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    Glad to have been of help Patrick :)

    Check that the one you choose has got an as spread base as possible. The distance between feet on mine is about 80 cm, making for a very good stability.

    Also, check that the minimum and maximum height are in the range you need. I like mine at eye's height :)

    Thanks for the additional info. I ended up going with an aluminum one, for weight, but it looks like it has a wide enough base to where it won't tip over. Otherwise, it will serve its purpose in my living room.

    I was wondering the same thing, and found this thread. Normally I just put the toaster on my cab, but I was interested in a solution for smaller, more cramped areas, where I could just run straight to the PA. Fortunately, I haven't ran into a situation where I couldn't bring my cab, but it would be nice to find a good, easily portable solution for this. Right now, I think it may either be the folding chair, a folding dinner tray, or a keyboard stand. Haven't tried any of the above, yet, though.

    I upgraded to the latest OS and Rig Manager. and I did not lose any rigs or performances. This update did take significantly longer than I am used to. It seems like it sat at Building Rig Cache, or something similar, for a long time. If anyone thinks it is stuck there, it isn't. Just give it a little time.

    It looks like the issue still exists where navigating up or down performance banks is sometimes skipping performances (e.g. going from 10 to 12 or 9 to 7). This is definitely happening with the buttons on the Kemper, and I am pretty sure it happened a few times using a MIDI footswitch on Friday night, but I'm not 100% certain. Kemper support is aware of the issue, so hopefully it will be fixed soon.

    lonestargtr I got a new Telecaster, after almost exclusively playing humbucker guitars for years. Having no idea where to start, I figured I'd check out your Grab and Go performances. Those are great and saved me a boatload of time over starting from scratch!

    I also had a question. Were you planning on using any the new reverbs in a future pack? On one hand, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it", but I would like to hear your take on some of the new reverb settings. I trust your ear better than mine =)

    I'm doubting the tremolo had anything to do with it. I was told why the parameters were behaving differently (tap tempo changes them). I had never used that effect before, on this unit.

    I will try to update the Editor to the latest version, and see if I can reproduce the issue, as soon as possible. I do not want to update the Profiler OS until either the issue with deleting rigs/performances is gone or it at least produces a log of what it deleted. The log could be dumped to a text file on the Kemper, so at least I'd know what I needed to put back onto the Kemper. It also seems odd that the software would corrupt to performance multiple times. I was about to reproduce the problem several times in a row, after deleting the problem performance. I will let Kemper know if I can reproduce it with a new version.

    Update: I didn't realize I'd have to update from to use the newest Rig Manager. I'm going to leave everything as is, until at least Saturday. I play out Friday night, and probably won't have enough time to troubleshoot until the weekend.

    Has anyone confirmed that rolling back to the non-beta OS and then restoring the backup will actually get all of the deleted rigs back?

    Can I please get a favor, from the community? Can one person with a beta OS installed and one person with a recent release level OS please look at the tremolo control and let me know if the rate parameters looks like:

    1) A value between 0 and 10

    2) Something like _ _ ( _ ) _ 1/16dot

    I am thinking this has changed between version, but I have an absolutely terrible memory. Thanks for the help

    I'll have to do a little more troubleshooting and get my pictures together and open a ticket, but I had some odd behavior this afternoon. I was trying to set up a few performances, and kept getting the green screen of death. I was trying to put a specific profile in a slot ( TownCar Cln 2 Trem ) . When I adjusted the tremolo, it had the rate between 0 and 10 and depth between 0 and 10 parameters. After having to recreate the performance several times, I gave up and selected a different profile. When I went to add a tremolo block in the mod slot, I noticed this tremolo had different rate controls. The rate looked something like what you would set a delay to with a tap tempo. There was no way to turn off tap tempo. I want to test this again, but think it may be related.

    Amen to this, 1000%. I don't make my living from my Kemper, so I'm happy to test it out and provide them with input. I wish I had more time to test it out, to help out more, but I appreciate them offering the opportunity to either go with the stable version or the beta version.

    Yeah .. i couldnt wait any longer. I was weak. I disgust myself.

    Now im gonna go drown my sorrow in juicy tone goodness.

    Just think about how many hours of enjoyment you will get out of the profiles, compared to a movie, dinner, or night at the bar. The profiles are cheap, by comparison, per hour of enjoyment.

    Mike sometimes has specials for holidays, black friday, etc.

    Sounds like the cab is off for monitor out. You can check this in the output menu, there's a tick box for cab on/off for monitor out.

    Thanks for the reply. I ended up just running my cab and FOH on the mains. I checked everything yesterday, and cab was on. My FRFR (XiTone MBritt) has two inputs. I tried the other input with a 1/4 cable, and everything sounded fine. I didn't see any buttons to change the problematic input from line to mic level. Maybe it is fixed to one that didn't work for the Kemper. It was definitely nothing with the Kemper, though. I do appreciate your assistance.