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    I only use mine in performance mode, but haven’t used the push to morph since the update. I’ll pull it out later and double check to see if mine is working correctly.

    I do remember double tapping it and have it change to another rig when I first got it, but I never dug deeper and don’t know when it stopped doing that.

    Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

    By the way: how can I set the function from double tapping to push and hold? This might be a workaround, because I never push and hold the buttons on the floor board.

    Push rig (not system) for rig settings, it's on page 5(morph), soft button 3 (it just says momentary). It can be set in both browser and/or performance mode so make sure you are in the mode you want to use.

    For the record: Fender would have a great case that the designs for nearly every high gain amp ever built was stolen from them. I mean every time we cover a published song we gotta fork over 10 percent. Shouldn't we all be forking over 10% to them. And before you ask, I'm more than happy to fork over 10% to Marshall for the parts of their design that I used.

    With that mindset. When ever you record a song, shouldn’t you be paying a percentage to Apple or Microsoft, plus Protools (or what ever software company you use), maybe your internet provider because you sent that file over their network. Let’s go full on capitalism (now you all need to pay me because it’s my idea). Sigh...

    Edited, thought this was your copyright thread.

    Huge opinions online from an infomercial, that's right an infomercial...It slices, it dices, it's a no stick, super slick do all...

    I'll save my opinions until they release a product to the masses.

    Now where is that gothem steel pan? That's right it's in the trash because it didn't work as advertised.

    Uh huh, my initial post was simply a request / question about why not offer different stomps for the pedals they’re trying to emulate instead of rolling them into one mixed pedal. Then presets wouldn’t matter and you could emulate these pedals over their entire ranges. That was exactly what I want. And half the people in this thread couldn’t find the presets anyway. But no, apparently we’re not trying to emulate things here... with a kemper...

    And apparently it’s a complete package, and everything you needed since day 1? Wow buddy, that’s great. I’m glad you’re happy. But I wouldn’t try speaking for everyone, cause if you haven’t noticed, I’m one of the people here and you don’t speak for me. Why do you have to try and tell me I’m wrong if I think there’s something I feel is amiss? Who does that help? I didn’t just get on here and say ‘oh kemper suckz you lolz’ Just say “yeah, this guy has a different idea and maybe it’s valid to want to emulate the pedals that way, I don’t need it personally, but who am I to say you shouldn’t be able to do something?”

    This is a beta release. We don’t know what the final release will look like. The beta reverbs only had a couple of the reverbs, the final release had more.

    I guess it’s a damned if you do, damned if you don’t for Kemper.

    To use Kones, you may need to flatten your Monitor Output EQ settings, if you have altered them to compensate for a guitar cabinet, and also start with Rigs that have not been EQ modified to suit your old cabinet.

    Kone = On, Monitor Cab Off = Off puts the Kone in Full Range Mode. Christoph Kemper has recommended aiming the cabinet like a monitor, toward your face, to hear it in Full Range Mode.

    Kone=On, Monitor Cab Off = On puts the Kone into Imprint Mode, and bypasses the Rig Cab module. That should give you optimum results with Studio and Merged Rigs that have not been previously EQed to compensate for a conventional cabinet.

    oncehuman- here’s a quote from Paul earlier in this thread.

    I don’t have a Kone, but it sounds like monitor cab off is FRFR mode.

    Monitor cab on is imprint mode

    I setup at practice last night, checked levels, plugged into interface so we could record, went to have a coffee and chat with the other members, all good.

    When we went to start playing, I switched to tuner on my toaster (forgot I had my fcb1010 uno4 plugged in), switched back to browser, I had anAC sim rig selected but it just sounded like a clean guitar with no processing at all. I switched to performance, same thing, straight guitar sound no effects nothing on any of my rigs. I rebooted, no change. Even when I selected tuner, it didn’t mute. I unplugged for 10 min, still won’t work. Everything on screen looked normal, just the sound wouldn’t change.
    I rebooted holding the rig button, but still no change. Of course I left my back up usb in another guitar case.
    I played the night through a spare amp we had, but It was brutal since I was worried about my baby, and wasn’t used to the amp.

    I got home late and went to bed. I should have just tried a restore last night, I would have slept better. I restored from usb this morning and when it finished it was very fizzy and thin. I thought I was going to have to get it repaired, but after rebooting again it’s working like it should.

    I haven’t tried to reproduce the problem, I’ll try to later.
    I now have the usb stuck in the back of my toaster with Velcro.

    At practice tonight (first time since updating to Rig Manager 3.0.100 and OS 7.1.19 yesterday ), I switched patches during a song and my Kemper screen (toaster) showed “crunch” , and all effects were off, Input and output lights would not light either. I switched banks and tried multiple patches all said crunch with no effects. I also switched to browser, but nothing changed.

    The strange part was that my rig sounds did switch, sort of, they sounded like the normal patch, but not right, they were louder, had more bass and distortion, less chime. They sounded bad.

    I ended up rebooting and it restarted showing crunch in the performance that started again, but this time when I changed banks and selected a new patch all went back to normal. Everything was fine for the rest of practice (2 more hours).

    No gigs in the near future, so not the end of the world, for now...

    Using a FCB1010 with uno4kemper. Not connected to a computer.

    ***(sarcasm alert)***

    Maybe Kemper should release a Pro Profiler. This profiler would be exactly the same as the normal one but be made specifically to allow others to make money off of kemper's (and amp manufacture's) design. It would cost 10x more than the regular one. Oh, even better, the Kemper ilok.<X Sorry, you're not online at the moment, you can't use that profile.

    ***(sarcasm alert off)***

    In all seriousness, Kemper did not make a product for you to make money selling profiles. That ended up being a by product of their work. You can make money selling profiles (and some have made A LOT of money), but you have the same risk as selling your own music any where, some people MAY copy and trade them.

    The real question is a profile really yours to copyright? This has already been argued on these forums though and I'm too lazy to use search and find the post for you though.