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    Sounds absolutely brilliant GuyJames Very Pini(esque) in places, i take it you are a fan of plini? Guitar tones and playing are just perfect as t the rest of the music. Loved the video too. What profiles did you use?

    this was recorded with a mbritt divided by 13 profile I believe. I don’t have the kemper anymore to tell you for sure sorry.

    great to see your chord changes and these Malsteem licks , well done James

    I didn’t do any with malmsteen in mind however I did use an arpeggio technique I learned from Paul Gilbert that is a string skipping two note per string sequence that falls nicely on the neck and follows the changes.

    Wish I had a bassist and keyboardist to be in the video but I couldn’t lock my guys in for the time I had scheduled to shoot. I edited the video myself but had some good help with lights and videography. I feel that music are super supplemental to a release and are honestly just fun to make for me

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    hope to see you on the fractal forum 🤪

    This. A super portable profile player that fits in a gear bag and integrates with Kab would be an incredible addition. The best thing about kemper for me has been the lack of need or want to "upgrade" my hardware in typical axefx or line6 fashion.

    I honestly shouldn’t be here anymore because I use fractal now 😅

    I’m not the only one but… a small pedal version no larger than the HX Stomp. And make it able to load two profiles. I’d be happy if it just did that and no effect blocks… it would be entirely for amp tones and a pedal board platform or studio tool for adding plugins to.

    I actually find lighter guitars to sustain better in my experience.

    Your 2017 WL 594 Satin RW looks eerily similar to my early 2020 WL 594 Satin RW singlecut!

    this should be reported for how sexy it is wow! I can’t play guitars that flashy, I’d be to sad for dinging it

    I would love to check out a Silver Sky one of these days. A Strat is another guitar I've always struggled to get along with. I'm thinking the PRS take on it might work for me.

    Also meant to say how insane the tops are on some of those.... Absolutely stunning.

    I play Suhr guitars for all my fender fixes

    I just don't like PRS's...I think Im a bit odd :)

    never did much myself but the cores solve all the Les Paul issues with string/nut break angle and i I find them just a modern take on a classic design. I’m sold now but not a super fan exactly.

    can you get me a job where you work so I can afford these many beautiful guitars too 🥲 my favorites are the silver slay on the left and core 2nd on top right

    dude that’s awesome. Prs is a wonderful company. Good job

    I owned a CE-24 for a couple years and as hard as I tried, I never felt comfortable with the neck on it for whatever reason. I will say that as far as build quality and overall finish, it was one of the nicer guitars I've ever played. Also had the best sounding coil split from a set of humbuckers that I've heard so far. Fantastic guitar... Just something about that neck.

    totally understand man, this S2 I got was exceptional compared to the other ones on the shelve. Same with the core I now use. We all know by now I hope that every instrument even if it has the exact same specs, will have winners and losers that the individual will find to their preference.