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    My dad was my initial influence. Played in a country band in the 70's and 80's. Some of my earliest memories were watching his band practice in the house. He bought me my first Kiss album in 1978 and from there it was game on. I still have his 74 Fender Jazz, 78 Strat and mid 80's Carvin 612 double neck. Every gig I play with my rock cover band we do some Johnny Cash and I send it up to dad.

    I've always had trouble trying to make the volume of each of my rigs the same for live use. Perceived volume between clean vs varying gains is tricky so it really becomes a guessing game. Would be nice to have a feature that would equalize output volume across a whole performance.
    ********EDIT....Thanks to wheresthedug's reply....How about volume equalization of all profiles as they are uploaded to the Kemper. So that as you are browsing, every profile is at identical db level. There are times that i do want my heavier profiles a bit louder live because those songs tend to have more up front guitar. This way, as im modifying profiles i know that 0 db in rig volume is the starting point and is the same for all profiles. Right now, "0 db" in rig volume means nothing other than a reference point to that specific profile.

    Everyone else beat me to it but, yes. The effects have to be set on the base tone and then just turned down. It's been working great for me and then it frees up the stomp slots on the remote for other less used flavors.

    Yeah, it's honestly the best 2G Ive ever wife might not agree. In my main live set up I have a Heritage Colonial, Friedman JJ, Driftwood Mini Nightmare and an Engl Powerball. I have never played any of these amps nor would I probably ever get the chance if not for Kemper. It's just insanely awesome.

    Very good point. I think you are spot on as for most mesa profiles being dialed into that traditional scooped sound. And I didn't mean to bash mesa. I had mine sounding great with KT77's and some EQ changes. Even so, I'm still drawn more to the Friedman's, JCM 800, Orange kind of vibe......And again, even more so now after scrolling through my Kemper!

    Pamplemousse, yeah, there are so many variables. And in my case, i played many gigs with the Roadster and you get so used to a certain tone. Its not until you can scroll through profiles that you really get a great sense of all of the subtle and not so subtle differences.

    "I'm sure you"ll reconciliate with boogies then " know, I did love my Mesa clean. And honestly, I didn't mind the other channels but it wasn't until I was scrolling through profiles and every time a Mesa came up it had that same...not sure what you call it...scooped, big bottom and slightly fizzy top. No matter how it's EQed there is still that inherent "thing" that makes it a Mesa!

    I will check out your mesa clean. Also want to find a Mesa TC50 profile. I need the EL's!!!!!

    Before using the Kemper I played a Mesa Roadster for about 3 years in my cover band. Last night while going through my library of profiles it hit me just how much I dislike the tone of Mesa...pretty much all of them. Over the 3 years I had the amp I was subconsciously trying to turn it into a British sound via EQ, how I set mode switches and tubes. Even then it still retained most of the inherent Mesa tone. Going through Kemper profiles, comparing, bouncing back and forth, all of the inherent characteristics of our favorite amps that we've heard or read descriptions of come through in a very bold and unmistakable way. What I'm getting at is this. Unless you are fortunate enough to have 50 amps in a room to A/B, it is very difficult to really know what you like or how to get that sound you heard on a particular song and can't get it out of your head . Kemper cures this problem. Now I know exactly what I like...Fender type cleans and EL34 monsters (especially Friedmans). And there isn't a Friedman within 500 miles of where I live. I would have never known nor would I have paid that much for one. Kemper has opened up a whole new world to me!!!

    As a side note...I see that in most tutorial videos, they are setting up a single "performance" to do one song. So that button 1 might be a sound for the intro. 2 might be the main verse. 3 chorus. 4 lead....etc. I suppose that would work for some applications but for me, in a live setting, I dont want to be scrolling up and down to find the "performance" for each song. I really only need 5 great profiles. And I do have a few special tones, for example a great Brown Sound from Top Jimi and my MBritt SRV tone that I keep in a different "performance" titled "Signature tones". Aside from that, it makes more sense for me to just have easy access to my 5 basic tones. To each his own!

    Ive only played two gigs so far and have only owned my Kemper for a little over a month but I just have to say that from an old pedal stomping guy, this remote is incredible. Specifically for lead tones. On each of my 5 profiles (clean through brutally heavy) on my main "performance" page, I have used the morph function to set up lead tones. Before Kemper, I had to hit a boost pedal and delay or similar pedal basically simultaneously during leads. With the Kemper, I can simply hit the same button I'm already on (morph) and I'm on my lead tone with boost, maybe more gain, delay, usually reverb taken completely out....all with the push of one button. It has completely changed my live gigs. It is so much easier. And with 5 different profiles, and I use them all in my cover band, I can set each boosted lead tone differently. Some I want more delay or a different type of delay. Some maybe a touch of chorus. Some more gain, others just more volume. Before, my pedals were all set the same regardless of which channel I happened to be using on my amp. And so the only real stomping I do is the few flavors I have loaded into the stomp section. Tremolo for some CCR, harmony effect for the solo in Were Not Gonna Take's very minimal. If you have not used the morph function in this way, I highly recommend it. Anyway, thank you Kemper for making my live experience even more enjoyable!!

    I assigned a few effects from the "effects" bank to the profiler effect buttons and was unable to shut them off. They became part of the profile. It was only when I programmed effects using the stomps A-D that I could turn the effect off and on via the remote. So if effects can be assigned to the controller from the "effects" section in a way that they can be switched off and on like a stomp, I was obviously doing it wrong.

    My guess is he did the exact same thing I did when I first set mine up a few weeks ago. Programmed a few "effects" in the remote and couldn't turn them off. Then realized I had to use "stomps" in order to be able to switch them off and on on the remote.