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    Loading / previewing rigs without USB cable and Rig Manager is a bit sad experience. Especially with Stage which stays on the floor... I totally agree that USB cable should be part of the package. Costs pennies and would improve initial experience. Unboxing new high end toy only to realize that you have to go to the store and get a cable to fully use it is a bummer.

    Only you can answer these questions ;-)

    I tried Fractal, Amplifire and while I managed to dial in sound I liked, the "feel" of these modelers was for right for me. Kemper not only sounds good to my ears but also feels right, which probably even harder to explain - this is my personal experience, and I know there are many people that feel exactly the opposite, and it is OK ;-)

    The good thing is: in a few days you'll know if Kemper is for you or not.

    It should be partially possible to achieve with built-in looper. Of course you could have just one loop - you'd still have to play solo part.

    when slot is active, long press pops up Copy&Paste menu. So possible states, when you start from inactive slot are:

    1. Short press: toggle slot on/off

    2. Long press: slot menu

    3. When in slot menu: long press activates copy&paste.

    BTW, this works in all profilers, it is not Stage-specific.

    Profiler is not that complicated. Just go over system/rig/input/output sections, page by page with Manual at hand, understanding what each option is doing and after 30 minutes you'll know profiler fairly well.

    If you still want to reset everything to factory state, you can still keep the profiles: use Rig Manager software to copy them out to your computer, perform reset, and copy profiles back. This would work, but you'll probably gain more just by devoting these 30 minutes to learning how Profiler works and adjusting it for your needs, if necessary.

    yes, profile is a snapshot of particular settings of an amp and particular cab and particular mic. That's why typically profile vendors offer packs containing many different settings (typically they vary in gain settings, cab and mic used). You can also swap some parts of profiles for another (like cab portion can be replaced with any IR).

    Hmmm, as you noticed - performance management via RM is a bit unrelible therefore Undo of such operation would be unreliable, too. At some point both Kemper and RM think their state is up to date but unfortunately this state is different on each (I filed a few months a bug report with screenshots of the mess I was able to get into in less than 60 seconds - no response so far). So I think the right course of action would be to just make performance management relible and deterministic. Undo would be a cherry on top.

    Kemper has very gracious return policy (at least in the USA) - 45 days - should be enough to check it out and see if it is your thing.

    You are right about commercial profiles - they are hit and miss. I have some packs from MBritt which I love (D-Pack for example) and some which are total disappointment to me (like Driftwood) - but it is really matter of individual taste. Fortunately there is also Rig Exchange and this forum where people are sharing their profiles and many of them are on par with commercial ones, IMHO. And don't forget about Factory Presets, which cover all the usual suspects very well.

    Yes, there will be tweaking to your liking, but typically EQ / Definition / Presence solve all issues for me (you'd do this on real amp as well).

    I also don't have any real amp and I am using just Kemper for over 4 years, and every single day is a joy. It is amazing piece of gear, gets the job done very well. I even told my wife 4 years ago that this is the last piece of gear I bought in my life. It was apparently a lie... I bought Kemper Stage as well recently. ;-)

    I'd encourage you to check Kemper out for yourself - you'll either fall in love with it or you will return it - not much risk.

    Profiling looks familiar because they most likely are using similar technic - fitting generic model to data. And model needs to "see" a veriety of data the learn. However I suspect that Kemper does it in a very smart way on slower hardware (most likely makes many well educated guesses in terms where it is _not_ worth to vary parameters while fitting) and neural probably employes machine learning fully taking advantage of modern, fast, multicore processors. My guess is they use transfer learning - they may be starting from pretrained neural network modelling generic amp and during profiling just train something small on top of it. In simpler words I suspect Kemper knows what it is doing under the hood, and Neural treats amp as a black box, automatically trained. Two different solutions but essentially same idea. I wonder if there will be any legal battle out of it because this method is patented by Kemper.

    anyway those are just my theories - may be off by miles :-)

    Yeah, it is just a matter of time (and it is shorter timeframe, rather than longer) and all modelers will have something similar to Kemper's profiling. And it will boil down to user experience, ergonomics, required features and personal preference (sound / feel won't be a deciding factor very, very soon). For sure Fractal and NeuralDSP are already able to (re)produce tone accurately, just like Kemper. Fractal still can't do this with just passive cooling. NeuralDSP - I'm not sure if it is passively cooled - anyone knows?

    Integrating profiling into NeuralDSP makes it a very interesting option - similar price point, way more effects, modeling (i.e. savings on profiles packs - we all know we spent way too much money on profiles we'll never use :-), smaller form factor - all good stuff for many (majority?) users.

    So there is QuadCortex with profiling, Fractal's FM3 dirt cheap (both are audio interfaces as well). the question is: what will Kemper do?

    (disclaimer: I'm happy Kemper user for many years and I love it, but it can't be unnoticed that it is competition that is furiously driving innovation in field of guitar preamps / processors - true, some people are not interested in more advanced features, but it is always better to have options, especially if the come for cheaper).

    I'm really looking forward to seeing what future will bring. Exciting times!

    Well done, Kemper Team! Tested today Acoustic Simulation with PRS S2 and I definitely can use it instead of guitar with piezo. It is quite noisy with PRS (passive pickups), but it is probably my guitar picking up all the high frequencies from environment which are boosted by this effect. Overall I'm happy with it.

    tubelube This is ths point of beta software: to find bugs so release version is better. Kemper is a very complex software with hundreds of parameters, many modes of opration. In such system it is very hard to test all possible combinations of changes manually, especially when team is small, and people are upgrading from arbitrary versions. And event automatically it is hard to maintain complete suite of tests for big projects, especially embedded. This software is clearly marked as beta, so problems are kind of expected. If someone wants to help that is great. Discouraging people from checking out beta versions will only make release version weaker.

    if you need to have predictable workflow - don't install beta versions! Or check it out on different unit first, if you have opportunity.

    And if you are curious what's new and want to help squashing some bugs - make backup, install beta and have fun.

    You can look at description I left here, some time ago. It shows how to control volume but similarly you could control other parameters as long as you know their CC numbers. You'll need Kemper Manual - from Download section, where you'll find all necessary #CC parameters.

    Morphing can be done by automating Expression CC#11. Wah is CC#1.