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    For users with unpowered Kempers, would using a Camplifier amp work the same as using the Kemper on-board amp? The Camplifier being stereo is obviously a plus if one wants to use 2 Kabinets.

    Jeff was great. Saw him live in his own blues bar in Toronto, he was playing in a jazz band. He used to play guitar on one song only to switch to trumpet for the next song.. a very talented musician. such a loss...

    I tried to profile my amp a few years ago when I first got my Kemper, but I stopped after the first trial because of the crazy loud noises coming out of my cab. And my amp volume was only at 3!! I felt so sorry for my neighbours.

    Is it technically possible to profile an amp without having those super loud alien noises? I don't want direct profiles, rather studio profile with cab. I don't want to get any extra gear, like isolation box, I just wish the alien noise was quieter. Is it something that is planned for future updates, or is it not feasible at all?

    I have been impressed by many of the tones in Bert's youtubes and soundcloud examples and I'm thinking about buying some profiles during this holiday sale. One question to those that have all the packs.

    Has the Wisseloord pack replaced your need to use profiles from his older packs or do you still use them as well?


    Still use rigs from various packs. I find them relevant and excellent.

    I just received mine. The guys at Zilla were really nice to deal with.

    It's very solid and looks like a well made cab.

    The only negative now that my Kemper is not sitting on my desk anymore is the fact that I will have to move my butt from my chair to adjust rigs settings. First world problem, I know. :-)

    Yesterday I did experiment plugging the monitor out of the kemper into the front of my Twin Reverb, worked pretty well.

    I tried with CAB off with various clean profiles (Fender, Dumble) and more gainy profiles (Marshall). I liked the clean most, not so much the Marshall profiles.

    I also tried with the STACK section off, just for fx. Quite handy to have all the Kemper fx at disposal. I could get a very nice spring reverb from the Kemper, really close to the original reverb of the twin.

    I liked the old one where you'd go in a watched thread and the page would redirect where you last left off (page and paragraph) The new one gets you back to page 1 and you have to find the last post you read manually. a step back from what we had before.

    I don't have the impression these are all the same issues and waiting for a software update to fix a broken cable is not realistic.

    @lk_bill What you describe sounds like a hang of the PROFILER, which then has a disconnect of the Remote as a direct consequence. This might have nothing to do with the Ethernet cable nor the Remote itself. Is the PROFILER OS up-to-date? Is Rig Manager involved? Are you able to reproduce the issue? Please open a support ticket and supply as much information as possible ideally accompanied by a PROFILER backup.

    @tobarr2002 Is your PROFILER hanging or just the Remote disconnecting? Have you tried another short or original replacement Ethernet cable? Is your PROFILER up-to-date? Is Rig Manager involved?

    Thanks @Burkhard for your suggestion.

    It's quite time consuming to debug the issue unfortunately, since the bug is very random and could not happen at all for a long time.

    This might also involve testing multiple scenarii. ie, with remote plugged / unplugged, with RM open/shut, with usb cable connected/disconnected from my mac, and so on and so forth. I will try to do that when I have a bit more time on my hands (a bit busy with work at the moment).

    Regarding the firmware, I'm using the latest. I am one version down for RM.


    Please don't close this thread.
    I've had the issue on many occasions. Remote reboots, I can still play but can't browse or edit anything on the kemper. Rebooting fixes the issue but this is not an acceptable solution if you ask me.
    This should be addressed asap.

    I started getting a lot of interference noise lately whenever the remote cable is plugged into the ethernet port on the back of the Kemper.
    I will try another cable to rule out the current cable I'm using (stock kemper remote cable).
    I thought at first it was coming from my computer setup (I added an external drive lately, connected with an active Thunderbolt cable), but I unplugged the drive and the TB cable, the noise is still present. I also connected my headphones into the Kemper headphones input, the noise is still present. Only goes away when I unplug the cable.
    Anyone on the forum had this issue?