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    Happen to pass through Nashville during a CMA Fest. Very happening downtown. All sorts of interesting. :)


    That's what I'm hoping for. Don't really have much of an agenda, other than a few standards. I really just want to check out the local honky tonks, eat some good food, get some drinks, and relax.

    Been listening to more of this band, since seeing them, twice, last week. Such amazing talent! Their singer may be the best singer I've ever heard, and it was awesome seeing such a talented guitarist rocking the Kemper, on stage.

    I bought this one one when first came out, but just had a chance to give it a try. There are plenty of great sounds for punk and hard rock in this pack. There were also a few really nice cleans included.

    Here's a quick clip messing around with a few of these profiles. LRS Mars 2500 OV30 10 to the left and LRS Mars 2500 OV30 37 to the right.

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    Are you planning on profiling this when any other speakers?

    I saw Jasmine Cain for the first time, last night. I noticed their guitar player had a Kemper, on stage. I'm not sure if their guitarist is using his own profiles or commercial ones, but they sounded GREAT! I'm probably the only person in the whole place who had a clue he wasn't using a traditional guitar amp, but it sounded perfect.

    I was highly impressed with the skill of every member of this band. The singer had such a powerful voice and great charisma, the guitarist was melting the strings off the guitar, and the drummer was excellent, as well. Extremely talented musicians, who put on one hell of a show!

    Definitely check Jasmine Cain out, if you get a chance.

    Jasmine Cain

    Jasmine Cain

    $15 is the most I will usually pay for profiles of a single amp, regardless of how many profiles are in it. There are some people who give you an absurdly high number of profiles, and if it's an amp I really like, I will very occasionally pay more. If others want to pay more, that's fine. It's their money. If people want to charge more, that's fine as well. There are plenty of people who will pay more.

    I will pay more for a pack that includes multiple amps. I like having separate humbucker and single coil profiles, but it doesn't look like most people do that. Definitely more convenient to me. I think that 50 cents per profile is the magic number for me, but you should charge whatever you think will a) bring in the most revenue and b) fairly compensate you for your time and effort. Also, people love to get something "on sale", even if that was the price you intended, up front.

    These are sounding really good with my JB split. Still haven't had a chance to test them with any other guitars, but I am really liking them with my Schecter C1 Classic. I like how you can go from just a little hair to pretty raunchy, by digging in. I put a compressor before the amp block, on a lot of them, and it seems to really be bringing out the tone, as well.

    I also spent a long time on LRS Mtchbx L2 H30 07 with the humbucker, too. Such a nice, full sound!

    Nice job on this pack!

    I really like DR RevG 2 MV30 05 and LRS DR RevG 2 MV30 06 really well, but there are plenty of great sounds in this update. I'm not a big fan of playing with fuzz tones, but there are a few really ones ones, with the Big Muff, for Doom or Stoner metal in this pack too.

    Well, the end of the saga is that Chris Duncan was right. I should have just made the time to call.

    My rep finally got back to me. The guitar I liked the looks of the best, that my rep liked the sound of the best had been sold. Zach found one that sounded really good, but had a really mismatched top. I didn't like the looks of any of the remaining ones they had.

    Zach was really awesome though, so thanks for the recommendation. I'm going to give my guy one more shot (and call, like you said). If there are any more issues, I'm going to try to switch to Zach, because he seems really great to work with.

    It's pretty difficult for me to be on the phone during normal business hours. If I go to where I can make a phone call, and the person I'm calling isn't there, it is even worse, because I wasted about fifteen minutes. Do that a few times in a day, and now you're staying at work for an extra hour. I know... First world problems...

    After that, I'm usually either playing guitar or at the gym -- once again, making it difficult for me to be on the phone. I know everyone's different, but I prefer to do as much communication as possible electronically.

    You are probably right. That probably gets me worse results then by using the phone, but it's more convenient for me.

    Anyway, Zach is supposed to be checking these out for me, today. The original guy finally got back to me -- I'm not sure if me emailing Zach prompted this -- but without giving me a price. I'll see what kind of info Zach comes back. If not, I may give my "new" rep another chance.

    I understand they are busy, too, and in no way think my time is more valuable than theirs, but if you can't do something in a reasonable amount of time, just tell me, and I'll be fine with it. If you simply don't want to do something, let me know, and I'll be fine with it.

    Anyway, thanks again, for the help.

    I emailed him, Chris Duncan , and mentioned you. The context is that, about a month ago I bought a guitar from Sweetwater -- not a super impressive purchase, around $1,000. The guitar arrived damaged, even though I bought a case with it, and it was shipped in the case, boxed, and well packed. There was no damage the the box or case, but some of the frets were gouged, from what had to be a very hard impact to that specific part of the neck. It needs a fret leveling too, but other than the gouges, the frets weren't as bad as I had initially thought. There is no way the guitar was properly inspected, prior to being shipped.

    There was only one of those in stock, and I was getting a lot of foot dragging and slow responses. I don't spend $50,000 a year, at Sweetwater, and don't expect to be treated like royalty, but I was pretty upset at the state my guitar came in, and more upset at the way they handled it. I sent many very detailed pictures, showing the damage. I was told there was no way it could have left the store like that, and it was damaged in shipping.

    They offered to exchange it (without checking if they had any more, which they didn't), but the whole thing drug out for about a week. I ended up keeping the guitar and paying to have it fixed, myself.

    After that, I switched reps to one my friend was really happy with. I asked him to check out the Yamaha A5Rs they had in stock -- not wanting a similar experience to my last one. Had my new rep told me he didn't want to spend his time doing so, I would have been fine with the response, as that isn't something other retailers would do, either. However, as he indicted he would, and then stopped returning my emails, I am kinda irritated -- especially with my other recent issue with Sweetwater.

    I live about two hours from music stores with a decent selection of mid-range gear, and hate playing the online roulette or ordering boxes that haven't even been opened. I thought that the whole sales rep thing with Sweetwater was worth the higher prices than other online retailers. I'm pretty close to being done with Sweetwater, at this point. Hopefully your rep works out. Thanks again.

    I am currently looking for a Yamaha A5R. Anyone have a Sweetwater rep they think would check out what they have in stock, to see which one seems to play and sound the best? I know that is subjective, but some guitars sound dead and some don't. Some have major issues and some don't. My last experience with Sweetwater wasn't very good, but they have four of what I am looking for in stock, and I can't find any locally.

    Also, if anyone has an A5R or A3R (the newer ones, with the simplified controls), and don't mind sharing your thoughts, I'd appreciate any info. Thanks!

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