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    Just wondering if anyone else has this problem... I'm using Cubase 8 and the Focusrite Saffire 6i6 to record guitar/base via the Kemper (spdif). The problem is either the listening volume of what is already recorded too low or its the volume of insignal from the Kemper that to high. Yeah, I know - you will suggest me to lower the volume on the Kemper. But that's not a good idea as I have to lower it so much that the insignal gets so weak I need max the tracks in the mixer to match a descent volume of the drums.

    The Saffire 6i6 is 2nd gen so I have the "new" control software (most guides is for the old control panel), haven't been able to find a control there that lowers anything. I can of course lower the output from the spdif in the Kempers output section but that again results in a very weak insignal to the audiotracks in Cubase. So what I'm basically looking for is a way to lower the listening volume of what's being recorded without actually lowering the insignal.


    The nick is comes from a joke of the 80's, back when many metal bands had band names that refered to demons, hell, satan and stuff like that. Our drummer wanted our band to take a name like that so I jokingly suggested we'd call us "The Hellpigs". Then that became my gaming nick and when internet became public domain my internet nick. And that's the full story that I'll tell my grand children one day. :D

    Sounds great Magnus....Very cool and open tone...

    Thanks Matt!

    It's already a song, man.

    Half-way there perhaps... just wanted to get some input if someone thought it's good enough to spend some more time on.

    Thanks, Ash! It's all the SG so far... allready got a tip for a vocalist that I will contact, just gonna fix it up with a full song structure and there'll be some soloing of course.! Then it'll sound even better to a cold one! ;)

    Sounds like a Rooster Strut. Great Piece! :thumbup:

    Thank you!


    So, I got inspired when I tried out the Fried Chicken HBE pack (from Live Ready Profiles). I have used the transpose effect on the profiles to get a little bit more heavy sound. Just wanted to hear some input on the riff - should I continue to build a full song or ... any input are welcome!

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    Hi fellow Kempers,

    I do my best not to overpromote my youtube-channel in social media, but just thought I'd share this vid with you, if anyones interested. Have a great weekend (long weekend in sweden...! :))

    (Sorry, wrong title! The Reverb FX video is coming soon...!)

    @Hellpig do you think having to increase the treble may be a volume thing? I assume you're not playing at gig volume there in the recording. Do you find that true if using the profiles with a band? I generally cut the bass slightly with my tele but that's about it when playing live. I do add a bit of treble too when playing at home through my monitor speakers though.

    Well, as said it's all about personal preferences I guess but with that said - I quite often use Mbritts Belchy Bomb profile when playing/rehearsing with the band (and yes, I quite often use ONE profile for the whole session...). I have it permanently modified by some decrease in bass and some increase in treble and middle - don't have the exact numbers here right now. Then I modify it slighty more depnding on what guitar I use but I never run as it comes.

    This guy does regular reviews of commercial profiles and has just done one of the MBritt free with rig manager update

    Hey, that's me! :) Funny thing is when I restarted my channel I considered calling it That Guitar Show... go figure. :P Anyways, like those Mbritt profiles very much but I usually have to increase the treble a bit for both humbuckers and singlecoils. Guess it's all a matter of taste there.


    I quite recently got a Focusrite/Scarlett 6i6 mk2, as my old sound had no SPDIF and was going out of support. The 6i6 seems nice enough but the software is kinda driving me crazy... it's a version called Focusrite Control and most (if not all) guides are for another version with fancier graphics. So, I am obviously missing something here, eventhough I have gone through the manual at least 2 times and tried all the presets. So this is what I want to do:

    Kemper ->SPDIF into soundcard ->Computer/Cubase to record
    Cubase ->LineOutputs ->Monitors

    ...and hear what I am playing at the same time as I hear what is allready recorded previously. Now, there might be one thing that messes things up for... I read somewhere that if you have this setup in the right way, you should not have the "monitor" button in the track in Cubase activated, as you should be able to hear the sound anyways and with less latency. If that's right then I am certainly missing something, cus I either hear the guitar or I hear what is recorded.

    So anyone gotta clue? If it's easy as that I SHOULD have the monitor activated on the recorded channel then, ok. Problem fixed. Otherwise - still confused. ?(

    Hope someone has the awful Focusrite Control setup correctly and can help me... :saint:

    So, I did this video on shaping your tone, in the amplifier section. Any comments? Like did I miss something out or any tips/tricks I should have added? This isn't a tutorial, rather one way of many to a better tone. Not saying it's perfect either and thus asking... :)

    Hi there!

    So, I have a small youtube-channel, Have Guitar!, where publish my feeble videos and for some reason the topics are often Kemper-related. One viewer asked me how to setup an auto-wha in Kemper... and with my close to zero experience of that I gladly accepted that challenge. So, here's the video - it's indexed so you don't even have to sit through the whole video if you just wanna see the result! That's my first attempt and to me it sounds pretty good - let me know what think?

    Say wha-what? Auto-wha in the Kemper

    What is your current setup / signal chain?

    Try the looper "at the end". E.g. using main out or monitor out and then go from them looper to the amp/monitor. Using a small mixer could help also.

    Guitar->Kemper->Studio Monitors

    I would recommend looper after the Kemper. This way, you will not run into problems if you change profiles or turn off the loop on the Kemper.

    Guitar -> Kemper -> Main Out -> Boss RC20 -> Monitors

    If you want to try it in the loop, make sure you use the appropriate loop type, I believe it will be the mono loop of the Kemper.

    I will try that, have been away for a few days and just got back.

    For better integration of the external looper I'd recommend to put it in a loop placed in the X, Mod or Delay slot.

    That was my first try, but I believe that I connected the cables wrong - I got no sound from the RC30 -
    Guitar -> Kemper (RC30 in the FX Loop) -> Monitors

    But I guess... that a better approach would be:
    Guitar -> Kemper (RC30 in the FX Loop -> Monitors)

    ...note sure. Told you I'm a complete idiot when it comes to stuff like this... but thanks for all the answers, much appriciated! :thumbsup::thumbup:


    So, after thinking about it for a loooong time I went and got myself a looper pedal today, a Boss RC-30. Came home. Realized I have no clue on how I should connect this to my Kemper (non-powered toaster). Figured I should connect it to the Effects Loop, so I did this:

    Direct output on the Kemper to Boss Input (Instrument in)
    Return input on the Kemper to the Boss Output
    Guitar to to the Kemper front input

    Now I may very well be an idiot when it comes to connect cables but this is how I have run other pedals on the Kempers FX Loop and that has worked fine BUT... I do realize that the output on the RC30 is supposed to go directly to amp/monitors you're using. I did get sound from the kemper but it seems like the RC30 are not recording or not playing what I have recorded.

    Does anyone here care to give me a little help to set this up right? Would be much appriciated. :)