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    My buddy has an axe and he commented on how much more “real” the Kemper is. He also liked how it’s simpler than his axe without sacrificing anything.

    That’s an absolutely stunning quilt top. I’m sure it sounds even better than it looks too!

    Ah the typical Brad. I’m certain everyone knows Brad as a childish, butthurt individual who frequents the warmth of women with questionable hygiene. We all know this type of Brad, and we all learn in time to cut this individual out of our life. Sounds like your Brad experience is easy because he removed himself.

    Edit: There are good Brads out there as well.

    coming from a Strat scale lenght (especially a Tele which somehow feels 'harder') a Gibson scale length is quite comfortable indeed.

    But in the end you 'need' all the great stuff out there: single coils, P-90s, high and low output humbuckers, gold foils, lipsticks, sc-sized humbuckers, etc.

    it's all good :)

    People like you are a terrible influence on my GAS :D Next thing that I "need" is a PRS ... maybe a custom 24 haha.

    DMatthews - PRS guitars are beautiful instruments! Do you have a pic of yours?

    After only owning a strat and a tele for the last 13 years, I got myself my first Humbucker-equipped guitar: a 2016 Gibson Les Paul Standard T in honeyburst. Im absolutely loving the feel and the tone out of it. I’m not sure if it’s bc I’m still in the honeymoon phase, but I can’t put her down.

    The Kemper arrived yesterday! I got home late from work and didn’t get to play it due to my wife going to sleep early. I was able to manage the profiles in the Rig Manager and backup the 999 profiles that were already loaded.

    I was slightly overwhelmed by all of the lights and buttons, especially when I plugged in the Kemper remote. I felt like I read through a fair amount of material but still feel like I’m looking at advanced alien technology. Are there buttons and settings that you guys still don’t know about or decide to avoid?

    Awesome thank you for your reply! I’ll just use my old 1/4” instrument cables then instead of buying XLRs.

    I’ll remember that - I might have to take you up on that offer ^^

    I have that combo of gear, and you won't be disappointed.

    The MBritt easily keeps up with my cover band/drummer at rock volumes. It'll service a 100 person gig by itself with great coverage.

    Welcome to the swamp!^^

    Thanks! To be honest, I've read many of your posts while I was figuring out what FRFR cab/monitor to get. Your reviews were primarily the reason why I went with Xitone MBritt, so my wife can blame you for the ~$1,000 I spent on a "stupid speaker." To which, I replied, "But you can hook up your bluetooth to it and play your soothing Yoga music."

    I do have a very basic and potentially stupid question: How is your rig setup? Like which cable do you use from the Kemper into the speaker? I've read so many different ways of dudes of setting up their Kemper that it's given me a headache. Thank you.

    Edit: And also, what has been your favorite setting between the 5? I love that Mick put those options on there (awesome guy to work with btw), but 5 additional options ALONG with the open/closed back is going to give me options paralysis. I'm not even going to mention the plethora of profiles and playing either single coils or humbuckers :S

    After debating for months on what to upgrade from my old Marshall 30W combo amp, I decided to join the Kemper fam. Not only did I decide to get the Kemper and the remote, but I’m anxiously waiting on a Xitone MBritt 112 cab! I can’t wait to experience the magic of this setup. Nice to meet y’all!

    I’m surprised no one mentioned Massdrop’s Sennheiser 58X Jubilee, which is only $150. I was close to pulling the trigger on the 6XX until I saw a lot of complaints on the high impedance: 300 f’ing ohms! This is a problem because I don’t want to carry around a portable amp to listen to music through my phone. The 58X is 150 ohms. It doesn’t need an amp to be driven but it will obviously sound better.

    They’re audiophile-quality. They have the same 38mm driver and have the same interchangeable parts of a 600, 6XX, 650. The 58X also has a higher frequency range than the 600/650. The 6 series might sound better with higher and higher end amps & gear, but the 58X is still fantastic without being driven. Also, reviews on mass drop and other sources say the 58X has a flatter response than the 6XX, which is what we want with the Kemper, right?