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    stratdude, thanks for the input. Distinction between amp's from a speaker in a space is what I'm shooting for. It seems the Kone is capable of accomplishing this from your reply as well as comments I've read in other threads, just looking for positive reinforcement of the concept I guess before moving forward. There are some YouTube videos out there and they are somewhat helpful, but they can never take the place of an individual's experience in a live setting, and that's where this forum helps fill in the blanks.

    I've never even considered looking at an amp that wasn't listed in the category of "guitar power amp", I need to look a little further at options available in sound reinforcement, thanks for the suggestion.

    Finally, thanks for chiming in. I have a non powered Kemper rack. I'm looking to pick up a rack mount power amp to go with it, would love to go stereo later on just for my own enjoyment. The SD Powerstage 700 looks to be a solid choice but I'm trying to gather more info on the Palmer PMACHT402, almost half the price but I've found very little info on it here in the states.

    I like moving around between rigs, a blackface here, an ac there etc... What I'd like to accomplish is a setup that allows the character of different amps to come through. My setup now colors every rig with a similar eq curve (regular guitar speaker), it's not a bad sound but it doesn't allow much distinction between different amp types. I gather from reading threads here on the forum and YouTube demos the Kone does pretty well, but most people discuss the imprints at least from what I've seen more than the Kone in frfr mode. I'm hoping someone has had experience with both speakers and might give their opinion on using either of them in this manner.

    I've been considering a Kone as of late to load in an open back cab as well as one other speaker. I haven't played outside the house in years but I have been invited to dabble a bit in live situations, smaller places where you just turn up a bit to be heard, no running direct into PA.

    After 3 1/2 years of owning a Kemper I still just plug into the effects loop input of a solid state amp here at home, not the best solution but still sounds pretty good but I need to get a better solution. I've tried it through my EV zlx12p speakers but didn't care for that setup. I use the Kemper as a combo amp, haven't done any recording in years, but I enjoy it more than any amp I've owned over the last 30 years.

    I want to improve my setup for live use but I'm wrestling with myself over two options to pursue, keeping in mind what speaker I'm playing through will be what others hear also.


    1. Open back cab with a Kone (not sure I'm interested in imprint mode to be honest, I don't tweak rigs much, just find one I like and go). So wondering how well it sounds in the frfr mode to the listener.

    2. Open back cab with an Eminence Legend Em12. I noticed these were being used in the Valvetrain Powertrain Stage 50, Mbritt and HW did a short demo last year on these and gave it a decent review. I'm assuming I might have similar results with a decent class d amp.

    I really just want to get out and play some again, but using a speaker that can let the character of different amp rigs come through would be the fantastic.

    Any input that might help me make a decision between the two would be greatly appreciated, I rarely post on the forum but it has been an invaluable information source which has helped me tremendously.

    I've been using the same amp for the same purpose you are planning with an unpowered Kemper rack for almost three years. I've never changed the monitor output gain from the factory setting. Personal preference for me at least in browse mode, clean and distortion sense set at zero, pure cabinet off or zero, haven't looked at it in quite some time and can't remember what it actually says. I've tried several thousand rigs off the exchange, some sound really good, some don't.

    The speaker in the Fender adds a little mid range honk to most rigs that might not be so prevalent through other monitoring options. I have some EV zlx12 speakers that I've tried and headphones but it just isn't my cup of tea, they are probably a closer representation of the amp profile but my brain just doesn't seem to be able to come to terms with such a radical departure from a guitar speaker lol! I'm anxiously waiting for feedback from others once the Kone is released out into the wild....

    Ruefus, I'd say 90% of the suggested units that are ready to go (whether Seymour Duncan, Orange, ISP and others not mentioned) would be astronomically better than what I'm currently using, I doubt I'd be disappointed by any of them with a passive cab.

    The power modules peak my interest due to my desire of building a powered cab, but my lack of knowledge of all the electrical components needed to get a working product may be a major pitfall. There's a lot of information out there but it seems geared more to a person with a substantial knowledge base with some degree of electrical engineering. I'll have to do a lot of research and reading to wrap my mind around it, if that's even a possibility. A basic step by step guide may exist for someone like myself but I've not seen one yet though I am early on in the search.

    skoczy, I've looked at the Seymour Duncan 170 before but was not aware of the Orange Baby Pedal. Went to read up on both a little more and ran across this, the ISP Technologies Stealth 180.

    2 channels each rated 80 watts @ 4ohms class A/B power, comes with rack ears and weight is 1.2 lbs. Might not be enough power for some but I believe it would be more than adequate for me, plus the opportunity to add a second cab later for stereo which I would love to do just for my own entertainment at home!

    I like the Orange also but not sure on the ohm rating compatibility with the 4ohm Kone. Shows single channel with one out at 8ohms, one out at 16ohms or both outs at 16ohms.

    Thank you for the info, becoming more aware of the options available will help me make a better decision when the time comes. Kind of follows the standard rule of thumb when I worked in my own shop and for others, "Measure twice and cut once, don't waste materials". If I can apply that logic to this scenario that would be fantastic, "Gather all available product information, buy once, don't waste money". But I know from past experience the gear bug just won't let that come to pass?

    paults and Ruefus, thank you for the link and info on icepower, I really appreciate it. Now here's the sad truth, I purchased 4 or 5 compression drivers from parts express last year while working on pa systems, in fact I've bought from them for years but never once paid any attention to the audio amplifiers, always on a mission for something particular and didn't browse around. Unless the 200AS1 model becomes available here in the next few months it looks like the 200ASC would be a good choice to try. Thanks again for the information.

    After 2 1/2 years of owning the Kemper rack I am, as are many others on the forum, eagerly awaiting the Kone. I've tried several solutions for monitoring the Kemper but all fall a little short of my expectations, still looking for a more traditional amp in the room experience, which may never actually come to fruition. But if by chance the Kone opens that door to in the room bliss, or even a little close to it, I was entertaining the idea of building my own cabinets.

    My Kemper still sits in the same spot from the day I took it out of it's shipping box on a table, no updates, just grabbed a few rigs off the exchange. I'm ready to start playing outside the house again after many, many years of nearly being a recluse. Not gigging, no plugging into a PA, just sitting in with others at very small places, everyone else uses small combo amps (really small), not much output volume needed.

    I've considered selling the Kemper and going with a small combo lately but I made the change from small combo to Kemper 2 1/2 years ago and I've not even tapped into the power of the Kemper yet, I still just plug and play without exploring it's potential. Breaking down and getting the foot controller would probably make everyday like Christmas for the foreseeable future for me lol! That's where I'm at in the never ending tone chase that so tortures the average, everyday for 35+ years player. So I believe I'll stick it out with Kemper and see what develops in the next few years.

    I read the forum often but don't post, you all are very good with helping others and if I have a question the answer generally lies in a post already. I've gotten to somewhat know a lot of you through your posts but I've remained a ghost here for the most part so please forgive the long introduction in this post before actually getting to the subject matter in the header, but I felt I should at least open up a little and not be a complete stranger to the forum before asking for advice.

    So to the subject, I was a custom cabinet builder for 20 years but I'm no longer active in that occupation. I have been toying for some time now with the idea of building a head for my Kemper and a 1-12 cabinet so I can leave the house to play, with the release of the Kone that will be something I will pursue. There are quite a few options for tolex covered racks and cabs available here in the states but I want to make mine from a wood species and finish it. One item that eludes me and I could use some advice on is the power section, I want to build a powered cab but don't know what to look at as far as something that can be integrated into the cab itself for power. If someone could point me in a direction of whats available here in the states I would really appreciate it. The only other option I see would be a rack mounted power amp built into the head with the Kemper and the cab passive, but I'd prefer a powered cab solution. If I were to add something to the head it would be a space in the bottom to store the foot controller.

    Thanks for the input. I found today the EV's sound better when the source is from my mixer and not direct, whether it's the Kemper, media player etc.... which kinda defeats the grab and go aspect I was hoping for.
    Since I've had decent sound from the Fender I may take some time later this summer and build a 1-12 speaker cabinet for a coaxial speaker, might just be the ticket ^^

    Needed some pa speakers for an event a couple of weeks ago and have few coming up during this year so I picked up a pair of EV ZLX 12P that were on sale. Used them before on an install I did a couple of years ago and they are more than adequate for my needs.
    I was hopeful they could pull double duty for my Kemper but I didn't care for the sound, very fizzy on a lot of the rigs, some sounded ok but not near as good as what I have been using for the past year (straight into the effects return on a Fender Mustang III).
    I tried every combination of settings the EV's have to offer but they just didn't cut it for the Kemper.
    I would like to upgrade from the Fender someday but I'm hesitant about a pa speaker solution, I've not had an opportunity to try any other brand of pa speaker but see many on this forum having success with a few, most notably yamaha.
    Has anyone had a chance to compare the EV side by side with another brand and if so are they vastly different in sound (between a more realistic amp sound and the fizzy tones I experienced)
    I need to find a place that I can try out multiple options, there just aren't any within a 3-4 hour drive from my location that I am aware of, any advice from those on this forum who have had an opportunity to compare similar products would be greatly appreciated.

    Burkhard, thank you for the explanation of the numbers representing an assigned midi program change.
    What was happening was when using the left - right rig navigation buttons it was only scrolling through the rigs with assigned midi numbers (all remained available and loaded when using browser knob).
    I'm sure it's user error on my part, I've had so much fun playing I haven't taken any time to learn more about the unit, I just happened to notice some rigs were not showing up while using rig navigation buttons.
    I shut the unit down a couple of times and booted back up with no results, so I went to system - factory rigs - import all factory rigs. Even after import all factory rigs nothing changed initially so I shut the unit down. I turned it on this afternoon and all is back to normal.
    Thank you for taking the time to help, it is much appreciated.

    Have had the Kemper for a few weeks now, after initial setup I've been able to use the Rig Navigation buttons to go through presets. Haven't done much exploring outside of that, go to the next preset and play for a while.
    Looked at the manual and found by pressing and holding the Rig button I could save a rig to favourites, so I started over at #1 and began saving a few that stood out for me.
    I had 240 some presets originally and they are still there but now I must access them with the browse knob, if I use the navigation buttons it only shows 128. When using the browse knob I'll choose #180, but when loaded it will be a number in the nineties.
    I'm on All Rigs and By Name. I had worked my way up to 140 before I started over and began saving favorites.
    Any ideas where I may have fouled up a setting, thinking of going back to out of the box state if possible and reloading the latest updates again. Been reading posts, just not seeing a similar occurrence, may not be using correct wording when doing a search.

    Thanks for the welcome to the forum!
    Very pleased with this purchase, haven't had the desire to just sit and play for several years and right now I'm stoked every time I walk into the house knowing I get to play!
    Will be awhile before I dive into the Kempers capabilities, just pull up a rig and play for a couple of hours, have only scrolled through a portion of the presets so far.
    I'm so impressed with the tone I'm getting through the Mustang (bypassing the front end, just using the power amp and speaker) I cant imagine what the Kemper sounds like through a better amplification system.
    Will be doing a lot more reading on the forum in the future, doubt I'll be able to contribute anything of any value here for quite sometime other than sheer giggles every time I pluck a string, and that's pretty much lost in translation in written form :D

    Hello all!
    Been looking to buy an amp for sometime. 34 years of playing and have never purchased what most would consider a decent amp, but I've had fun none the less.
    On Fathers Day the store I usually buy from had a sell and I was ready to pull the trigger on a Mesa Boogie Mark V35, same price as the Kemper Rack. Called my sells rep and he recommended the Kemper or Helix (company 10% off sell didnt apply to mesa boogie).
    No Kemper products were in stock, almost went with Helix but backed out. Found the Kemper Rack in stock at a store in California and they matched the 10% off price (tried several other online dealers, none would price match).
    Soooo... My wife bought the Kemper for me... the honey do list will last for years :whistling:
    Just going through presets still and starting to twist a few knobs on amp parameters just to see what happens. I purchased a Fender Mustang III a few years ago, just playing at home these days and it is light to move around, sorta lost interest.
    Plugged the Kemper into the effects loop input of the Fender for now, surprisingly good sound, haven't had fingers this sore in years, loving it!