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    It would be more beneficial to have each profile have it in the the amp eq block 😬.

    I’m back to my old method of assigning a graphic eq in the x slot and adjusting the low/high cut according to the rig.

    For my high gain I prefer to keep the high cut a little lower (8500k) to smooth it all out.

    How are you monitoring? It loses a lot of mojo going through studio monitors imo and especially through headphones. I think it’s mostly mental, if you play it through a good PA rig or cab enough and feel/know the tone and everything you live is there at stage volume then you have to convince yourself it’s there in the daw system too.

    Playing through studio monitors is very revealing so maybe what your experiencing is also a bit of a technique flaw that is covered of by the saturation of a pedal board and tube amp rig heard in the room.

    Consider those and have fun

    I once got so drunk at a gig that I woke up the next morning and realized I'd lost my guitar. I don't think the Kemper is going to help you with that. :)

    I have no idea what technical voodoo goes on inside the profiler, but my understanding (which could easily resemble the byproduct from the business end of a bull) is that these tones are generated by algorithms. When people talk about lossless, it's typically in reference to "lossy" compressed audio file formats like mp3 versus the lossless wav format. If you were dealing with a sampler that might be a factor, but I don't believe it's a factor with a Kemper since it's not storing sampled audio files but rather profiles that tell the hardware what to do.

    If I'm off in the weeds, the more educated will surely correct me.

    I’ve always thought of the kemper as a Amp synthesizer in a way. The way the technology works and how good a engineer captures the sound is the secret in the sauce.

    Just crossed my mind that moving profiles around from device to computer, or emailing profiles could degrade the file 🤷‍♂️

    The science of "Lossless" frequencies when dealing with digital audio recordings is really beyond me but I know it's of the utmost importance when it comes to capturing a recording and especially when sharing it.

    So I'm curious. I just opened rig manager and clicked/dragged all of my performances into a folder I created entitled "Performance backups". Is this a lossless method of backing profiles and performances? If my unit were to crash and I reset it or got a new one would this be the same quality as doing a profiler backup via USB Stick?

    Quick disclaimer, I may be using the term "Lossless" incorrectly but I think you'll understand what I'm getting at.

    I use the freqout in the effects loop in block A however there is a slight high end roll off. Be it from the pedal or the kemper it would be cool to attach a little 4 band eq or even just a presence to the loop.

    First things first download rig manager off kempers website.

    You’re supposed to be able to update firmware with it but I never have so I just use the usb drive approach. But it’s a good editing tool as primarily.

    I believe there is a way in system settings to reset to factory setting (rigs included) but... I can say with almost certainty you’re better off going to tone and and downloading their free packs.

    Theyre really the two most widely used I’d say and for a valid reason...

    Unless you’re a heavy metal player you’ll have everything there to get started. Keeping the factory rigs off will free up space and sonic confusion when testing out the goods from tone junkie and mbritt.

    Good luck and Regardless of what you do, understand that if this is your first go at kemper to give it time if you’re frustrated. Took me a year and a half to get it but now I can’t imagine relying on a pedal board of patch cables and sound men who don’t care and lugging heavy gear...

    Last night I had to play a gig! Yesterday afternoon I installed OS 7.4.1 - the official release - again and everything worked fine during the gig.

    I will update to 7.5 today again. To install 7.5.1 is no good idea because I recogniced - similar than NotScott: if you turn the LowShift away from 0.0 the old sound problem appears again. So let's wait for the next release.

    Where are you playing gigs right now? Isn't everything shut down or is this the return of smoke filled speakeasy gigs!

    If you have only one effect added to a foot switch and want to have it locked it adds what looks like an "on" white light to the second bank on the same foot switch. This is just a little confusing to the eye if you're not sure you turned something on or off and doesn't seem to be necessary.

    I personally think they're great but as with most eq presets I allows come back to the original profile and prefer that sound.

    I spent a few hours going back and forth with the "No Mud pre" EQ and "Hot Knife post" on my go-to MBritt profiles. They definitely sound good and do the trick in cutting through a mix and cleaning up humbucker neck pickups but when I switch to the bridge or change to my Suhr HSS Strat it's just frail sounding imo.

    One of the hardest things for me early on in the Kemper journey was not understanding that I had to take profiles to rehearsal/gig volumes to really know how it I'd like it and when recording I just had to know it's not as tiny sounding in playback as it sounds in heaphones, so I'm sure these EQ's would help in a live/recording mix, just not sure if it's something I could have has an "always on" thing.

    From my experience thus far profiles are pretty well off out of the box and if there's any eq'ing to be done it's probably achievable with the amp section eq or definition/clarity but to each their own! In the context of mixing a recording or live gig I think I'd rather leave it to an engineer to subtract and add very surgical eq'ing.

    I am very grateful for the global High/Low cut now though! that lifted my X slot which is where I had an always on high/low cut.

    So far I really like it for a live tool where I might be the only guitarist and there's a good acoustic part to play and the electric isn't essential.

    As far as setting it up, I've had the best results with just using an acoustic profile of the Fishman platinum EQ pedal and the acoustic sim in slot B with the Kemper Compressor preset "Soft" in slot A

    I wasn't into the Parallel recommendation from Thomas' video. Just curious how you guys are using it.

    I'm using a 335 on the neck pickup.

    pickup + 6.6

    body + 1.3

    Bronze + 3.0

    Sparkle + 1.5

    How about some essential features before this kind of stuff... a global output high/low cut should be there and the performance mode lick features locking across all performances is just odd

    So my rig is as follows guitar (non-active pickups) > kemper (has freqout in loop, Dunlop expression pedal assigned to wah/volume > Seymour Duncan PS 170 > cab

    in most scenarios I won’t need to run more than a 25ft cable to the back of the stage where cab is. What are your thoughts on having the PS 170 next to the kemper with a small patch cable from the kemper quarter inch output and running a 25ft (12gauge) speaker cable to the cab VS running a 25ft instrument cable from the kemper output to the PS 170 and a short speaker cable to the cab?

    Im thinking if a have a dedicated buffer or pedal like a polytune 3 next to the PS 170 on top of the cab just before the PS 170 input that would fix the long instrument cable run from the kemper. Or should the buffer be right after the kemper output?

    This is only really applicable when running 25+ feet of cable From my understanding, so I’m just trying to gauge what’s a good solution for running my cab.

    Shoot I just posted the same question... I’m surprised that’s not an available option, it’s a pretty basic thing someone might do on the fly. Copy and pasting isn’t nice because you have to overwrite something else most likely and then reset it back up. I’m curious why this was overlooked or decided against.