger".

    Well, if he's an EMO... LOL

    I just posed the question on the L6 thread as to whether or not the throughput latency had been addressed. That, above all else (and there was a lot of "else"), made the HD units unplayable for me; I felt disconnected from the guitar. All sense of immediacy was gone...

    Yeah, great job wifey! You rock, sis!

    Dare I say it, but I'd be down for at least 3 so I could wear 'em every single day. Been wondering about this since I opened the box and saw the two little stickers in there. I thought, "they're not big enough and I can't wear them!"

    Heck, I'd get 4 just for good measure.

    EDIT: You posted while I was replying, Zapman. The compliments are well-deserved, mate!

    Fingers crossed...

    Hey at least they have power switches. Also nice to see ir loading. But i agree. Lets see what the amp sims sound like through a quality ir. Seems the cab/mic engine is a bit more advanced, but have yet to see if they sorted out phase issues when using parallel cabs

    So NOW they provide a proper power socket, "real" cabs, I'm guessing X3-style DI and amp USB recording and "proper" volume-knob response. If the latency is greatly improved as well, I think I'll puke. Seriously. I hung in there 'till the HD almost (well, it did, really) did my head in big-time. A hint that something addressing the plethora of concerns was on its way would've saved a whole lot of heartache. I mean, the company must've been aware that folks like you and I were sweatin' on shifting allegiances in a big way. I made the move to Kemper in a state of desperation, punching way above my weight budget-wise.

    I'll bet that at least most of the scratchiness of the HD is gone too, BobMan. Sickening, really.

    So much for the hype surrounding the "new" HD DNA modelling, the apparent platform for all things to come in the foreseeable future.

    Im taking a wait and see approach.

    Same here, although I'd like to think I cannot be lured back in any sort of a hurry, or at all for that matter. I'm just miffed that my since-day-dot loyalty was tried and stretched for so damned long by the HD; it's the stuff of nightmares for me, and the mere mention of the letters "HD" bring up similar feelings to those I experience when I think of the many best friends I've lost to tragedies such as bush fires and cancer. I got burned bad, man. Real bad.

    The timing, from my perspective, is nauseating. I only received my Kemper a month ago. If this had been a year down the track, it'd have been different story. It's a rare state of affairs for me, but I'm now officially speechless.

    I'm open to suggestions and tips on how to cope! LOL

    As soon as the Aussie dollar ceases to suck, I'll be buying all of these!!

    Tried the SA Rand yet ....... BIG :(

    Growing up in Pietermaritzburg the Rand was always a little weak, usually around 70 cents US, but that was 'til 1980. Things have changed an awful lot since then, eh?

    Michael,thanks for taking the time out of your busy life as a wonderful guitarist,to share all these wonderful amps
    Went to see Toto a few weeks ago,with a good friend of mine,who is a massive toto,and steve lukather fan..Also a musicman fan,as i am
    What a concert!...Luke's playing is just phenomenal,as were all the band

    Anyway,i downloaded one of your packs,with exact same Bognor,as Luke,and i was smiling the whole night,knowing how it should sound,and knowing the next day,and forever,i can switch my kemper on,and be in Bognor heaven
    Its little things like this,knowing you are playing the same model amp as Luke,that constantly inspires me to play

    I have two of your packs now,and i will be buying more..Your efforts are much appreciated,and you have captured each amp perfectly

    MM only for bass recording here, and the only reason I've not got a Luke is 'cause I thought the L6 guitars could be used to cover all the esoteric stuff and save a whole lotta purchases. I'm talkin' dobro, jazz semi, sitar and even acoustic, so I had to get that stuff out of the way. Oh, and I had to go through 6 guitars (at least 5 years) because of QC issues!

    So, I continue to save slowly for the first Luke. Only question is, the actives or the dimarz passives. Probably doesn't matter as I'll end up with both eventually. Been my fave rock / pop guitarist since, what, 1977? Since his Boz Scaggs work on Down Two then Left, anyway - just before TOTO.

    Oh man! Bad luck, bro'... and after all your effort.

    Missed out here anyway as I added the search terms to a text file which I clear once there's a bunch of stuff to check out. Serves me right for not being "right on it" every day. I'm a fanboi but that level of attentiveness isn't possible, regrettably.

    Again, thank you for your kind efforts, caveman.

    Dude, please share 'em! Just think about how much money you'll be saving us all. I know buying the KPA sent me broke...

    One big difference you'll notice on this forum, versus TGP or the Fractal Forum, is that we are all about what works for the individual. Generally you won't find any wars here. Everyone's ears are different, and everyone's needs are different. That's why having great choices is awesome.

    Of course, these are proud KPA owners here, and many of us (me included) love to sing the praises of the Kemper's great amp tones. For the most part, we think the KPA does amp tones better, and that's why we have chosen the Kemper (often after having played both). But whatever works best for you is the right choice, and we'll all be glad for you.

    You summed it up perfectly there, Desiato! Well done mate.

    I do plan on doing some bass ones that I had which were pretty decent...

    Dude, you totally rock!

    I'm going to be relying on the KPA for all my bass work as well and so far profiles have been thin on the ground. Anything you do for bass will be pure gold for me, brah!

    Thank you ever so much, man!

    The Bass Ace wrote:
    My brother has got both the Kemper and the Axe2. He actually likes the Axe2 better (i know he's crazy)

    So... does he have a propellor sprouting out of his cap or what? LOL

    Er... have you tried turning down the amp compression (in the, well, amp section)?

    Lowering input level would obviously lessen the action of said compression, but dialling it right back or off could deliver that "Aaahhh..." moment. I think. YMMV.


    I believe the option to wrap around or not (set in sys prefs), as well as short-cuts to the end-stops when not in "wraparound" mode, would be ideal. In addition to the "section scrolling with arrows" (based on first letter of rig name) that we already have, something like the accelerated scrolling outlined below would be useful too. None of these features, as far as I can tell, will chew up much CPU grunt, if any extra at all, so the Gods of Kemper should be down with this IMHO.

    Certainly all the Roland synth modules along with many others have had options like, "hold cursor arrow button down in direction you'd like to go and press opposite-directioned button to accelerate scrolling", or, in the case of rotary dials, "press dial whilst scrolling to advance in increments of 10 patches instead of 1 at a time". This is therefore nothing new; the Roland features I mentioned have been around since at least the early '90s.

    ... Just one suggestion: you look too serious and I truly think that you should smile sometimes.

    You know, I think he's hilarious; that serious look is definitely part of what makes him funny... to me at least.

    I've only got that NAMM clip from a while back to go on when he played whilst talking, but he strikes me as a very cool, funny dude.

    John, thank you for the clip, mate!