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    For home use you are much better off with studiomonitors, sounds much better then frfr units that are designed to produce very high volumes.

    Also I would not consider the powered version If you are on a budget and only play at home.

    To play the kpa through a guit cab, use the return of a combo, a 100,- poweramp pedal, a cheap 90s tube power amp, whatever works for you.

    To me, buying a powered kpa, buys you a convinience factor by having all in one unit, but there are plenty power options as good sounding out there.

    I tried an ac15...even moded it with a loop.

    Into the front was terrible.

    Into the return....doable...but nowhere near enough headroom....broke up by just looking at it.

    I wanted it to work cause of the didnt.

    I can recommend playing kpa through return of a decent combo best result so far...30w and up

    Ok so just to be 100% sure, sorry if I'm annoying you and if I'm too persistent. This is what I'm trying to do with the Kemper:

    This video shows exactly what I'd like to do even with the cab sim thing....

    You can hook up your cables like in the video.
    You can toggle your amps preamp out of the chain by disabeling the kpa effectloop in a preset...and put a kpa amp on. So it allows you to use both kpa amps, as well as your amps preamp.

    So again:
    Check If your preamp signal + cabsim represents your sound (No power amp in chain)

    consider the kpa bug:

    Kpa amp disabled
    Cabsim global disabled on the monitor out
    Cabsim on on main outs.

    In this scenario, switching cabsim off to does effect the signal to monitor out...its subttle...but it should not. If you are set on 4cm only, this would be a reason for me to consider other options.

    So if I use the Kemper as effects unit I'll have to mic the cab on stage, because there's no way to use the Kemper as effects unit and, at the same time, adding a cab sim to go to the FOH...

    you can to a degree

    When you hook it up as 4cm the signal to foh will be:

    Archon pre amp—> kpa effects—>kpa cabsim—> foh
    What is missing is the effect the power section has.
    If your sound is depending on that...its not gonna work.
    If you use the amp in a way that is within the range of the power section bet is its gonna work fine.

    You can test by recording your amp using the send of the loop into a daw...and apply an ir.

    There is no way to feed your speaker out into the kpa, and doing so include the effect your power amp has in the foh signal.

    Maybe I'm explain the #1 scenario badly, so let's make an example to make everything absolutily clear. Let's say I've the Archon on stage with the Mesa 2x12, the Kemper is the effects unit so I'm playing with the Archon and the Mesa using the Kemper for example to have a delay and rever effects. This is happeing on stage. Then I would be able to send this sound as it is to the FOH, but becouse I don't want to mic the cab on stage, I'd like to use a cab sim on the Kemper instead of the real cab that I'm using on stage, so the FOH gets the same sound but with a cab sim instead of the real cab. Is it more clear now ?

    I think you explained it very clear to begin with, and imho a perfectly good usecase for the kpa....If you plan to make use of the profiled amps in other situations.

    If you are not planning to use profiled amps at all...then you may be better of with other/cheaper units.

    Thanks for your help. Sorry but I don't understand what do you mean with "as long as you don't relay on power amp overdrive". In my #1 scenario I want to use the Archon as it is, so clean and drive channel of the amp with the Kemper used as effects unit. Then I want to play thru my cab on stange and the FHO gets the same sound but with a cab sim instead of the real cab.
    The #3 scenario is not like the #1. I want to record using only the Archon without the real cab and using the Kemper as cab sim and effects unit. So the hypothetical chain is Archon - Kemper - Audio interface.

    Of course I could profile the rig, but here's the point: I've already considered to use only the Kemper in all those situation in which I don't want/can use the real amp, so asking these questions I just want to understand if it's possible to have a hybrid setup in some situation. A hybrid setup that obviously meets my needs...

    Of course I could profile the rig, but here's the point: I've already considered to use only the Kemper in all those situation in which I don't want/can use the real amp, so asking these questions I just want to understand if it's possible to have a hybrid setup in some situation. A hybrid setup that obviously meets my needs...

    If you are pushing the power amp of the archon past its headroom to get your amp sound, so distorting your power section, the 4 cm rig is not gonna work.
    Idnk the amp..If its 30w or above your probably good.

    Scenario 3...unless I dont get it...seems the same as 1 for the foh signal. Pre amp of archon, into kpa, effects, cabsim.

    Again, its all possible, only thing to further investigate is the behaviour of the cabsims to monitor out...which is bugged when you switch off kpa amps.

    Following the specs of the kpa...this can all work...however...theres a bug in the kpa that impacts your scenario 1

    1 as long as you dont rely on power amp overdrive, hook it up as a usual 4cm, put the effectloop in 1 of the 4 effectslots “pre amp”, turn off the amp section, global setting “cab Sims off on monitor output, monitor output to amp return, main outs to foh......but.....
    I noticed a bug in the kpa, that when you disable the amp, toggling the cab Sims on/off has (very minor) effect on the monitor output. Which should not be the case when you have the cabsims disabled for that output. I never investigated further cause i never use the kpa this way. It was confirmed by 1 other forum member.

    2 no problem, switch from a preset from scenario 1, to a “regular” preset. Its actually my prefered set up, running the kpa into a return of an amp....foh gets the cabsim.
    3 same as scenario 1 right?

    Maybe consider to profile your amp for scenario 1?

    Second click on your floorboard triggers the sound to 100% morph.
    Set your lead sound on 100% morph.
    Hook the expression pedal to your gain.

    You will have gain control over the unmorphed sound, and your lead sound available at the 2nd click of a preset.

    In first I thought it had something to do with the volume pedal so that was the first thing I disconnected. Other than that I am sure the mixer did not change anything. We have been testing cables/settings for like 10 minutes. Once we restarted it worked immediately. Could it be to do anything with the volume pedal?

    If im correct, disconnecting a volume pedal leaves the kpa with the last value it has recieved from that pedal.
    So If the cause was there...disconnecting it would not have fixed it.

    Maybe others can im not 100% sure.

    I don't have the Kemper Remote im using a Helix to do the switching on the Kemper. Can I setup the Kemper itself to go to an ummorphed state when calling a Rig ?

    Like paults already mentioned you can use the Volume Pedal as expression pedal too using an TRS Y-cable.
    But this is just barely usable and may depend on the internal poti.

    Can u setup the helix to send cc on program select?

    What I do (also no remote). Sending cc50 to select slot one of a performance, gets you the unmorphed state. Pushing it again, resends the cc50, which sets the profile to 100% morphed state.
    (Cc51 for slot 2, cc52 for slot head...check the manual ;))
    Probably you need to disconnected the exp pedal, else the kpa might recieve data to set different morph status.

    I also have one guitar that doesnt respond well to the kpa.
    Its an excellent great on amps..but on the kpa it sounds like there is an impedance issue.
    Kinda dull, roling down volume eats more then usual amount of treble.
    It has active electronics, but even with those switched off it occurs.

    Are there any known impedance requirements / issues with kpa?

    Behringer fcb +, cheap...but bulky

    Microdesignum, affordable, small, lots of control.....hassle to program.

    Boss, small, lots of control, also does eff/ampswitch/loop for traditional rigs, easy switch to stompbox mode.....hassle to program, expensive If u only need a controler, only 4 preset switches per bank

    With me the ms3 stuck cause it gives me a small board that fits the kpa bag, with 3 expression and 2 drive pedals I can also use 4cm or straight into a traditional amp.

    If im correct you can also switch up and down with 2 controler switches right?

    If you dont have the requirement of carrying your sounds to gigs or recording consider sgear.
    That one at least sound and feels good....where the other usual suspects I tried are pretty bad imho.

    To me one of the buying reasons for kpa was that I can carry all my sounds for different applications, gig through pa, gig with amp, recording anywhere. If you dont need that....million other ways to go ;)

    Its all taste...but id never consider another modeler, they just dont feel and sound right to me.

    What I would consider besides sgear:

    Amp with a mic...that Offcourse works, but loud, hassle to set up.
    Cheap mooer pre amp (those sound not half bad) with some pedals in front. Budget friendly, user friendly, sounds decent....but...that gives you 1 amp type.
    2 channel combo / pre amp where u feed the send of the loop in your ir loaded daw, or into a hardware ir...that option also gives you something to play with when you dont record. ;)

    Anyway...good luck deciding. For any application kpa has been the most userfriendly and versatile solution....but there are other ways to record a track ;)