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    The Kemper stage is perfect if you have enough space on the stage. Most time we don‘t have it. That’s the reason I am still using my toaster. Would definitely buy a kemper mini. A second guitar input would be also great.

    This. I love the idea of a stage especially on silent stages. However. I frequently have more space available at the back of the stage rather than the front, which is why I have stuck with a power rack and remote setup

    I have literally had a 300+ pound intoxicated woman fall on my remote during a gig. (she somehow hit my tuner before knocking the cable loose and pulling the power to the remote so my feed went dead for a little while....)

    Definitely recommend the buttons on the top row to separate layers more, and change your looper button if you don't need it

    All that considered, my remote took it like a champ has been used and abused for about 3 years now. Highly recommend (And it doesn't need external power , which is my biggest plus)

    I've always looked at it as the profile was (usually) made with the cabinet included in mind. I know a lot of people on multiple platforms (particularly Helix) love mixing and matching IRs, but I appreciate the ease of use with the cabinets. IRs In my experience require a bit more tweaking.

    I can only repeat what others have said but I find even at apartment levels, the Kemper still sounds great, and it sounds AMAZING at gig levels.

    If I need to get quieter than that, I plug my in ears (or another headphones, you have to experiment with what kind work well with Kemper) in to the headphone amp. Boom, quiet and sounds great.

    I agree with all of this. I would definitely get one as a back up. I carry my HX stomp rehearsal board with me to all gigs as a spare, but I would much rather have a mini kemper.

    This may have been stated, but if they made a Kemper Stage mini that was basically the size of the remote (or even smaller) with a few key knobs and footswitches. I would be one happy camper. I love the idea of the stage but overall if I was going to use an all in one versus my rack and remote, I don't need all the extra buttons. That being said, I realize I may be in the minority on several of these instances and Kemper can't cater to all our very specific minute best use situations

    I played with it last night both stereo through spdif and mono through XLR main outs. Overall much less impressive in mono which is to be expected. Even considering that, I'd likely put it on all my rigs if I could for that extra secret sauce sound. However, I don't want to sacrifice my post amp slots. I almost always need a boost, chorus, delay, and reverb (I play in an 80s Cover band, it is a must)

    +1 to the idea of adding this as an effect in the output section if DSP allows

    +1 Absolutely, I made some changes in RM recently and it goofed up my effect buttons assignments, didn't notice till I got to the gig and my solo button wasn't there anymore. Would be nice to see what is assigned where in RM.