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    That’s one of the reasons I bought the Kemper in the first place. Although it has plenty of parameters to obsess over, the snapshot nature of profiles means I limit myself to rarely tweaking anything at all. Otherwise, I would disappear down the rabbit hole for weeks at a time and not play nearly enough.

    That's the predicament I find myself in all to often, I tend to avoid all the Kemper has to offer on purpose. But I believe I will spend a little more time messing with the effects this fall, I'm bad about using whatever effects the creator of the profile loaded up.

    5 years in with the Kemper Profiler and I've found the solution that works best for me. When I first purchased the unit my intent was to connect to a set of EV ZLX12 powered speakers I had at the time that weren't being used but that didn't work for me. I had a small solid state combo amp with a 12" speaker and ran the Kemper into the effects return and ran with it four years. Last May I bought what I felt was needed to build a proper rig for me, up to that point my non powered rack unit just sat on top of the combo amp. So I purchased a matching 112 open back cabinet and 6U rack, Furman power supply, Kone and a class D amp. I put in a lot of time over the last year trying to adapt to this configuration but as with the pa speaker it just didn't work for me.

    While using the combo amp my choices with profiles were limited, everything sounded very similar which is to be expected but I did spend a lot of time playing, over the past year I've spent more time adjusting parameters in settings than actual playing time so last week I decided to pursue another avenue. I bought an Eminence EM12, I had considered this speaker before but the Kone presented itself a better option, but alas, as stated above, it just wasn't my cup of tea. The EM12 is not transparent in the signal chain, it is a guitar speaker after all but it is doing a pretty good job of letting each profiles character come through. It's a case of give and take, I may be giving up a percentage of a profiles character but for me I the benefit outweighs the loss.

    I spent a few hours dialing in settings initially to accommodate for the newest component in my rig and the result over the weekend was I spent hours just playing, not chasing parameter settings. Not only do the profiles I've tried sound really good they feel good, that equates to big smiles and peace of mind for an older individual with a good case of OCD like myself, OCD and parameter setting choices are not friends lol!

    I haven't even started exploring all of the profiles I have collected yet, whether purchased or content existing in Rig Packs folders. I've just used a 68 Mars 50 and 13 LDW from MBritts 2020 pack and one of my all time favorites, the Blackface Bass Dimed from Kempers Legacy Profiles folder. These will probably keep me occupied until fall when I will have free time to wade through profiles and find what I want to load into the Kemper, at the moment it has 8 profiles on it and I would like to keep the total number low, just a few options that can cover a lot of ground. Now time to noodle!

    Both. I rarely EQ any profiles at all. I just find something that works and roll with it. That was one of the main reasons I chose Kemper over Axe or Helix. I didn’t want to need to waste time tweaking.

    Thanks for the insight, I've had the Kemper for 5 years but never touched the Hi or Low cut until last summer when I bought a Kone and have never used an eq on a rig. I use my rig as a glorified combo amp, no recording, no plugging into a pa, just what you hear is what you get. I even abandoned the Kone this past week in favor of a guitar speaker, I just can't acclimate to a coaxial or pa speaker. I have so many profiles to wade through that I am taking the same approach, if it sounds and feels good save to Kemper, if not - skip it.

    Just this past weekend, one of the bar regulars asked if we could unmuffle the other guitar and turn mine up.

    I moved a fader *maybe* a millimeter and boosted the mids just enough to say ‘the knob moved’.

    The guy was ecstatic.

    Placebo is real.

    I transitioned from playing live to FOH around 1994. I've been doing av installations here and there since 1995. It was a rude awakening for myself to switch sides, I found out I was the jerk that no sound guy likes to deal with, and I've had that paid back to me a hundred fold lol! I learned that trick pretty early on Ruefus, I always label a spare channel or two to adjust when audience members decide to be helpful, works about 99% of the time.

    I always think of wheresthedug telling me about the first time he took the Kemper out with 3 rigs and how well it went. I'm pretty sure I could do about any gig with 3-5 rigs given all the options (morph,pedals,gain boosts, FX).

    Totally agree, then I would need to try not to touch any effects! I end up doing the same thing with them that I do with profiles. When I played in bands many years ago I had a two channel amp with Reverb and Chorus on board and one stomp box, delay... and I didn't know I was missing anything lol!

    I've put a couple of pictures up previously but after five years I think I'm finally finished, I get a few minutes here and there with the rig but won't have much time to sit and learn the ins and outs of the remote and start to set up performances until late July or early August.

    My wife bought me the Kemper in 2017:thumbup:

    Bought the guitar in 2019 after 26 years with it's predecessor.

    Speaker cab, rack, Kone and TC Bam200 in 2021.

    Kemper remote May 2022.

    I have spent Approx. $130.00 in amp packs (I know there is MANY that have a much bigger investment) and after spending a bunch of time going through the Legends Tribute Pack III, I realized I could have any tone I wanted just tweeking that pack!

    I did this too during 2020, Mbritt a TJ had sells and I got the Grab-n-Go, Crank-n- Go and the 2020 pack from Mbritt and 10 to 12 amp packs from TJ, about $140 total. Around 950 profiles and I pulled 240 out and loaded them in my Kemper, I want to cut that down to 50 or less. In truth a dozen of the best profiles (to my taste) is more than I really need.

    In the last week I've been going through the stock folders in Rig Manager and found profiles like Dimed Bassman, it's about my favorite right now lol...

    I haven't looked at the exchange in ages but did a few days ago, found a .22 Caliber (or something close to that name) that I really liked, a couple of crunch and overdriven, a couple of really good lead and for fun a couple of rip your head off profiles. Out of the profiles I purchased it would be easy to pick a dozen and call it good and as you suggested tweak here and there to cover just about anything, but I could do the same thing with the profiles from the stock Rig Manager folders or Rig Exchange.

    After five years of owning the Kemper I've realized that all the profile options available have hindered me somewhat, instead of settling on a handful and making them my "own sound" I keep chasing a never ending flow of options and miss out on the joy of just simply playing. The choices are by no means a bad thing for most people, but a person like me with a pretty good case of OCD it's a nightmare 8o

    I had a Fender Bassman head and cabinet years ago with piggyback hardware and tilt back leg which worked really well. A person would have to decide if they wanted to open up the Kemper to see if there were empty space at the bottom for the bolts to mount the clip bars on, if there is you would never have to worry about it falling off. Do a search for Fender Piggyback Hardware, many vendors sell it and the prices vary.

    One thing often overlooked to retain signal to noise ratio if you need to set the Main Output Volume to less than -12 dB, (In this case -18db),then activate the Main Output Pad to reduce the signal level of the Main Output by 12 dB. This increases the range of the Main Output Volume control and preserves the signal-to-noise ratio of the Main Output

    I was suggesting that volume setting for the monitor out only, I have my Main and Monitor out's independent of one another but didn't specify that. I find that convenient when using a power amp or an amp as jaseaus is considering with it's own volume control then you can utilize the volume on the kemper for adjusting the main output if needed.

    In the output section set the Monitor Output to Master Mono, connect with an instrument cable from the Kemper Monitor Out to the amplifiers effects loop return.

    For starters in the Output section you might try setting the Monitor Out Volume to -12db to -18db and the Power Amp Boost to 0, also try setting Pure Cabinet off to start and turn up to your taste if needed. I ran into the effects loop of a combo amp for several years but as Dynochrome mentioned above using a solid state amp (class D) takes away the coloration a guitar amp introduces into the signal chain.

    From the manual, pg41

    "MONITOR OUTPUT (#2 in diagram) Use this mono output to connect the PROFILER to a stage monitor with its own level controls. This output also has its own ground lift. You can also connect this output to a power amp and a regular guitar cabinet. In this case, you need to switch the cabinet simulation off, using the soft button “Monitor Cab Off” in the Output Section, to prevent the unwanted coloration that would result from running a speaker emulation through a guitar cabinet. Bypassing the cabinet module can also be done by simply pressing the CABINET button. However, there are two differences compared to enabling “Monitor Cab Off”: Bypassing cabinet is an individual setting to each Rig, unless you lock the cabinet module in its “off” state. Monitor Cab. Off is a global setting. It will bypass the cabinet module for all outputs, whereas "Monitor Cab Off” will only affect the signal routed to the MONITOR OUTPUT (and the built-in power amp of PowerHead and PowerRack). ✓ If you select the option “Monitor Stereo”, MONITOR OUTPUT and DIRECT OUTPUT become one logical pair of stereo outputs. Functions like Monitor Output Source, Monitor Output Volume, Monitor Volume Pedal, Monitor Output Link, Monitor Cab. Off, Monitor Output EQ, and Aux In > Monitor are applied to both outputs automatically.

    Curious if the fizz returns if you remove the remote from the equation?

    This I had to try, you made me curious as I had not considered it.

    So, unplugged the remote and powered up the profiler a few minutes ago and didn't notice any change, then I started comparing different profiles with the remote plugged in and the remote unplugged, profiles sound the same. I will admit, I was quite apprehensive with the first couple of comparisons though, thought the new mojo might disappear.

    I did notice quite a difference with the reverb also, really opened it up. I'm looking forward to some free time next week just to revisit the effects.

    Had a different experience yesterday with my Kemper Rack. Some background:

    Purchased Kemper 2017, ran it through the effects loop in of a combo amp until last summer, had a matching open back 112 cab and 6u rack built. Bought a Bam200 (new for $6) and a Kone.

    The Kone didn't work correctly, contacted Kemper support through the US store and received a replacement, night and day difference without changing any settings, and thank you Kemper!

    Even though my rig sounds pretty good it still was not on par with demonstration videos I've seen and those only translate a portion of live, in the room experience. Perused the forum, read and reread the manual and tried every combination of settings imaginable but always had to set the Hi Cut at around 4500hz or I had extreme fizz on the top end at any gain level above clean, still sounded pretty good but a little muffled and loss of definition. I update firmware with every official release, last one was a week or so ago, no change in settings were able to be made though without that high end fizz.

    Now here's the odd but good:

    Bought a Kemper Remote which was delivered Monday, got the chance to hook it up yesterday. All I did was plug it in then power up the Kemper, went to browse mode and hit a cord on whatever rig it was left on and noticed immediately something had changed, didn't touch one switch on the remote or one setting in the Kemper.

    So I figured, let's mess with the settings, can't hurt anything. Went to Hi Cut and started going up a little at a time, hit a cord and see what happens. It makes no since to me but I'm one happy camper! Ended up with the High Cut set at 7500hz, no fizz, completely changed the sound, open, clear, brighter but not harsh, sounds fantastic. Deleted all the profiles on the Kemper and now I'm going through and auditioning my purchased profiles, will be loading a whole different batch than I had previously. And now the profiles that Kemper has preloaded in Rig Manager are a whole new animal, didn't think to much of them previously but now I'm finding a lot of them sound really good, now I'm starting all over from the beginning.

    I can't give any explanation at all to what has happened, but I'll take it!

    Best regards fellow gear enthusiasts,

    Happy Old Geaser8)

    I thought they were for bass, I've been skipping over them since they came out until a couple of weeks ago. I was trying different overdrives with a profile and came to the tim bass and figured might as well, to my surprise one sounded really good with that particular profile so I saved it, but I still thought it was for a bass🤪

    This is more apple's to oranges as I have an unpowered Kemper going into a class D amp and an open back cabinet with a Kone in it. It sounds good in FRFR mode which I use almost all the time, and with speaker imprints, I have never taken the time to really audition the imprints on very many profiles yet. It sounds good as an in the room amp but doesn't match the sound of monitors all that well but I pretty much use it as a combo amp.

    The volume setting and amp boost will definitely be different for your powered profiler but the others might be a starting point to at least try, again apple's to oranges, a lot of different variables between our rigs.

    Low Cut- 80.0 Hz

    High Cut - 4250.1 Hz

    Amp Boost - 0.0 db

    Pure Cabinet - 3.0

    Monitor Output Volume = -18.0 db

    Directivity - 4.5

    Sweetening - 0.0

    theplayer, The same thing happened to me a couple of weeks ago, load a new rig from Rig Manager to my Profiler (rack) and it showed up in RM in the Profiler folder but not on the Profiler screen until I powered down and then back on and then it appeared on the Profiler screen. I was in browser mode with no controller hooked up, I loaded 180 rigs total and the anomaly occurred 6 or 7 times, I'm running the latest software version on RM and the Profiler, I marked it off to the Ghost in the Machine?

    The new passive Kabinet is available at the Kemper US store, jumped $60 from v1. Been contemplating a remote for about a year, don't really need it but would be nice to have, looks like they've gone up $40-$50, can't remember the exact price they were previously. Not a complaint, just an observation, I'm saving the complaints for Lowes and Home Depot's new pricing on inventory! I had to buy outlets, switches and cover plates last week for a house I'm helping a family member remodel, there were about 8 other customers shopping in the same isle and as sticker shock began to spread through the group I felt the impending doom of a riot on the horizon, gathered my supplies quickly and got out ?