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    Might it be in the works to be able to open multiple "blocks" to edit on one screen some time in the future? Like open the Amp, Cab & Output all together. That would really speed up dialing in. Also maybe easier to scroll through the amps & cabs... instead of having the lock everything else and load profiles. Unless I missed it.


    Wasn't there a way to do this with separate foot switches (standard) plugged directly in the Kemper? Thought I saw this somewhere, not sure though :/

    So I plugged a normal sustain pedal (un-latched) into pedal 1. Set up pedal 1 for dual switch (tip=looper start --> ring= looper stop). then I inserted Looper into stomp C. All I got was a lot of hiss. Could not make it work or even get a signal with the pedal plugged in. Only when I removed it would my signal come back. What am I missing? Thanks! Manual doesn't go into this as far as I could see,

    Anyone else have issues with accidentally programming some Morphing because your expression pedal was not at heel position while tweaking parameters?

    I use my KPA for studio only... so sometimes I don't always remember to rock the pedal back when I'm working/ tracking... and sometimes I save w/o realizing.


    Hi, I recently was shown this video link to talk about trying to simulate speaker air movement with a dynamic EQ.. so that the sound "grows" a bit or is just a little more "alive". I have created a preset in FabProQ3 (trying to replicate) but my results are not really working for me as it's a total tone change when I tried to use it as is. And when I lower the threshold it doesn't seem to engage at all then... either full on or nothing. Seems like playing softer would just give less, but can't seem to get those results. I like the idea of what this could do to get another couple % points towards what we get with a cabinet/speaker so I was thinking how best to adjust this preset before I give up. Maybe just a have a slight "total" volume boost when playing more dynamic? Any ideas or thoughts? Thanks!

    Thanks very much! That is what I will do then.


    If I tweak profiles... how can I save them "only" to a folder in Rig Manager? I'd like to build up many variations (for later speedy recording). KPA is close to full. I'd like to save sometimes 5-10 variations each w/ diff fx settings etc... and "don't" want to save them the the Kemper itself first if possible. Or if I load a preview of a Profile from Rig Manager and then tweak it a bit, can I save in another folder quickly? I tried copy & paste but the edits didn't stick.


    I tried again 3 days ago.

    if you're in doubt that it works, please contact support by using the contact form on our website. In the tests we've conducted, the delay was spot on - unless one makes it wobble which, depending on how you set it up, is possible and sometimes intended. but that wobbling has nothing to do with the MIDI clock. it's an option which you base on a stylistic decision. so, let's work on that - okay?

    OK, I will do that. Most times companies love it if you use the forum first for all the users to help take the load off tech support.

    what do you mean by it doesn't work for you either? is your Profiler not receiving MIDI clock or do you _hear_ anything out of the ordinary?

    I THINK I "can see" a TINY TINY "c" on the front panel screen like I've read about... so it IS supposedly getting the signal. But the tempo will not sync. When I look at beat scanner (liek someone suggested in a post) it says crazy tempos like 256... not even multiples of what my project is set to. And the delays just smear into an odd phasey flangey sound for lack of a better term. I've been using Midi Clock and MTC etc so over 25 years for many other pieces of gear. And from what I've read... this does not work for anyone I could find.

    Was there ever a resolution to the midi clock drifting so much on the Kemper? I’ve used midi clock for years on my Virus C and it’s always been rock solid. It goes to the DAW tempo and stays there.

    Yea won't actually work for me either (when the cable is connected) yet. Can't seem to find anyone who uses Logic to say they have. I've been using midi clock and MTC for years too.

    If you only put Time Based Effects in the X, MOD, DELAY, or REVERB Slots, you can use "Stack".

    This signal is tapped directly behind the stack section and does not include any post amp effects.

    Note: The Output Source setting for DIRECT OUTPUT is only active when not in PROFILER Mode, no analog Effects Loop (e. g. Loop Stereo) is active, and “Monitor Stereo” isn’t activated.

    Ok thanks very much!

    What is the meaning of TAP and Beat Scanner while the PROFILER is receiving a constant stream of MIDI clock?

    Do you mean "why would I need it"? I want to know if I'll be needing to keep connecting & disconnecting if I want to work differently/ TAP something in if I turn off midi clock send in Logic. Just more steps to do. It does not seem to work while a midi cable is plugged in. Can anyone confirm this is normal?