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    Hey, i own a bunch of les pauls, i have encountered this problem a bunch of times and finally figured out how to fix it.

    Get some 1000 and 2000 grit sandpaper. the next time you change your strings gently run the 1k then 2k paper through the slot until it feels smoth, make sure you get the top and bottom edge... from a string perspective its just where the string lays on the nut itself.. I bought a jewelers loop and use it to check out the slots on guitars i buy, the slots are sometimes sloppy. Get a magnifying glass or something and check it out, dont spend money on string managers or any of that nonsense. That less paul nut is fine it just needs a bit of love and attention. 99.9999% of tuning problems on les ppauls is just the nut. I usually get a bone nut installed right away except on the 58's i have, i leave those as is.

    Hey these guys charged me tax and i live in the States. Is that normal? They also charged me an extra $10 for a bundle package, is that normal as well?

    Also the profiles seem to be high quality but they are on the trebly side kinda get that ice picky sound.. What are others thoughts on these? I usually have to slightly tweek most of my profiles so i know it's not uncommon to have to tweak a bit. Is anyone else having good luck with these?

    thank you

    The Kemper works and works well, it's about 95% there for me, it's still missing a bit of something. FOr me i like to plug into an amp and in 10 minutes i can have a great sound, the constant tweaking and messing with things gets to me. I just got the ownhammer GnR cab set and it's pretty incredible. So here i go again....

    @IronWord thanks for the additional info and thanks for the feedback. I put up a full list of what they are later but you might be surprised by what each one is ;-)

    Dude you are splitting some fine hairs here, with the exception of 2 because it cuts through the mix and thats one of the things i was listening for and maybe another one that just has a different compression. It's easy to tell they are different to each other. BUt to really pick out a best is not easy. In my headphones the guitar is coming through all right side, if it was stereo i could get a better idea.

    I am listening through SHURE SRH1840 headphones IF i had to put in order what sounded best to worse to me it would be difficult without getting it in true stereo
    10,6,7,5,9,8,1and the difference between those is about 1% if that. 2,3,4 are at the bottom with 2 being the worse but cutting through the mix better.

    They were in no order, but to me 10 sounded the best, then 2 then 7...6 was a guess, it sounded better than the others i think.

    I record a few tracks in my DAW of the dry guitar signal. I record some clean arpeggiated chords, for clean profiles, some rock rhythm tracks, and a couple of lead tracks.

    I then set the loop points in the DAW, and open Rig Manager. I set the Kemper input to reamping. Hit play in the DAW, and can check a ton of profiles on the computer in no time. If any profiles hit me, I put them into a "check again" folder in RM. Depending on the type of profile, I solo the track in the DAW.

    Using this method, I can go through a large amount of profiles in no time.

    What are you using for your interface for the pc? When you say you set the KPA to reamp, are you running an out from the pc interface to the KPA to be able to do this? Hey i was checking out your website, very cool man! Do you still have that '84 Baretta? I have an '84 Pacer with an JBJ pickup in it, amazing tone. I'm about to strip it and redo everything on it. It had a rough life but the neck is straight as an arrow.

    Is it possiible to record with the looper if you don't have the remote foot switch?

    Hey is that you playing? IF so, wow you're a bad ass guitar player that sounds perfect. I appreciate Vai's technical playing, but i do not like that tone he uses, sounds too much like a synth.

    Welcome and good luck, if you're into cisco you won't have a problem learning the kemper, you made a great start by jumping in here!

    This is a great point, and to add to that. I have found that i used to stay away from high gain profiles. So depending on which guitar i was using one or both of them may sound bad with certain high gain profiles, but now i look for them becuase i turn the gain down until it cleans out that metallic sound and then make up for it with a boost, or even a boost and distortion pedal and an extra eq. Change the cab and it's golden. also to add, i know this contradicts what i posed 2 weeks ago, but it's amazing what you can learn in 2 weeks.

    Had a drummer named Taylor in my living room and we live cut Bass and Drums improv.
    I used Bommel's EBS 350 KORM NOON CHAR.with a Warwick Masterman.5
    Added Michael Britt's 3P BF TIM ED KING with a Strat middle pickup.
    Demo Soundtrack for Covert activities. Thank you my Brothers of the Profile.

    This would make an excellent backing track. Great job

    I don’t have trouble dialing in reverb. Sure you can add it in the mix but some things aren’t captured that way, it just depends on what you want to accomplish There are some great reverbs out there I got the big sky due to some features it has and the remarkable sound quality. It’s not your typical stomp not even close. The neunaber reverb is also one we use.