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    I didn't even download the free sample for the new Recto, because I didn't need to. I just went straight to the store an bought the pack. Awesome job on this one! So many great tones for rock, punk, and metal. I definitely got my money's worth out of your other Recto packs and this one will definitely be the same. I know you go all out with the number of profiles, but didn't expect Group 1 to have 86 profiles. I needed something to motivate me after months of barely touching my guitar. Thanks!

    dB Cooper Your experience with the high gain tones is disappointing, although the EVH demo already I heard was quite good. I guess capture will cover most things if there's a question over the modelling side.

    I don't really consider the big screen access on any modeller to be anything more than a pretty display with editors available. Kemper was always the easiest to make adjustments from the front panel, although who makes in depth edits at a show.

    Does anyone have a list of all the IR lengths supported on each Modelling platform?

    I agree with you. To each his own, but I cannot imagine not having the physical buttons and switches on the Kemper, playing live. I have my performance rigs set at stage volume, so I don't do a lot of tweaking, but it is so nice to just be able to turn a knob, when necessary, than paging through 20 pages of options, to adjust something simple. Kemper definitely nailed it with their physical interface.

    my Powerhead and 4x12 setup for many, many gigs says otherwise - are you guys not playing loud enough? :)

    Not playing loud enough or not auditioning profiles at stage volume seems to be the cause of a lot of problems. I miss being able to play that loud. Maybe later this year! :)

    What settings you guys have for the micro pitch to get that CC deville sound

    I've messed around with chorus and micro pitch on it, both before and after the amp, but I'm sure my settings aren't even close to the real CC sound. I'd really like to hear from some people who know what they are doing with effects (that's definitely not me, haha), to see what they are using.

    Hello everybody, as of today I'm a proud Kemper user. I've bought mine second handed from a guy that had more than 1000 profiles on the KPA.

    Didn't know where to start! Since most of the profiles sounded like shit, I deleted everything from the KPA.

    Can you guys recommend some nice 'starter packs'? Just found the JM on Tone Junkie and that sounds amazing! So I know there is potential in this!! :D

    I wanna get the most out of this thing.

    Start with the free Rig Packs. You'll get an idea of which profilers you like that way.

    I'm well beyond the looking cool years or the caring about looking cool years (not that I ever really cared about looking cool or ever looked cool). I wear my band shirts and music gear shirts because I like them. Everyone else can get off my lawn =)

    Also, the choice of profiles you use for live use can sometimes be very different than the ones you want to use at home, for recording, etc. You really need to find the profiles that sound good at FOH, before you worry about eqs, tweaks, etc. If you have a laptop with Rig Manager on it, and a way to audition your profiles at stage volume, that is a good starting point.

    I set my FOH sound at stage volume. At stage volume is very important, because if it sounds good at bedroom volume, it is going to sound awful FOH. After getting FOH how I like it, I have some control over my monitor volume, because I send mains to FOH and Monitor to my monitor cab. I use the output block to adjust the monitor to my liking. What is going to FOH is much more important than my monitor, though, so the main setup is to make FOH sound good and then get monitor as good as I can after setting main.

    Curiosity question...

    How important is knowing what amp is being profiled? Is it vital to know what amp is making the sound you are hearing or is just hearing a great sound enough? I mean, most profilers already change the names so as not to infringe on copyrights. Is it just in the "knowing" the amp brand/model or do you just listen to the tone with no care about what amp it is?

    It probably shouldn't be important, but I know a lot of people, myself included, "hear with their eyes" as well as their ears. I'd sure I'd be fine using the performances from your last couple packs without knowing what they are, but I still like to know. I really like the write ups you do about the amps that you include in your packs, as well.

    New to the acoustic sim, I'm finding it unusable without employing a LP filter and noise gate.

    Theres some extreme HF content which i appreciate adds that “air” to simulate an pseudo-acoustic tone.

    So far requiring;

    noise gate—> LPF—> acoustic sim—>EQ—> compressor

    Still early days and new to this effect. Not sure whether to use a profile of a studio-strip or no amp at all to tame the tone.

    I haven't tried anything in the stack block. If you find something there that helps, please let us know.