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    Hi All

    I always used the Kemper out for connect it to my audiocard without issues.

    After upgrade I get lost connection issue and resolved it after connect, with another cable,

    the out of Audiocard with input of Kemper spdif for synchronize the signal.

    A doubt : what we can use Kemper input spdif for ? we need of it only for sync signal ?


    ciao a tutti amici kemperiani , io possiedo kemper stage , io riesco a registrare sentire in cuffia e riascoltarlo una volta registrato in cuffia , pero quando mando in play la mia backing track non ricevo niente dalle casse monitor il che ho i due cavi bilanciati canon alle casse e jack al kemper main out il resto del retro della scarlett 212 ho i cavi per poter registrare , ora volevo collegare un mixer per poter sentire tutto cio datemi un consiglio come coleegare il mixer grazie mille a presto

    Se ho capito bene in uscita alla scheda audio non hai collegato niente : ecco perché senti solo dalla cuffia.

    Dovresti montare dei monitor in uscita alla scarlett.

    Il mixer non serve a meno che devi registrare una band in presa diretta.



    You can record Kemper directly connected on your audio interface with a great sound: any kind of hardware is not needed.

    Could be improved with spdif connection between kemper out and audio interface in.

    Are you sure that cabinet is enable on output ?

    Try to cut high frequency usually around 4-5 k for less digital sound...



    For your Info:

    How connect Kemper with Audio card

    PS: check Direct Monitor...must be on off....

    Then I think if you connect Monitor out (Stereo) on 212 Inputs, you'll listen the headphone out of 212 in mono with sound L+R mixed of course if you'll use a DAW you'll be able to put on left input 1 and on right Input 2 of 212.

    The 212 have only drivers and missing a little software mixer for this kind of issue.

    Thank you for share your experience!

    just a curiosity : FRFR 108 set seem be just push a lot of bass, was needed a subwoofer ? it improved or made sound more confused on bass frequency?

    Enjoy man :P



    Depend of your music taste and budget.

    In my opinion for low budget the best are Neural DSP plugins Plini and Holly.

    The best for metal sounds for sure THU with great versatility with IR loader and Profiled Amp.

    For great sound on clean and overdrive my prefer is Amplitube 4.

    Ignite plugin for free are the best and you can start with them but for play

    with them need of Daw: the others are stand alone.

    Don't forget a good audio card ...Scarlett could be a good choice.

    PS: Ops! I was forgetting Peavy Revalver : good sounds, IR loader, low price and you can insert any plugin you like on this stand alone!


    In my opinion Audiotechnica are to much bright : great for clean but to much open on overdrive sounds.

    I replaced it with a Beyer DT 770 32 ohm more equilibrate on sound.

    At the end depend of your personal taste