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    The best solution. You also have to remember that a lot of metal tones outside of a mix will sound fizzy. As soon as you have it double tracked and cymbals/hats are there, it might sound dull without the fizz.

    I use a darker tone live than when recording to achieve the same result.

    always doubIe track even sometimes quad track when doing metal and i do the pan left right and EQ the harsh frequencies maybe its just a lot of metal profiles dont work for me and im being lazy looking for a quick ready to use profile.Most of the time i just dont have the time to sit down for hours a day fine tweeking tones/profiles i wish i could but sadly life/job etc.Its like if not right off the bat im knocked off my feet by a profile without much or if any work needed im quickly skipping to the next profile...i know this is wrong but again i have very little spare time sadly to sit for a few days and tweek stuff at least at this point in my life.

    Can we try a public profile from Rig Manager? So we can record it too and compare it with yours.

    Mago 6505+ Green2 for example.

    Can we try a public profile from Rig Manager? So we can record it too and compare it with yours.

    Mago 6505+ Green2 for example.

    Balls to Rig manager i always have such an arse ache with that so i avoid it lol i will try use dropbox or i could email you the profile.

    This is another profile by Will Putney "ITCH BITCH" profile recorded as stock profile nothing has been altered and here is the demo of the same profile "apparently" un processed... clearly another HUGE difference hes even using an ESP Eclipse as am i...There is NO anything when i play it yet he has a tonne of bite and attack with plenty of clarity when mine is underwater muddy shite.

    Yeah, that's the thing about "samples." They're sales tools to move the merchandise. Demos / samples (for all musical gear) are frequently tweaked to within an inch of their lives to make it sound good and sell the gear. Which is kinda dumb in my opinion because if you cheat on your demos, you pretty much guarantee dissatisfied customers. Don't know if that's the case with STL or not.

    So, it could be as simple as a manufacturer who puts out heavily massaged samples, and the profiles just don't sound like that. AdamMassacre1981, is this just with the STL profiles, or do you have the same problem with profiles from other companies?

    I remember when i purchased Positive Grids bias amp a while back and i had the same struggles they just sounded like crap to me and yet they sounded great when advertised or demo'd online i was really starting to think it MUST be my interface (back when i had a focusrite solo 2nd gen) and that maybe the preamps are dogshit but when i purchased the 2i4 it was just the same.It breaks my ass because ive spent nearly 2k on this kemper and its just becoming not fun anymore...i have another more up to date DAW Reason 9.5 which has the ability to record guitars but im doubtful there will be a change.I really do appreciate the support and advice tho fellas \m/

    I think the first thing would be to try the exercise I suggested, it may help you get this sorted.

    I checked my settings and it was all already set up as you requested. here is a profile from the Brian Hood pack i used to record this little sample.This is the un edited profile that came within the bundle i did not alter anything. and this is the link to the exact same profile un altered as advertised from the bundle. HUGE difference right?

    Hey Chris! Thanks for the info.Im currently at work at the moment but when i get home i will be more than happy to share all my set up pics included.

    Your guitar needs a proper setup. If there was a problem with the kemper it would sound bad no matter where you play on the neck.

    All 3 of my guitars sound like this and have the exact same issues.I treat them like my babies they are well looked after and dont need setting up and they are awesome through my Rockerverb MKII i dont have this problem at all and the clean tones on the kemper sound amazing with no issue again its just the distortion.Im thinking maybe its the interface or it could even be the DAW (Cubase 5...yeah its old but Hey DAWs are very expensive) im gonna run a test and record some guitar in a different DAW see if there are any changes.

    This is a tone i go for quite regular because it seems to be the only one that works well or decent with my guitar (ESP/LTD 1007 EC) ive also tried my other guitars (ESP/LTD VIPER 1000) and my (GIBSON SG HP Standard).In this short clip im using the 1007 with EMG 91-7H pickups.Im going direct into the Kemper INPUT and the out is DIRECT LEFT out directly into my Focusrite 2i4.The 2i4 runs 2 xlrs into my HS7 monitors i also have two RCA cables running out into a half decent stereo just for listening to music via my pc but also my guitar comes through it which is cool if im just noodling about.My CABINET/EQ/STACK/AMP section is all enabled.PURE CAB is disabled.OUTPUT is MASTER MONO.I consciously played single notes to try and show the "bad" frequencies its usually when im getting higher up the neck or attempting to record a single string solo.Im beginning to think its my interface or maybe a setting within my PC itself.Again i say this is one of the BETTER profiles but still sounds off to me.

    That’s just how metal guitar sounds 8o

    Just kidding but in all seriousness FIZZY isn’t a term I associate with my experience of the Kemper so hopefully the guys will manage to help find the cause.

    Its like theres a frequency midd to high range that fizzles kinda like fret buzz but i dont have fret buzz even when i try my best to EQ them out but they still remain.Its like someone has snuck a metalzone in my chain and i cant get rid of it lol its hard to explain in words.When i get home tonight after work i will record a little jam and see if you can understand my frustration. \m/

    No matter WHAT i try or how i EQ or set up my guitar or anything my Kemper distortion "metal tones" bundle packs sound like shit.Theres a fizz i just CANT get rid of.Its not just my Kemper tho i have the same problems when using plugins such as bias amp etc theres a horrible shitty fizzy bastard.Its not like im using shit gear i spend A LOT of money on my instruments cables etc and it just sounds crap...WHAT am i doing wrong?...HELP! #gonnagiveuponthisgame could it be the interface? could it be my PC?...#hadenough

    Ah yes! i disabled the space and it does sound similar to my interface headphone...not the same but close.It just sounds more high quality through the kemper not sure if its just a bad headphone out on the focusrite it sounds too hot even tho im not peaking on the actual interface...i dunno just sounds harsher still a bit fizzy and less...well...overall better than the kemper headphone out if that makes sense.I guess with a little more playing i could figure something out.I really appreciate your input dude! \m/