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    It completely changed the pitch of my guitar, wooeep dooooooooooow! The singer who is a conspiracy theorist was so freaked out thinking the aliens had finally found him that he lost his place and tried to curl up and hide inside the kick drum which caused the entire drum-kit to collapse on stage showing that our drummer only ever dresses the upper portion of his body, a rolling cymbal hit the back of the bass players leg causing him to become unbalanced at the same time as half the audience projectile vomited or spat their beer in disbelief making the stage a horrible slippy mess, the bass player spasmodically tried to keep his balance but ultimately slid or is that tripped up sustaining a mild concussion but not before throwing his p-bass into the lighting rig which shorted out and fried the club electronics as well as setting off the sprinkler system, in the ensuing panic of sparks, bodies, vomit and questionable beer 30 people were trampled and ended up in hospital and a small bag of peanuts was stolen from the bar area. I stood magnificent on the stage during it all pick held aloft, dreamy look on face. Overall this was a win with fewer casualties than our usual concerts. Highly effective, would use again. 4/5 stars.

    To bad you're out in CA, I'd love to see a show.

    I am trying to reamp using S/PDIF. I bought these cables from Monoprice, and they will not work because the connections on the Kemper are too small and recessed. I should have known, they're obviously huge.

    So I need to order some different ones (or maybe different connectors, these seem to come off with an allen set screw), and I would like to know which cable you personally successfully use in your Kemper, so I don't make the same silly mistake twice. I was looking at these, but they still look slightly large compared to a RCA cable (which I did try, but was not happy with).…&p_id=2680&seq=1&format=2

    I appreciate any input, thank you.

    I ordered some from monoprice, but they wouldn't fit. I used some cables I had lying around, and was able to set my interface as slave to the kemper, and get it to work a little, but still had problems. I guess I should make sure I have proper cables and try it again since there's less a/d/a conversion than reaping with an analogue output.

    I'll bump this because I'm having this issue as well. C. Kemper has noted that the noise floor is something to keep an eye on while reamping. I tried spdif at first, I had to get two Toslink/RCA converters, one A/D and one D/A. since my interface is optical. I had a lot of trouble even getting this to work, it would, then wouldn't, and I could never get it right. Plus, I really didn't like the idea that I had bought the Babyface in part because of it's excellent A/D/A converters, and then I was just putting it through cheap crappy ones. So I switched to analogue, got it working very quickly, seems great, but there is a bit of noise. I don't think I hear it when the guitar is playing, but it's there, especially as the gain comes up. It's not a huge deal, I can take care of it in my DAW I'm sure, but it'd be nice to not have. That's interesting that a reamp box works well for you, I may just have to do that.

    Edit...wait...are the Kemper spdif connections digital? I thought I read they were, but It seems like I had to use regular RCA cables to hook it up.

    I'm not sure if Kemper has their own definition for "rig", but my rig is everything from my board to guitar. Obviously the kemper has no built in guitar (yet, haha) but I always just assumed "rig" included the stomps. I mean, the stomps are right there in page 5 of the Rig section.

    I got the Midi Uno yesterday, easy setup, works just fine so far. Advertised inside the package for win 7 with a sticker saying "now supporting win 8 on the outside of the box", I had no problems at all running 64-bit win 10. Self-installing drivers, couldn't have been easier.

    Now, as far as connecting it to Toast ME, just make sure and watch a setup video and pay attention if you're not used to this. I was wondering why it wasn't working, I didn't realize I had to set the Kemper to use MIDI channel 1. Just simple stuff, but you don't know what you don't know.

    FWIW I am using the Transpose stomp on bass guitar in our set in a few songs and it’s working great.

    Either down 1/2 step or a whole step, I can’t complain about the tracking or latency at all.

    I did find that it sounds best with the Transpose in the first slot, before any other effects if any.
    That way I’m chorusing or distorting the new pitch, as though I’ve returned, rather than pitch shifting the chorus etc.

    Yeah, it really shines going down, that's for sure. But I was just tracking a song with the transpose up +2, and I didn't notice any issues at all. I'm sure there's a tiny bit of latency, but I think the @Eltzejupp is right, that what throws people off is hearing their strings, which causes a feeling of...discomfort. I didn't have my monitors turned up that loud, and the strings were very disconcerting, like my playing was off because part of my brain "knew" I was playing the wrong chords, and I think my playing suffered as a result. Later I decided to try messing around with Transpose with closed-back headphones, and it sounded really good.

    So, when you put in in a stomp, it goes first, do you happen to know where it is placed when you modify it under the "Rig" section?

    So, not really a backup for the Kemper ...

    It has overdrive, what else ya want? :D

    ●Squeeze all the tonal mojo of blues, jazz, and country music into one compact bar-sized unit, with 4 essential types of guitar effect: a mellow compression, a creamy overdrive, a vintage slap-back delay and a natural reverb.
    ●Also a great tool for all the outlaw root rockers, with a powerful overdrive section that can push your amp over the edge of breaking-up, to the sonic territory of all the classic rock sound.
    ●Combining the compression and overdrive section, you get yourself a Dumble-like tone machine, with a natural sustain that goes on for days, and a pronounced mids that can easily cut through the mix.
    ●A built-in cab simulator for getting a real guitar cabinet sound straight from the PA system; Max delay time: 500ms

    Sounds an awful lot like a cheap Kemper backup to me...

    His 2nd link:

    • Packing almost the entire tonal essence of 80's arena rock n' roll into one bar-shaped unit, with a glassy and transparent, BBD-style chorus, a crushing hot rod Marshall-stack crunch distortion, a natural-sounding delay, and a spacious reverb.
    • Turn on every module on the bar, with a little tweaking, you've got yourself THE EPIC lead tone, which is dynamic, responsive to your hands, with long sustain, and cuts through the mix like a knife through butter.
    • A built-in cab simulator for getting a real guitar cabinet sound straight from the PA system; Max delay time: 500ms

    Sounds an awful lot like a cheap hi-gain Kemper backup to me...

    Well, I redid the intro with some drums I programmed and bass also. Programming drums is still very new to me, as is using an actual DAW (for probably over ten years I've just used this cheap easy Rifftracker DAW-like program Line 6 makes), but I was pretty happy with this. Some compression/limiting/etc as well. I remembered to turn both boosts on this time!

    Trick here: One file was as DoM played it, tuned to Drop B, the main riffing at position one. The other file is a guitar tuned down to Drop Bb playing at position 0 with the Transpose parameter at +2. So they're in the same key, but two very different ways of getting about it. I was mostly just curious, I haven't used the transpose much...It is very distracting to track at lower levels, you can really hear the strings, and it gets in your head, haha.

    I'm afraid levels aren't *exactly* the same between the two, I had several power outages during the recording of this that really got annoying, and messed me up a little. I gotta get a backup battery surge protector thing. :D

    Seriously though @Locrain , I see no flaw in your playing.

    How do the P90's compare to standard humbuckers for you?

    Thanks man. We're all our own worst critics. I should practice more and whine less. :D

    I have always been a humbucker guy. Thought single coils were just for country//jazz/classic rock maybe, but I've always been after a more modern tone (Shawn's VHT tone on that DoM album is about as good as it gets for me), so I never considered single coils. Oh yeah, and I had a McCarty Soapbar for a while, and I really really hated those pickups, so I didn't think much of P90s until about a year or so ago, whenever the used SE277s started hitting the market.

    A PRS baritone semi-hollow with the f-hole has always been my dream guitar, I used to be a huge Breaking Benjamin fan, he has a really cool one. But The Private Stock program was the only way to do that, and even if I could swing it, I could never justify dropping $10k-$15k on a guitar. So it was never going to happen. The PRS actually released one, I would have loved a US model, but cash has been tight lately (saved for a long time for the Kemper), so it's probably just as well that it's the SE line.

    Which, by the way, if you've never played the SE line, I just have to say: I thought they were going to be crap. What Epiphone is to Gisbon, what Squire is to Fender, but nothing could be further from the truth, I think they are the best value on the market, full stop. I've recommended Rondo/Agile for 10 years for people who are looking for that real bang-for-the-buck, but now I just say "PRS SE line". I think they're even made in the same factory? Not sure about that, but fit/finish/playability on the SEs that I've had are far better than anything I've ever gotten from Rondo.

    Anyway, PRS had finally made my dream gutar, right color, birds, f-hole, everything, but they forgot to ask what kind of pickups I wanted. :D

    So they put soapbars on the semi-hollow, and 'buckers in the solid-body. I was sad. So I started looking up "P90-sized humbuckers" "P90 for rock", etc, and found that my best bet was something by Bare Knuckle, who I was already a huge fan of. They had two that caught my eye, if you don't know, they tend to name pickups after songs or bands that they sort of sound like. They had two named after Muse songs, who I really love. A Supermassive" in the Vintage Hot section, and a Stockholm in the Contemporary section. I am a really really strong believer in getting pickups that are not too hot/squashed, and let the amp do the grunt work, ESPECIALLY on a baritone, with the extra output from the larger strings/longer scale.

    So I got the Supermassives. When I put them in, I was kind of blown away. They are AMAZING. They are huge, massive sounding, maybe more than any humbucker I've had. Thick creamy single lead notes, blooming articulate chords, brutal chuggachugga and single note riffs, absolutely as hot as I would ever want or need, phenomenal cleans, noise. Not to speak of. I really can't say enough good things about the pickups. They have totally changed my outlook on single coils, I'm about to wire up a '72 Custom Reissue Tele with a BPK custom WHRB rewind humbucker in the bridge, and their Flat 50 single coil in the bridge. Looking forward to that.

    But the guitar is amazing. I actually think it's the best sounding and maybe, the playing guitar I've ever owned. And I have had PRS MEs, nice Les Pauls, etc. I dunno if I just got lucky or what, but I highly highly recommend this guitar/pickup combo for anyone remotely interested in a baritone.

    And no, I don't work for PRS or BPK. :D

    I think we will have to ban you from saying your playing is sloppy haha, really, if we were all prefect we would sound like sample. No thanks. :)

    Quite an interesting guitar. Thanks for posting the clip, did you activate any of the boosts?

    Haha, fair enough. The boosts are great...but I think I forgot to turn them on for the clip. They do work very well through.

    I've had the same experience, I can go up maybe a half-step before it gets all Star Trek on me, past that it's a bit much. Would actually be a cool effect, it still sounds good, but it starts to sound very different 3 or 4 semitones into it.

    But tuning down is really impressive, at first I couldn't believe how accurately it captured that raunch and growl that you usually only get from putting on big string and tuning down. Pretty impressive.

    However, my main guitar is a baritone, so I could actually get more use out of it the other way around. Bb is low enough already. :D

    This is actually exactly what I've been doing...not really happy with my results (there could be many reasons). I am going to switch to Will's method until I hear or read something credible disproving LCR...I've been reading a lot of articles/blogs last few days and I am so far convinced. But I'm a noob and don't really know much.

    Not trying to bash your approach at all, I just thought it was cool that it was the same thing I came up with. When you say "t takes some effort to get the stereo balance correct though.", what seems to affect that? Does it change from amp to amp for you, or from song/song type? I always never had any indication that I was getting it "right", just seemed like I was fumbling in the dark when panning. I did use the 75-90 range though.

    Yeah. I called Kemper. For a transpose feature this is the best you can get at the moment. There is also an option under soft knob one that my change the sound for the better.
    The tried to transpose individual strings, but it wasn’t possible.

    @Phantom which option are you talking about? The only thing I see at soft knob 1 is the panorama feature, which appears to just be a panning knob.

    Thanks. :)

    The biggest problem with this pack is, you get lost in tones.
    It's amazing what kind of attack and sound comes out of this kemper beast with this profiles.

    Sorry for sloopy playing, it's just a quick shot to demo what can happen with only one of this over 200 profiles.

    Totally agree with the first two lines, but I'm going to have to ask that you not refer to your playing as "sloppy" when posting a clip in a thread I have posted a clip in. Because...if you're sloppy, than what am I? :D

    Haha, just kidding around man, sounded great, this pack has great tones.

    This would be amazing. I don't want to look a (basically) gift horse in the mouth, but I am a newcomer, and I have a very very hard time knowing what the hell is going on, it all blends together.

    But it all sounds great! :D