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    1. Is it possible to use a 1 m network cable for the device. If so, which one? How is the sale where? Greetings.

    There is no network connectivity from the Kemper Stage. The racks and toasters have a network connection for the remote.

    awesome. did you ever try/compare it to the free MBritt dumble profile?

    Yes but there are so many more flavors in the pack to choose from. Here are the profiles that are listed in the PDF that comes with the pack.

    CTone Overtone Special

    Cln 1 Bright, Deep, Rock Normal input Volume 4

    Cln 2 Rock Normal input Volume 3

    Cln 5 Rock Normal input Volume 4

    Cln 6 Bright, Deep, Rock Normal input

    OD 1 Deep, Rock Normal input

    OD 3 Deep, Rock Normal input

    OD 4 Rock Normal input

    OD 5 Bright, Deep, Rock Normal input

    OD 7 Deep, Rock Normal input

    OD 8 Deep, Rock Normal input Carlton eq*

    OD 10 Deep, Jazz Normal input

    OD 11 Deep, Rock, Boost Normal input

    OD 13 Deep, Rock Normal input

    OD F1 Deep, Rock FET input

    RF1 Deep, Rock, Boost Normal input edited and tweaked to mimic R. Ford tone

    Roots Deep, Rock Normal input Volume 6

    Dumbell Overdrive Special

    Cln 1 Jazz Normal input

    Cln 2 Bright Jazz Normal input

    Cln 4 Bright Mid Jazz Normal input

    Cln 5 Bright Mid Rock Normal input

    Cln 8 Bright Rock Normal input

    Cln JM Bright Mid Jazz Normal input Edited to mimic a Mayer clean

    F1 Mid Rock FET input

    F5 Bright Rock FET input

    F6 Bright Mid Rock FET input

    F7 Mid Rock FET input

    F8 Mid Rock FET input

    F9 Bright Mid Rock FET input

    F11 Rock FET input

    FB1 Bright Mid Rock FET input

    FB2 Bright Mid Rock FET input

    FB3 Bright Mid Rock FET input

    FLC1 Mid Rock Boost FET input Carlton eq

    FLC2 Mid Rock FET input

    LC1 Mid Rock Normal input Carlton eq

    N1 Mid Rock Normal input

    N3 Mid Rock Normal input

    N4 Mid Rock Normal input

    N5 Bright Mid Rock Normal input

    Fux Overdrive Supreme 100

    ODS 1 Rock EQ1

    ODS 2 Rock EQ1

    ODS 3 Deep, Rock EQ1

    ODS 4 Deep, Rock EQ1 pull High

    ODS 5 Deep, Rock EQ1 pull High, Mid

    ODS 6 Deep, Rock EQ1 pull High, Mid

    ODS Ford Deep, Rock EQ1 tweaked to mimic R. Ford tone

    ODS LC Rock EQ1 tweaked to mimic Carlton tone

    Cln 4 Bright EQ2

    Cln 5 Bright, Deep EQ1

    Cln 8 Bright EQ2 pull High, Mid, Low

    Cln 9 Bright EQ2

    Really? Thats tough, the 2020 pack is great! The dumble pack doesnt come with performances right?

    No it does not come with performances but I created my own performances with the profiles and did nothing to them to get great tones. Dont get me wrong, the 2020 pack is amazing (I have all of those performances loaded into my Kemper) but I just love that Dumble tone for what I play. Here is my performance from the DPack. I have had it for a while and have played around with the IRs but completely not needed, only did that on a day I was bored recently. Get it, you wont regret it.

    I have that and it is my go to pack even after buying the 2020 pack. By far my favorite

    Edit: This is one of the big reasons I got the Kemper, I would never be able to afford a Dumble without the Kemper.

    My newest is one I put together. Surprisingly it has turned out to be the best sounding and feeling Strat I have ever owned.

    2006 MIM body

    2004 MIM neck

    Schaller locking tuners

    Graphtech nut and string tree

    Odezza custom pickups

    Highwood saddles

    Linier taper CTS pots

    Orange drop cap

    Wired with a single master tone and volume

    The failed relic job was not my work, and why the body came to me so cheap.

    I have Helix native but I have been playing around with ML Sound labs Roots. Download is free and comes with on amp free to use. There are other amps that they have but those are only available with the paid version. The free amp is the 5150 III EL34 version.

    I completely agree on this. Being a Stage user the hardware based selection knob is not an issue since that is controlled by a button. As for the other units I am sure this could be worked around with a software change that is only in place while connected to the rig manager, disabling the hardware knob and returning it to its selected function when not connected to RM. Could even have the Kemper screen display that it is a mode controlled by the RM.

    I would be 100 % on board with this kind of feature however it could be implemented,

    You could give your USB sticks meaningful names e. g. "7.1.5" for the stick with the OS for the PROFILER working with Rig Manager 2.3.14 under Windows 7.

    That seems like it would be a huge waist of a USB since the KAOS file tend to be around 12 MB. I personally have every OS version and RM version since I bought my stage. I would think that the KAOS file could have the number tagged at the end as I would assume that the Kemper only cares if the file is a .bin file. I would test my theory by renaming a KAOS file but not knowing the internal workings on the Kemper I dont want to test things that would obviously be unsupported.

    In theory you can. If you want to use XLR on the head/rack unit you can use the effects return if you input is low enough. Just have to place to effect loop block prior to the stack and shut off the amp. For the stage or or any of them actually you can use the 1/4 input.

    I am not sure if anyone has tried it but I guess it would work

    The Crank n go is amazing for high gain. I am loving the Soldano profiles and performance. The 2020 is an amazing pack but more for Rock, hard rock and country.

    Randy Rhodes and Eddie Van Halen. I think I was 13 and I already knew I wanted to play guitar and even had an acoustic I played. One my birthday that year my grandfather gave me $50 and off to the record store I went. I bought Van Halen, Van Halen II, Van Halen Women and Children first, Van Halen Diver Down and Ozzy Diary of a Madman. I was hooked, got my first electric guitar that was really mine that next year and spent the following 10 years studying theory.

    Still have that electric today

    Actually there is a 'Still evaluating' button. I used it several time before I purchased the license I currently have.