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    I'm curious if anyone has or had a Mission Gemini 2 FRFR and also the Kemper Kabinet. _- If so would you recommend making the switch to the Kabinet?

    I've had the Gemini 2 with bluetooth and active cooling.
    Pros: Great sound, it's LOUD, EmPower technology, stereo, audio interface per USB
    Cons: active cooling is bothering when playing on bedroom volume level, weight (it is f*cking heavy!), size, doesn't give you that guitar cab feeling as with the Kemper Kab or Kone
    If you are going for the Gemini 2 for home use, I totally recommend to get the Studio version which doesn't have the active cooling with a fan.

    Long story short: I decided to sell the Gemini 2 and build my own cab with a Kemper Kone and an empty 1x12 Palmer cab. It does a great job with the Kemper Imprints and I'm happy to play it at home.

    Guitar is not new but switched out the black emgs with gold emgs, added a string butler, 18 volt mod and Schaler noiseless strap locks. Looks a lot better with the gold pickups in my opinion. Love this guitar!

    I'm planning to do the same with my EC1000 but I'll go with Fishman Fluence Classic and not EMGs.

    If you like the emg, keep them. And send the fishmans to me as a christmas gift. :) A popular myth is the emg will sound the same no matter what guitar you put them in. Not true. With some guitars they sound killer and with others not so good. Just as with passive ones. I had that guitar like 7-8 years ago. Great guitar and I did regret selling it. Now I've got the ec-1000 et qm dbsb instead and I was going to swap the jb/jazz with active pickups but changed my mind. The jb in that guitar sounds killer.

    Haha nice try ;)
    The clean sound of these EMGs isn't my cup of tea. So I think I'm going to swap for the fluence anway and compare the sounds.
    The JB/jazz combo is one of my favorite passive PU combo! I also love the SH-5 Custom.

    I suggest you try the EMGs in a mix, you will find out they dont sound as good as when playing alone. I like fluence better, their modern setting sound like a mid busted emg, so I would rather have the flexibility in this case.

    Good point. Thanks for your input, I will try this and then decide what to do.

    Actually I have the fluence classic in some of my other guitars and I really dig them. However I also had a guitar with the fluence modern and I wasn't really convinced.

    Xmas is early this year... Received this beautiful LTD EC-1000 in vintage black.
    I also ordered some Fishman Flunece Classics to replace the EMGs. But after some riffing im not quite sure if I should swap them, because the guitar sounds very tight and aggressive :evil:

    I got this Yamaha TRBX 505 yesterday. It's a great bass for the price! Flawless workmanship, I previously owned this bass as a 4 string version which was a great instrument as well. So I was regretting selling this bass and I got the 5 string version now.

    Mine is due to arrive in November.... but Neural have been shocking in the communications.

    I'm in the UK, and have been charged in Euro's for the deposit.... but the balance is payable in euros or dollars. How does that work? Can I decide which currency to pay in?

    Plus, it seems like we get it the same time as retailers..... so why would I purchase direct? What benefit have I gained from pre-ordering? We were supposed to get it a month or so early.

    The Facebook groups are not especially happy places right now!


    I personally disagree. But we know how subjective tone is. I far more enjoy the sound with cab disabled off and running the profiles cab through “FR” mode. To me the imprint sounds blanketed and takes a lot of the gain away. The profile cab through the Kone has more bite to me. I play it with Kone enabled and adjust the sweetening to taste with cab disabled turned off.

    May I ask you what profiles / IR's you are using? It might vary but for me the speaker imprint sounds more consistent with the Kone than the FR mode.
    But yes this is subjective :)

    I received the Kone on monday and installed it in a 1x12 Palmer cab. So far I didn't really test all different speaker imprints. But I have to say that the V30 imprint sounds amazing with high gain profiles! It sounds much better than with profile cab in full range mode.
    I'm looking forward to discover the other imprints. Once again amazing work Kemper team! Thanks a lot.

    I'm not sure if this was already stated anywhere... Of which material is the kemper kabinet made of? And are there any leather parts on it or is it vinyl??