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    Anyone know if ToneJunkieTV has an account on this forum? I submitted a web form on his site and also followed up with an email, about a week ago. I still haven't heard anything back. He has always been really good about replying to people and dealing with issues very quickly, usually within a few hours, in the past. I'm guessing the emails are going to spam or something, because he's always been so good to deal with, so I'm looking for another way to get in touch with him.

    The vertical banding is what was really freaking me out. That and the left side being darker than the right right.

    I went to do some contrast adjustments, to get some additional pictures of how that affected the display. I did not realize you can take the contrast over 100. I took it up to 150 and everything looks normal. There is no banding and the color is consistent across the screen.

    I still have no idea how it got changed though. No one touches my Kemper but me and I don't re call ever messing with the display settings before yesterday. Really, the only thing I typically do in the system setting is checking the version to compare it with firmware release versions.

    I'm going to keep an eye on things, but hopefully everything is good. Anyone know if it is normal to have color banding or having one side darker than the other when turning down the contrast?

    I'm wondering if some sort of condensation did that. Do you live in high humidity area? I do have a LCD calculator that must be 30 years old and the screen still looks new. :/

    Thanks for the suggestion, but I don't think that is it in my case. I either run humidifiers or dehumidifiers to keep my humidity around 50%. I don't keep any of my gear in garages or cars for any longer than it takes to go from home to practice/gigs. My gigs are almost all indoors at bars, and haven't had an outdoor one in months. I always transport it in a padded case and it's never been dropped or mistreated. I have an HD500x, a Helix, and dozens of electronic devices, many 10+ years old with no screen issues.

    Last night, at band practice, when I turned my Kemper on the screen looked strange. The left side of the screen was darker than the right side. There was some vertical banding in the display. I messed with the display settings, but never did get it looking right. Today, I noticed that the tuner screen looks pretty normal. When I change to browser it looks ok for a half second and then the black fades to much lighter. The System pages look really bad, with the left side much darker than the right side.

    I bought this in 06/14/2017, so I'm also wondering if an unrelated issue is that the battery needs changed. I saw a strange error a few weeks ago that I thought was related to the battery, but I didn't get a picture of the error. If I need to get the screen replaced it would probably be best to have the battery replaced as well.

    I created a support ticket, but in the mean time, anyone seen this before and know approximately how much it costs/how long it takes to repair, being in the USA? Thanks.

    Thanks everyone. I guess I phrased the original post in a very unclear way. I was trying to create a local library folder with the downloaded Rig Packs in it. That way, I can mess with them and save them as I changed them. I was actually copying the rigs from the extracted zip file, and not trying to load any of them into my Kemper.

    I then tried to update Rig Manager. I did not have "Include Beta Test Releases" checked in the settings, so I was surprised to see the beta version load up, after rebooting my computer. I did not want the beta version, and it was not compatible with my Kemper OS ( I uninstalled the beta version, and reinstalled my previous version. Rebooted again. When I opened Rig Manager, all of the profiles were now present in the folder I had tried to copy them into.

    Thanks for all the suggestions everyone. Should be good now.

    No problem. I appreciate your input as well. I ordered one of those pouches, yesterday. Even if I end up keeping it in my pocket, it will protect it in case it falls. That clip seems pretty sturdy though. I hadn't even considered putting it on the strap, until I saw the comments in this thread. I use the Schallers as well, and use WD-40 Specialist Dry Lube With PFTE, so they go on and off rather easily. I may end up practicing guitar swaps with the same strap, rather than just swapping guitars.

    I use a Telecaster for about 60% my songs and a Les Paul style guitar for about 40%. We usually play requests, so it really depends on what requests we are getting in as to how often I swap. Usually every couple of songs, max, though.

    Place we played yesterday was too crowded to do a good range check prior to playing, and I didn't even think about afterwards. I put the transmitter in my back pocket, and it seemed to work better there. Everything sounded fine and I didn't have a single cut out (second straight gig and two practices, without a single cutout). I got the rechargeable Sennheiser battery pack/charger combo, and used it for the first time, yesterday. Yes, $150 will buy a lot of AA batteries, but I like how long these last, and the peace of mind of having two batteries and AAs for backups. I'm pretty sure it was still showing full charge after sound check and a little over three hours of the gig.

    In always do the auto scan and sync, but thanks for the suggestion. I saw a video of a German dude who was a ridiculous range away from it and it still worked. Curious to see if I can get far enough away to soundcheck this Saturday. I don't play very far away, because of the delay, as JEverly stated, but I like to be able to check the balance from where the crowd hears things. I'm also wondering if I need to do something different with the transmitter. I had it on my belt with a shirt covering it. Wondering if I put it in my back pocket if that may help.

    You can't really get too far away from the band while playing anyway. You will get just enough delay that you will start playing out of time. I did that one time many years ago and realized that I didn't need to be that far away anyway. Most guitar players just want to be able to move around and not have to tend to a cable or step on cables and possibly go off stage for short interactions with the crowd. I never had a need for anything beyond that.

    I don't play big places, so there is no "going out into the crowd", other than sound check. I really just have a wireless so I don't trip over the cable. Still surprised at a few things with the EW-D compared to the G10S, though.

    ST, what kind of range are you getting with your EW-D? I tested mine yesterday, at practice, and could only get about 20 yards away, with line of sight -- much less than I expected. Only time I really get decently far from my gear is to sound check, but I was still expecting better range. Once again, my cheap Line 6 G10S surpassed the EW-D. I just can't live with the 2.4 GHZ interference cutouts on the G10S. I couldn't notice latency with either unit, but the cutouts with the G10S are pretty bad in some places. I'm very surprised the G10S sounds better than the EW-D, and has better range though. I wouldn't have guessed that in a million years.

    I've used it at one gig and one practice, so far. Using it at another gig this Saturday. I usually use shorter cables, so it doesn't mess with my signal too much. I think I was using the same settings as you, yesterday, and it sounded pretty good. I still think the Line 6 sounds more full to me, and closer to what my normal cable gives me. I think the new strings on my Telecaster are going to cause me more of a problem than the EW-D, though, if I don't get a little time to break them in.

    Only other issue I had was with the app not being able to connect to the base unit. I had to do a full reset on everything. That only happened once, and hasn't happened since. Good news is, it put to rest one of my initial fears -- what happens if you can't use the app. Happened at the first gig I used it at. Took about 5 seconds to have everything set up using the buttons.